The Simple Way To Treat and Remove Blackheads Age Spots Warts Moles and Skin Tags With No Chemicals!

Many people suffer from one or more of several common skin problems. Whether it be warts, blackheads, skin tags, moles, or age spots, they can all be bothersome and very tough to get rid of. Most people turn to expensive creams and treatments that promise the world, but return less than stellar results. If you are looking for an alternative way to get rid of an unsightly skin issue, look no further.

Blackheads: If you suffer from blackheads then you know what a pain in the butt they can be to remove. The pore cleaning strips that supposedly work to help pull them out only seem to dry and irritate the fragile skin on the nose, plus they can be quite painful to remove. Instead, try this natural face scrub by mixing up 1 tablespoon of sea salt, ½ a teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon of water. Apply it to your face, paying special attention to where any blackheads are, or where they tend to pop up.

Gently massage the scrub into your skin for at least 2-4 minutes, working in a circular motion, before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Wait a few minutes and then wash your face a second time using cold water. This helps to close pores and keep oil, dirt, and grime from building up and clogging them. Limit use of this scrub to only 1-2 times a week and avoid sunlight when applying it because lemon juice attracts harmful sun rays that can potentially burn your skin.

Moles: Some moles can be cancerous and you should familiarize yourself with the signs of skin cancer. If you have a harmless mole you want gone, there’s an easy way to banish it by using just garlic. Crush up some garlic, apply it directly onto the mole, and cover it up with a bandage. Leave this topical solution on for at least four hours a day, every day, until the mole disappears.

Warts: Warts are tricky because there are so many different types of them that people often get. However, there is one simple way to easily get rid of almost all of those types, with the help of apple cider vinegar. Dab the wart(s) with vinegar, making sure to soak them thoroughly, then place a bandage over them and change it twice daily. Do this every day for a week. On the last day soak the wart in water for a few minutes and then rub it off with a pumice stone.

Age Spots: These are nearly impossible to avoid and inevitably as our bodies age we develop age spots. The best thing you can do is wear sunscreen at all times, especially when you are younger. The old idiom “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings especially true for age spots so wear sunscreen. Alternatively, lemon acts as a natural skin lightener and applying it to skin twice daily can fade and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Skin Tags: These are small harmless skin growths that almost everyone will develop at some point in their lifetime. They’re usually painless and commonly appear as smooth or irregular raised flaps of skin that pop up in areas where skin tends to naturally form a crease, like on the eyelids, neck, armpits, groin folds, and under breasts.

Many people often find them unattractive and look for ways to get rid of them. Removing a skin tag will not cause more to grow and there is a painless, affordable, and easy removal method, which Dr. Doug Willen explains in the accompanying video.

Grab a bottle of apple cider vinegar, thoroughly soak a cotton ball, then rub it on the skin tag area at least 2 or 3 times a day, every day successively for a week or more. The skin tag will start to appear darker and darker until it eventually turns black and falls off. Lots of people have found success with this easy removal method.

Hopefully one of these easy, non-invasive, and non-toxic alternative skin solutions can work for you. Give it a try after all you have nothing to lose, except for a skin tag or two! Check out the video below for more information.

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She Rubs a Fresh Tomato On Her Face For 2 Minutes 2x a Week. The Reason Is Brilliant!

Acne, pimples, blackheads, oily skin, redness, dark spots, wrinkles. If you have any one of the aforementioned skin issues then this homemade facial scrub is for you. It brightens skin and tightens pores as it helps to clear up acne, pimples, and blackheads while working to help fade acne scare and those unsightly dark spots on skin!

Plus, it’s anti-aging and helps fight wrinkles while leaving skin soft and smooth. This treatment is among the most beneficial ones you’re likely to ever come across and it all comes down to a few simple, inexpensive, and easy to find ingredients, the main one being tomatoes!

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and those help combat the effects of harmful free radicals in our bodies, which damage and age our skin and bodies. When topically applied, a tomato has the ability to stop skin damage on a cellular level. In addition, tomatoes contain a large variety of vitamins and nutrients that help tighten and nurture skin, including vitamins A, C, K, E, B1, B2, B3, and B6.

However, the real power of the tomato lies in its juice which can effectively balance skin’s pH levels. Tomato juice is acidic and this acidity can help naturally dry out oily pores and acne spots, thus reducing breakouts severity and preventing them in the first place.

If you want to take the easiest route all you have to do it cut a tomato in half. Rub the tomato all over for your face for 2 minutes, rinse and voila.  This is a great way to treat small breakouts and little pimples if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

The accompanying video from StarNaturalBeauties covers more information on the topic and it goes over how to make the homemade tomato scrub. The ingredients and instructions on how to apply it are covered below, so check it out and give this all-natural treatment a try!

To make the tomato facial scrub shown in the video take a ripe red tomato and cut it in half. Squeeze the juice from one of the halves into a small bowl and be sure to use at least one tablespoon of fresh tomato juice.

Add about ¾ tablespoon of granulated sugar to the bowl and mix it up well. This mixture works best for oily skin, but for sensitive or combination type skin you should add a ½ teaspoon of honey, and for dry skin further add a ½ teaspoon of coconut or almond oil.

Before you apply the facial scrub first steam your skin. Simply heat a pot of water on the stove and when it’s hot enough to produce and give off a light mist of constant steam place your face a safe distance above it. The steam will open up your pores and make it easier for the tomato scrub to work it’s magic at cleaning out more of the oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that are blocking them.

When you’re done steaming, have the scrub ready and apply it all over your face and neck. Gently work it into skin for two minutes, then leave it on for another two minutes, before rinsing it off with room temperature water. It’s important to use room temperature water because it helps to close your pores and tighten skin up. Finally, pat dry your face and and then apply some moisturizer.

This tomato scrub can and should be applied at least two times every week. It’s all natural and won’t cost you more than a few dollars to make. For some of us out there this beauty tip could change our appearance, and lives, for the better. So grab a tomato, juice it, mix in the other stuff, smear some on your face, and be amazed at how such an unlikely solution actually works!

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This Simple Life Hack Will To Stop Your Thighs From Getting Chafed This Summer!

CHAFING is caused when heat causes us to sweat, our thighs touch, causing this painful rash. As women, this can occur whether or not we are overweight, (although it has been nicknamed “Chub Rub”), as many women carry more weight in their thighs, so the tendency for skin-on-skin contact in this area is quite common. Not that many women have the good fortune of having thighs that don’t touch. The video you are about to watch below, offers several great tricks for preventing the pain of chafing from occurring this summer!

WHEN EXERCISING wearing shorts, leggings or any compression type material will prevent your thighs from touching and causing the pain of chafing. If you enjoy WEARING SKIRTS OR DRESSES, there is no need to skip them; wearing a bike short underneath will do the trick. Not only are they designed to wick moisture away from your skin, but they will keep your thighs from touching. A more appealing and prettier choice that is less bulky, are BANDELETTES which slip around your thighs to keep them from touching.

There are also creams, oils and ointments that can be applied for prevention, which won’t get on your clothes as they get absorbed into your skin. According to “Runner’s World”, any DIAPER RASH CREAM that contains ZINC OXIDE will protect your skin, just as it does for babies! ANTI-PERSPIRANT works, but there is a much better solution known as BODYGLIDE which you can get in sports stores or through Amazon. COCONUT OIL, the natural wonder, is a great solution that not only smells great but has anti-bacterial properties.

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These Problem Areas On Your Face Reveal Health Problems In Other Parts Of Your Body!

Problems with facial Skin may be a reflection of disease in certain other organs, or bad lifestyle choices. The face, according to ancient Chinese medicine, “is the window to your health”. The video which you are about to watch, addresses the direct link between acne and other skin issues in the different zones of the face, and it’s link to potential organ and/or lifestyle choices.

A breakout or excessive oiliness on the FOREHEAD may indicate health issues with your BLADDER or SMALL INTESTINE. Eating an abundance of oily foods can slow up your ability to digest; drinking too much alcohol, stress and eating too many sweets can also contribute to acne in this zone.

Acne and oily skin in the zone between the EYE BROWS may be indicative of LIVER problems. An allergic reaction to something you are ingesting, as well as eating too much red meat, may cause the stomach to go on overdrive in order to digest, which in turn stresses the liver.

If you are experiencing a darkening of the skin beneath your EYES, broken capillaries and grayness or swelling around the eyes, your KIDNEYS may be in jeopardy. Your circulation may be impaired due to cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and impaired functioning of the HEART.

Acne and oily skin of the NOSE may be indicative of HEART impairment. This can be a result of not getting fresh air, air pollution, gas and bloating and poor circulation leading to high blood pressure. Acne, spots and loss of color to to the CHEEKS can be linked to health issues with your LUNGS and KIDNEYS. Again, poor food choices, junk food that has too much sugar, cigarette smoking and inability to handle stress can be a cause.

Acne, skin paleness and dark spots on the LIPS and CHIN can be linked to STOMACH issues. Ingesting too much sugar, fatty foods and caffeine and alcohol are strong contributors to this problem. Additionally your inability to handle stress and sleep deprivation can cause this.

Further discussion of what your face is telling you about your health is included in the video below.

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I Was Confused When She Put Egg Whites All Over Her Face But The Reason Is Brilliant!

Eggs are popularly known for being incredible and edible, but they also go well beyond the realm of omelets and the breakfast table. For thousands of years the little shelled ovals have be used in a variety of homemade do it yourself beauty treatments. People mix them up into hair masks and face treatments targeted for hydrating skin and hair, preventing acne, diminishing blemishes and scars, preventing hair fall, and more.

Eggs can even be used to get rid of pesky blackheads. The gross pore clogs are a real pain in the butt to remove, especially for people who have a dry skin type. Most people turn to pore cleaning strips that supposedly work to help pull them out, but in reality all that the pricey strips seem to do is dry out the fragile skin on the nose and irritate it further.

Plus, they can be quite painful to remove. Instead of wasting more money looking for a solution to this age old beauty problem, try this 100% natural method that uses only egg whites. It’s effective at removing blackheads, incredibly cheap, and it simultaneously provides a number of other benefits.

YouTube beauty blogger BabamitsANNE shows how it’s done and explains all the steps and fine details. The mask she whips up in the video is a multipurpose one that does it all. It deep cleanses skin, removes blackheads and whiteheads, tightens pores, controls oiliness, gets rid of acne scars, reduces wrinkles, and makes your complexion glow.

Start off by cracking open an egg, separate the white from the yolk and place it in a small bowl. Beat the white slightly, then apply it onto your face and neck with a face brush. Make sure you avoid your eyes and mouth. Next, take a piece of tissue and cut out eye, nose, and mouth holes.

Place the tissue over your face and gently pat it onto the egg white, then apply a second layer of egg over the tissue and let it dry completely, or for at least 30 minutes. When time is up gently peel the tissue upwards and off your face, wash with a warm washcloth and pat dry.

You’ll notice right away how good your skin looks. It will be smoother, more hydrated, fresher feeling, and glowing with healthiness. For the best results, people with oily skin should use this twice a week and those with dry skin only once.

What are you waiting for? Grab an egg and some tissues and try it out for yourself!

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He Skins THIS Watermelon In a Strange Way. But When He’s Done My Jaw Dropped!

When life hands you watermelons, go to town on them and carve them up. Better yet, skin one and then stick it in another for a really cool party-melon trick! This video will show you exactly how to do just that and it’s really not that hard. It’s the perfect way to go about bringing food to a party with a little extra pizzazz.

So step up your food game, quit being so boring and bland, and give this a try. All that it requires is two watermelons that are similar in both shape and size, a sharp knife, and a brand new dish scrubbing pad. When it’s all done you’ll have the perfect snack to bring to any picnic or party.

Start with one of the watermelons and skin it by making a bunch of cuts along the sides to remove the rind and any green pieces. Basically, at this part you want to cut it in a similar fashion to the way you would cut up a pineapple.

Go over it a second time with a sharp knife to further remove any white spots and to even out the surface. In order to make it really smooth you will need to take a brand new dish scrubbing pad and sand down the fruit until it is all nice and pink.

For the second watermelon, simply cut it in half and gut it. Make sure to thoroughly remove and scrape all the pink from the insides so that the other watermelon can fit inside of it.

Now all that’s left to do is to make sure the two fit together. If they don’t, make any necessary adjustments and carve down the fruit further, then try again to see if it fits. Also, be sure to refrigerate the whole piece if you are not eating it until later.

Now you can wow friends, family, and strangers with your neat, skinned, watermelon type-egg creation. Not only is it cool to look at, it also cuts down on the mess later on. Once you slice it and eat it up there aren’t any leftover rinds to deal with. Make one today or for this next weekend!

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