This Guy Secretly Films His Mom and Posts It On The Internet. Watching This Video Tore My Heart Up.

“We all want to love and be loved,” that is what life is all about, according to Alex Norgay.  That is also why over the course of the past year he secretly made this video for his mother, Eva, in hopes of helping her find a boyfriend.  She has been on a few dates over the past couple years but nothing quite panned out and she is still looking for the right man.  Alex explains that she deserves love and his aim is to help her find it.  He recorded the moment he showed her his video, which she knew nothing about prior to that time.

It begins with a general overview about her, that she was born in the Czech Republic in 1946 and now lives in Norway, and is a Cancer, which makes her around 68 years young.  With this information in mind it then delves into what she likes.  The list includes a variety of activities and interests including tennis, swimming, nature, skiing, cross country skiing, yoga, relaxing in the sun, art, beer, bike riding, traveling, fooling around, dancing, hanging out with her best friend Eva, and taking care of her sister, mother, family, and son.

The clips of her doing all these activities is where the viewer really gets a sense of what Eva is all about.  She seems very graceful, active, physically fit, and natural.  Her personality shines through, especially when she is shown hula hooping, dancing, and laughing with her friends and family.  Her sense of humor is also very apparent in the shot of her riding her bike.  When she took a spill off it she jumped right back up on her feet and laughed it off.  She clearly loves life and doesn’t take anything too seriously.

When Alex’s film ends we get to see Eva’s reaction to it.  She asks him what he wants to do with it and he tells her he wants to spread the word and upload it to YouTube.  She seems happy and kinda shocked, asking incredulously and endearingly “on internet?”   So if anyone out there watching has someone in mind who would make a great match for Eva, get in touch.  Send a nice letter with a video or picture to [email protected], and if it catches her eye, someone will be in touch!

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Father and Son Are Driving In The Car When The Sinatra Music Drops.

Family is the most important thing in life to many people.  Now that it’s January and Christmas and the holidays are over we tend to forget this and get back into our normal daily grind.  It’s so important though to always cherish your loved ones all year and not just during the holiday season.  In the end it is family and friends and the love we share together. One very special bond is between a parent and their children. In the case of the video below it’s is between a dad and his little boy. The father-son relationship is so unique, and has a huge influence in how little boys feel about themselves, and the kind of men they grow up to be.

Sure, we’ve all seen lots of cute videos of dads with their sons, but without exaggeration the one you are about to watch below is like no other!  If you’ve had a good day, watching this will make it even better; if your day hasn’t been so hot this is sure to put a smile on your face and in your heart!

I know I wasn’t feeling so great today as January is dragging on and we are sitting here on another Monday! As soon as this video came up and I turned up the volume, my frown was completely flipped upside down. The love between this adorable father and son is undeniable and quite entertaining. If you haven’t sang a duet with your child yet I highly recommend you try it out. Even if you can’t sing on key it is always a great way to spend time with your little one.

This duet is taking a drive together when the music starts… it’s Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.’s recording of “Me and My Shadow”.  The symbolism of the lyrics for the incredible bond between these buddies is apparent.  But the two of them singing along to the tune in perfect harmony…I never!  The most amazing thing is this little guy is singing the harmony to his dad’s beautiful voice carrying the melody.  This is 3 minutes of pure enjoyment that is just incredible… Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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This Is The Reason You Should Check Inside Your Shoes Before Putting Them On. This Is Scary!

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of, especially if you happen to suffer from arachnophobia. Even if you aren’t among the estimated 3.5 to 6.1% of the population that is deathly afraid of spiders (source: Wikipedia), this video will likely make you feel more than a little squeamish. It comes out of Australia, the continent that’s known for being the home of more dangerous and deadly animals than any place else on Earth.

While the people living there are taught from an early age on about how to best avoid all of the dangers, the occasional wildlife run-in becomes inevitable sooner or later. This footage shows one of those panic-attack inducing moments and if you really hate spiders, avert your eyes and consider yourself warned.

The man filming explains that his young son had left his sneakers outside over the weekend. In Australia, such practice is never recommended as you never know what might take the opportunity to crawl up inside and make them its new home. Thankfully, dad knows best and before his son could stick his foot in the shoe, he checked it out first.

It turns out that the blue and orange sneaker contained a very unwelcome guest indeed, as was evidenced by the sticky mass of cobwebs that visibly reached deep down inside it. Alerted to the danger, dad wasn’t taking any chances and he thoroughly fumigated the shoe with a few good blasts of insect spray.

When no spider came crawling out, he grabbed a stick to poke around with and then suddenly out popped a large, shiny, black funnel web spider. Before he cuts the man ends the whole drama with a perfectly timed and humorously dry remark, “Welcome to Australia.” Eek!!

Funnel web spiders are among the most deadly spiders in the world because of their highly venomous bite. They love dark, moist areas and seek out tight spaces to burrow in, like a child’s shoe. Rather than run away and hide when they’re threatened or provoked, they act aggressive and will stand their ground and fight, often rearing up on their hind legs to better display their fangs.

When they do bite a person it’s often more than just once and it’s described as incredibly painful. If a male bites you, the venom he’s injecting into your body is almost six times more toxic than his female counterpart, which is why males are believed responsible for more severe cases and reported fatalities. Children are at a higher risk for funnel web spider bites because of their small size and about half of all annually reported cases involve kids.

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