This 17 Year Old Built His Own Mortgage-Free House. But When You Step Inside Whoa!

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One boy’s school project turned into a new lease on life, or actually mortgage-free life, when he ended up building a tiny house for himself. Austin Hay began building his tiny home when he was a fifteen year old freshman in high school and finished it at age seventeen. It all began when he was assigned to do a research project on anything he was passionate about.

His interest in the tiny house movement was already budding and after looking more into it he decided this would be perfect for his assignment. To start, he bought a used trailer for around two thousand dollars and the rest was built up from there. Money he had saved from summer jobs and basic knowledge gained from one woodworking class he had taken were all applied to the project.

After he had framed and put a roof on it he began work on the interior and design elements that would make it compact, comfortable and perfect for what he needs. Many of the items he used in building the house were found at junk yards and are second hand parts, such as the doors, windows and flooring.

He put in a lofted bed and even fit a complete bathroom with a hot water shower and composting toilette. By the time he finished his tiny house, Austin had spent around twelve thousand dollars and gained a lot of knowledge about construction, materials and building in general. He even had an open house for people to come by and check out the finished project.

In the future he plans on living in it through college and beyond, taking it with him wherever he ends up. The video gives a guided tour of the tiny house and shows it in various stages of completion. It includes reactions and interviews with his friends and family as well.

Austin’s sense of pride and joy at accomplishing the home is well earned, and shared by his grandfather, whose interview in the clip is especially touching. Check it out!

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When She Bought This Broken Down Cabin From The 1950’s Nobody Thought She Would Do THIS With It

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About two hours northwest of New York City lies the tiny hamlet of Narrowsburg, New York. As of 2010 the village’s population was just 431 people and Tina Spangler is one of the residents who calls it home.

After living in the hectic city for years she was ready for a change of pace and scenery. The peaceful, scenic mountains upstate drew her to them and in 2004 she moved to the Luxton Lake area part of town after purchasing a foreclosed cottage that had originally been built in the 1950’s.

The house needed a lot of work but the structure had stood up against the elements over time and overall it was still in good shape. What initially drew her eye towards what the property could become was the hardwood floors, and after further inspection Tina decided she could do a lot with the place once she cleaned it up and did a few renovations.

Once the house was updated Tina set about filling it with items and antiques that she had collected over the years. She loves retro décor from the 1930-40s and while attending college in Boston she came across an apartment whose previous owner left behind a bunch of furnishings from that era.

Ever since then she’s been steadily accumulating various pieces and adds anything interesting that she happens to come across to her collection. Even her refrigerator is a monitor-top type from the 1930’s and the cupboards are filled with Fire King Jadeite cups and dishes.

In the living room a linoleum rug dating back to the 1920’s graces the floor and protects the hardwood underneath. All throughout the cottage are unique and interesting pieces, from old glass bottles to Joseph Unger paintings that hang on the wall.

The end result is that when you go through the doorway into Tina’s house it’s like taking a step back time. The retro furnishings and comfortable surroundings transport you to another era and the overall feel of the house is that it’s been lived in and loved.

When explaining her interior decorating style, Tina sums it up perfectly when she says “my goal isn’t to have a perfect house, it’s just to have a house full of things that I love and that have a history.” From the looks of it all, it appears that she has accomplished that goal.

Check out the video to take a tour of Tina’s 1950’s Luxton Lake cottage and see all of the neat things she’s collected over the years. She knows her stuff well and explains some of the items history in great detail.

All in all, the space she has created in the once run down building is warm, comfy, inviting, and makes it feel like a home again.

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He Came Back Home To His Wife Wearing Her Wedding Dress. His Reaction Is Priceless!

Here is a story that will warm your heart during these cold winter days. After seven memorable years of marriage Chrissy and her husband Brian were coming up on their wedding anniversary. However, they both had to work on the actual date and would not be seeing each other. Not wanting to miss out on it, Chrissy thought up a last minute surprise for her husband that he is sure to never forget!

While Brian ran to the store with their daughter she dug out her wedding dress and grabbed a bouquet of flowers. She had the song “Shine Your Light” by Robbie Robertson ready to play and explained “I picked this song because he is a firefighter and it is one of “our” songs since we heard it years ago in the movie Ladder 49.”

As Brian walks up to the door she cues her child to play the song and stands smiling, clearly excited and happy to surprise him. She has the camera rolling to catch the moment and when Brian walks in he seems lost for words and can only gaze at her, seemingly awestruck at the sight of his blushing bride. They exchange knowing smiles before he crosses the room to embrace her in a sweet hug while the kids look on delighted.

This story perfectly illustrates that you do not need expensive jewelry, flowers, chocolates or other material things to show your love. The most heartfelt moments are often inspired by family, friends, and the simple desire to create a lasting memory. Crissy included her children, the element of surprise and the vision of her from the day they got married. With all this set to a meaningful soundtrack it created a flawless anniversary surprise.

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Instead of Spending $200 on an Exterminator Do THIS $2 Trick To Get Rid of Your Ant Problem!

Ants can be found in virtually every corner of the world, but the one place that nobody ever wants to see them is inside their house. Even if you happen to see one lone ant, the chances are high that hundreds or thousands more are lurking somewhere nearby. If you ever have a dreadful infestation, or just need to get rid of a few pesky ants, definitely try this simple all-natural solution.

It’s a much safer and less harsh alternative to using a toxic chemical based insecticide, such as Raid, yet it’s just as effective. Plus, the best thing about it is that it’s cheap to make, so stir up a batch and restore your home back into an ant-free setting!

In the accompanying video Greg The Gardener demonstrates how to mix up and use this ant control solution which calls for hot water, borax, sugar, honey, and a spray bottle. Start out by boiling up some water. While you wait, grab a cup and combine 6 teaspoons of sugar with 6-8 teaspoons of Borax in it.

Once the water is boiling, carefully pour in some water and stir until the sugar and borax mixture completely dissolves. Next, add some honey to the cup and more hot water if it’s needed, stir it all together and let it sit. When it’s cooled, pour the mixture into the spray bottle, and now you’re ready to go find some ants to get rid of.

Spray the mix on and around ant trails and focus on cracks and places where they may be entering the house. Allow the solution to pool in high problem ant traffic areas and spray around the foundation. A word of caution, only use this spray outside the house, but it’s safe to use on plants.

Do NOT let pets or animals near it because they can get very sick if they lick or ingest it. You can take a small plastic bottle cap or similar object and pour some of the solution into it, then place it somewhere that animals can’t reach. Also, to be extra safe block access to the mixture even further by placing a pot or cover over it.

This works so well because the ants will be attracted to the sugar and honey. They’ll go back and tell all their fellow ants about it and lead them strait to the sugar source. Once they ingest it, the borax builds up a gas inside of them which causes their death. In particular, this is a great way to get rid of carpenter ants that may be causing a lot of damage to your house, deck areas, and stored lumber or wood piles.

This simple spray is by far the safest, cheapest, and easiest ant control solution I’ve ever come across. As you can see, the comments under the video say that it works extremely well and since it can be made for around fifty cents or so, you may as well try it!

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He Touches This Strange Frog He Discovered In His Home. The Frog’s Reaction WOW!

As a kid, I used to love playing with frogs, which were everywhere around the wooded area of my home. They never seemed resistant to being held, and the feeling of their little feet on the palm of my hands, is a great memory!

However frogs, which are part of the amphibian group, are a diverse species of nearly 4,800 different types. When a frog grows to adulthood, they typically have a rounded central body without a tail, bulging eyes, a cleft tongue and legs that fold underneath them. All of these characteristics are most probably adaptations that protect them through camouflage and enhanced vision, from other animals and humans.

The frog that you are about to watch in the VIDEO below, is unlike any I played with as a kid. It somehow made it’s way into this person’s house. As you will see, there is one other way that frogs have of frightening off perceived predators…watch as this human touches him!

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The End Of Your Tape Measure Has Features You’ve Probably Never Heard Of. I’m So Glad I Learned THIS

Most people think that a tape measure is for measuring things. They are right, of course, but there is more to a tape measure than first meets the eye. There are specific features built in to the indispensible tool that make it much more effective and efficient, but only if one knows what they are and how to use them. Many of the features are to be found at the terminal end of the tape itself, ingeniously built in to the metal tab that holds it in place on an edge or against a surface.

Upon close inspection, one will notice a notch in the face of the tab. If, like many people, you find yourself trying to measure something without someone to hold the end still, only to have the end slip off until your temper begins to slip with it, you can place the head of a nail or screw in the slot and it will hold the tape securely from any angle.

The second feature is the serrated edge of the tab. It can be used in lieu of a pencil to mark the measurement, and it will always be accurate because it is built in to the tape itself.

You might have noticed that the tab wiggles quite a bit. You may have assumed that you have a faulty tape measure, but they all have this feature. If you look closely at the markings of the first inch, you will see that it is 1/16 inch short.

When you hook the tape to an outside edge, the tape pulls away from the tab by 1/16 inch. Conversely, when you place the tape on an inside edge, the 1/16 inch thick tab itself makes up the missing distance. There is a final, crucial design feature that is even more helpful and rarely known, but you’ll have to watch to the end of the video to find out what it is!

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