This Girl Gets In Between A Pack Of Pit Bulls And Their Food. Now Watch Their Unexpected Reaction!

What do you think might happen if you put a four year old girl in between six male pit bulls and their dinner? That is the exact situation in which we find ourselves at the beginning of this video. Your first reaction might look or feel something like a cringe, and you might even close an eye or two as you wait for the inevitable horrible carnage that is sure to befall this girl.

After all, she is standing squarely in harm’s way, is she not? Does her mother not realize the immediate danger that threatens her young daughter? Forty pounds of flesh is nothing when you are a tight knit pack of full grown pit bulls.

They could have their dinner in mere seconds if they chose, and she could easily be removed at any moment. They could simply push her out of the way, bark and growl her into submission, or do something more dramatic.

Any way you look at it, she poses no threat to them, and the only way they are going to be held at bay by her tiny frame is if they choose to let her. What will they do? We have all heard the stories and seen the headlines about the supposed dangers of the pit bull breed.

Due to this notoriety, they are often left in shelters due to our collective fear. Is this fear warranted? If it is, what is the cause? Is it the fault of the genetics of the dogs themselves, or is it because of the way we tend to treat pit bulls and the situations in which we place them?

After watching this video, your answers to these questions just might change.

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This Little Girl Has A Message For Her Divorced Parents. The Result I Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

If there is anything that can wake up parents who are in the midst of a contentious divorce, these words spoken by 6-year-old Tiana in the following video, says it all!  This incredibly bright and sensitive little girl begs her mom (who is taping her) for civility between her parents.

I could not believe the intensity of her thoughts and feelings on the matter, and her ability to use such insightful language to explain the depth of her desires. This video really shows how hard divorce is on children, who so badly need to feel safe, even though their family is broken.

What is so amazing about little Tiana, is that she includes herself in the responsibility for her family’s happiness.  She tries to explain to her mom that she doesn’t expect the impossible; she just wants her parents to treat each other nicely.  She doesn’t want to live in anger.

My heart just broke listening to her plea.  I think that her mom definitely heard her with her heart.  One can only hope that her impassioned plea for kindness made a difference in the dynamics of her family.  All family’s dealing with divorce or even chronic anger in the home need to watch this video.  For the sake of our children, we all just need to be the adults…so they don’t have to be!

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She’s Fishing For The First Time. Dad Thinks It’s A Tiny One But She Pulls Out An Unexpected Surprise!

What could be a simpler pleasure than a little girl going out on a boat with her dad to go fishing?Little Avery and her dad have an amazing bond; that is evident just by the way they have fun together.  Their mutual excitement and giggling as Avery feels a tug on her fishing pole says it all!

This little munchkin has something on the line of her hot pink Barbie fishing pole.  As her dad encourages her to keep reeling in what’s tugging at her pole, she is being tugged at herself. She squeals for her dad to help her.

He’s so preoccupied with filming her that he doesn’t quite realize how hard she’s tugging!  Finally he helps her steady the pole;  she continues to reel with all her might as he cheers her on, “Keep going Avery!”

Dad is so mesmerized with Avery’s adorable excitement as she cries out, “Did I get one?”, that he’s been oblivious to what is emerging from the water.  He can’t believe his eyes as together they pull the fish onto the boat.  Avery has caught one huge bass!

Ever the photographer, Dad gets a close up not just of the fish, but of his little girl’s proud beaming smile.  This is a memory they will both cherish forever; daddy’s little girl got the catch of the day!

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Daddy Tells His Little Girl She Isn’t Allowed To Have A Boyfriend. Now Watch Her Adorable Reaction!

Dads always tend to be very protective of their daughters when it comes to boyfriends, and girls usually prefer that their dads to stay out of the matter.  Apparently this controversy can start at a really young age as you are about to see in this adorable video, that will tickle you.

Little two-year-old Kennedy announces to her parents that she has a boyfriend named Jared.  The Copeland, Alabama toddler’s dad, is none too happy to hear about this.  The parents video their conversation with Kennedy.

Dad keeps teasing Kennedy that she doesn’t have a boyfriend…she’s “not allowed to have a boyfriend till [she’s] fifty!”  All that little Kennedy hears is that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, and the adamant little girl is a bit crushed and defiant!

No matter what her dad says she insists that Jared is her boyfriend and she is not pleased with her dad’s denial of this fact.  This is serious emotional business to Kennedy, and she sticks to her story.  Although her parents were really amused at her reaction at such a young age, dad may have to learn not to push it once his daughter gets emotional about her beloved!

It’s no wonder this video has gone viral, as she so emotionally let’s her dad know this is no joke and he’d better watch his teasing in the future!  What do you think? Did Dad go too far in his teasing given how  she reacted?

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Little Girl Got Caught Bringing Her Cow Inside The House. Her Excuse Is Unexpectedly Delightful!

Kids are full of surprises and are constantly testing the limits to see what they can get away with. A lot of the time young children manage to get off with just a warning, mainly because they are innocent and not wise to the ways of the world.

So when one little girl decided to let her favorite cow in the house she naturally thought she could get away with it. After all, it was cold outside and it really isn’t that big of a deal. However, her mom was pretty shocked when she came home to find the big cow chewing on some hay and laying on the floor of her house.

Instead of freaking out, yelling, or shooing the cow outside, the little girl’s mother recorded the cute moment and attempted to get to the bottom of her story. She calmly asks her daughter how and why the cow was in the house.

The 5 year old girl tries to explain that she had opened the door and was looking the other way when the cow snuck in. But the girl see’s her mother isn’t buying it so she switches gears and tells her mom that the cow pooped but she cleaned it up already. Basically, she had it all under control and mom shouldn’t be so worried about a little, gentle cow on the porch.

The whole time the cow is sitting peacefully on the rug next to the family dog. It seems like this cow may have done this before, so perhaps this is just the first time the girl got caught red-handed. The best part of the video is when the girl cuddles up to her bovine buddy, resting against its side belly, with the cow’s head in her lap. The adorable twosome look so snugly and comfy together, and that’s when mom forgets how wrong it is that the girl let the cow inside in the first place!

Some things are just too precious and rare to pass by. When your 5 year old daughter brings a cow inside, curls up with it, and the cow falls fast asleep; that is one of those moments. This was such a happy, feel good video and it reminded me of my childhood so much. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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This Little Girl Gives Buddha The Doberman Pinscher A Manicure. His Reaction Is Priceless!

What makes this video so amusing is not just the fact that a little girl is giving her dog a manicure. It’s just so crazy that it’s a breed that has the reputation of being a ferocious guard dog; a Doberman Pinscher!! Clearly their reputations as tough dogs doesn’t negate the fact that they have a sweet, soft side.

Not only does Buddha the Doberman have a soft side, but it’s apparent that he is really trusting and patient with his little human. He sits motionless as she adorns his paws with nail polish, that is a non-toxic brand made especially for dogs.

This must be something she has done before with Buddha, as he just seems as calm as if he were being pampered in a spa. Never underestimate what a dog will “agree” to when he loves his human. Enjoy this adorable video.

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