After 19 Years Of Being Married THIS Man Finds Out His Wife Is Actually a Man!

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When you enter into a marriage with someone, you expect them to be loyal, honest, and loving.  Your partner should always have your best interests in mind going forward from that day on and support you through whatever comes your way.  You should also know everything about them, what makes them who they are, the good, the bad, and the ugly. After all, the last thing anyone wants is a dark, untold secret rearing up out of seemingly nowhere and getting in the way of their happiness.

When a man named Jan from Belgium married his Indonesian wife Monica back in 1993, he thought he knew everything he needed to know about her.  She had worked as a nanny for him prior to their marriage and had always come across as honest, open, and warm. His kids liked her, they viewed her more as a big sister, and for a while things were good.

The only problem the couple had run into was very early on in their marriage when Jan brought Monica to Belgium to live with him.  Immigration authorities had expressed doubts at the time that her birth certificate and identity papers were authentic. After going through the courts they eventually relented and accepted the documentation, and Monica received a residence permit to live in Belgium. 

Things began to change after Monica got a new job and started dressing more provocatively.  She wore skin baring tops, short skirts, and tight, flashy clothes. Even though she and Jan had been married for the past two decades, she also started going out dancing at nightclubs and bars.  Her behavior only escalated from there, Jan caught her chatting with different men on the internet and before long rumors about her cheating got back to him. 

He also heard rumors that his wife of 20 years was actually born a man and had undergone a sex change.  He couldn’t believe it but when his friend and own son told him they had heard this as well, he decided to confront his wife and ask her point blank.  In the middle of a heated row over her infidelity, Monica ended up admitting to Jan that she was in fact born a male and had surgery to become female. When he asked why she never told him, she said she didn’t believe she had to tell him now that she was a woman, but Jan felt betrayed and lied to nonetheless.    

While most people would assume one would be suspicious of their significant other being the opposite sex, Jan said there were no signs that would indicate Monica having once been a man.  They had decided early on that they weren’t going to have children and she even bought sanitary products every month to make it look like she had her period. Even so, once the truth was revealed, there was no going back.

Jan ended up filing to have the marriage annulled and got a lawyer to help with his case.  He now believes Monica used fake papers to get her residence permit and even though they’re ending their marriage, the Belgian courts have forced him to allow her to stay in the house.  The strain and pain from finding out that his wife of 20 years had lied to him about her true identity all along took its toll on Jan’s mental health. He’s in therapy to help deal with and accept the situation, but only time will help fade the hurt he feels from being betrayed by the one person he thought he loved the most. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Bring Your Hands Together And See If These 2 Lines On Your Palms Line Up. THIS Is What It Means!

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Palm reading is an ancient art that can be traced back thousands of years to India where it was rooted in Hindu astrology and first mentioned in the Chinese book the I Ching. From there it spread all over Asia and Europe, even Aristotle took an interest in it, passing the knowledge on to Alexander the Great.

He used it often to judge the character of his military officers by closely reading their palm lines. It must have helped him because in 15 years of nonstop conquest he never lost a single battle.

Palmistry has since endured throughout the ages, these days most people view it as pseudo-science and dismiss it as superstitious beliefs. Part of why people are skeptical towards it is that they don’t truly understand it and only know what they see in the media where it has been wrongly portrayed in the many books, films, and TV shows that touch it.

If you’re further interested in the subject, this video does an excellent job at describing what the main lines and patterns on your hands signify and how to read your palms.

One specific attribute that people often wonder about is the appearance of the first major line on their palms, located right below the base of the fingers. This sharp crease is known as the line of marriage because it can reveal a lot about an individual’s relationships and future love life.

You can read your own line of marriage here and now, without going to a palm reader, by simply placing your hands together side by side. See if and how your lines of marriage match up, then read about what that means below.

If the lines are the same exact height it signifies that you are a calm, gentle, nurturing person with a solid head on your shoulders. You strongly dislike abrupt, disruptive changes and are most likely to marry a partner who your friends and family like and approve of.

If the line on your right hand is higher than the one on the left it means you are wise beyond your years and are drawn towards older souls. You are free and unconcerned about what others may think of you and see things and people for what they truly are. You don’t follow society or others expectations of you and it’s likely that you might choose an older partner to settle down with.

If the line on your left hand is higher than the one on the right it means you are strong, self-assertive, and enjoy facing tough challenges head on. The love you want, need, and search for is passionate and torrid. As such, you are attracted to good looking people and chances are you may end up with a younger student or an exotic foreigner.

It’s all very fascinating to know that there are hints buried in the palms of your hands which can reveal hidden truths about what your future holds. There’s a lot of great information and many more details covered in the video, so check it out and then take a moment to look down at your palms.

Closely examine them for how your lines of marriage match up and see what that means. Share this with friends and family, then try reading their palm lines. It’s really fun and you may just learn something about them!

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She Finds Out Her Fiancé Had Been Cheating. But She Waits Til’ The Wedding To Get Revenge!

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Many girls begin planning their weddings when they are very young. They dream of that wedding to their Prince in shining armor at a castle in a far off magical land right out of a fairy tale. Being a princess is something everybody wants to be at least for a day anyway! Many do get to live out their dreams and have that perfect wedding, bringing family and friends together and passing the torch from generation to generation.

With all that being said, sometimes these fairy tale weddings don’t have happy endings and turn quickly turn into a bad dream or scary nightmare no one could ever prepare for. In today’s featured story we are covering a wedding story that would be hard to believe if there weren’t so many family friends and other witnesses to see this wild event.

A couple who had been together for over six years finally got engaged and were prepping for the big day. Both the bride and grooms families were so happy because on the surface the 2 seemed like the perfect pair. But the soon-to-be bride was so busy planning every little detail in the months leading up to the wedding that she hadn’t noticed her fiancé had begun to act a bit strange…

The weekend before the wedding was the woman’s bachelorette party. The bride-to-be didn’t want anything big or crazy just a fun night with her best friends and a few cocktails. They never could’ve predicted the events that would soon unfold.

The bride-to-be had her phone in her purse but she started it hearing it buzz and vibrate over and over. At first she decided to ignore it because it was her bachelorette party and she wanted to stay fully present with her friends and live in the moment. A few minutes went by and the purse kept vibrating so she finally decided to check to see what was going on thinking maybe there could be some type of emergency…

Little did she know that the messages on her phone would end up destroying her wedding before it even began!!!

Watch the video below for the full story and the incredible twist at the end:

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Evil Stepmom Attempts To Ruin Stepdaughter’s Wedding! But Her Mama Plots and Pulls Off The Most Epic Revenge!

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Anyone who has ever seen the classic Disney movie Cinderella knows about the evil step-mother archetype.  They are cold, distant, mean spirited, and sometimes downright spiteful towards their new step-children. While not all step-mothers are like this, the ones who are seem to take being mean to a whole other level.  

Such was the case for a woman named Jennifer.  Her parents had divorced, and her father had gone on to recently marry a much younger woman.  Her new step-mother was 25 years old, closer to Jennifer in age than her father, and she was also very jealous of Jennifer’s family, especially her mother.

In a few weeks Jennifer was going to get married and like all brides, she was a bit stressed but looking forward to the big day.  Her new step-mother wasn’t being of any help, in fact she was acting downright childish and petty. It turned out that Jennifer’s mother had found the perfect outfit to wear to her wedding and she was over the moon happy with her mother of the bride dress.  

A couple of days later, Jennifer discovered that her step-mother had also chosen the exact same dress to wear to the wedding, so she politely asked her to return it and get a different one.  Her mother had chosen the dress first and since no one wants to show up wearing the same thing as another guest, she thought her step-mother would understand. That was not the case, instead her step-mother flat out refused to do so and vowed that she would wear the dress and look amazing.

Feeling defeated, Jennifer told her mother the bad news and expected her to be upset about it, understandably so.  Her mother took it all in stride though and the two of them went shopping to find a new dress for her to wear. After trying on dozens of dresses she finally found the perfect one, it was even more beautiful than her original pick! 

After a long day of shopping the two went out to a nice dinner.  As they talked about the upcoming events Jennifer asked her mother when she planned on returning the first dress that she’d bought.  Her mother replied that she wasn’t going to return it at all, instead she planned on wearing it to the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding!  It looks like her mother would ultimately have the last laugh and in the end, it just goes to show that being petty on someone else’s big day can come back to bite you in the rear.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Man Leaves His Wife Who Is Pregnant and In Deep Debt Then She Finds The Most Unexpected Surprise In The Oven!

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After finding the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, Amanda settled down with her husband and they planned on starting a big family together.  The setbacks came quickly however, and after two miscarriages she gave up hope on ever having a child of her own. The couple, who lived in Sydney, Australia, turned their attention to the house they had just bought instead.  They wanted to turn it into their dream house and the project took their minds off the tragic losses they’d suffered.

After three long years spent struggling to conceive, Amanda and her husband finally learned some good news, they were pregnant!  At around the same time she learned she was expecting, the renovations on their house were also completed and things were finally looking up.  The momentary bliss didn’t last long and Amanda was blindsided one day when her husband told her he was leaving her for another woman. She was seven months pregnant at the time, was out of work because her and her husband had decided she’d stay at home with the baby when it was born, and she had no way to pay the bills and mortgage on her newly redone house. 

As if being cheated on and abandoned by her husband wasn’t devastating and stressful enough, now she had a baby on the way and no means to even buy things she’d need to care for her newborn.  In an instant her seemingly perfect life had been shattered into a million little pieces. A friend of Amanda who knew what she was going through desperately wanted to help her out. She decided to reach out to the local radio station, KIIS 1065 to try and get her a spot on their “Giveback” segment.  

When the producers heard about Amanda’s predicament, they decided to help her out and invited her onto the show to tell her story.  Through tears she told it all, leaving nothing out, and when she was done, they directed her attention to a TV screen in the studio.  They had sent a cameraman to her house and he was walking around filming.  

The first thing he trained the camera on was a vacuum cleaner, it stood for 6 months of free cleaning.  He then moved on to her refrigerator and when he opened the door there was a gift certificate for daily meals that would be delivered over the next three months so she wouldn’t have to worry about cooking.  Next, he panned to her counter where $4,000 worth of items sat that she hadn’t yet bought for her baby, plus a $1,000 certificate to have her newborn’s pictures taken. Finally, the man opened her oven up and inside was $10,000 to help her pay the bills and mortgage until she found a job.  

Amanda had been crying tears of sadness after telling her story, but now she was crying tears of happiness.  She felt overwhelmed with gratitude and was incredibly thankful for her friend who had reached out, the radio station for putting everything together, and all the businesses who had donated to help her get back on her feet.  Now she could focus on herself, her baby, and their future. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Bring Your Palms Into This Position If These 2 Lines Touch It Means THIS!

Have you ever wondered what the future may hold in store for you? The answer may be right in the palm of your hand- literally..

For the past several thousand years the art of palmistry has been used to both interpret and predict the fortunes, futures, and fates of people all over the world. The practice is rooted in Hindu astrology where it originated, and involves reading the many different lines and features on the palms of our hands.

You can learn many interesting things about your love life and relationships, even the time frame for when you can expect to get married. Two lines in particular are linked to love and marriage and in the accompanying video psychologist and therapist Ellen Goldberg goes over everything you need to know about them. One line is found on the Mount of Venus which is located right below the thumb, near the base of the hand.

The second line is found under the pinkie, on the Mount of Mercury, and is also known as the lines of affection. To determine exactly where they are refer to the video and keep in mind that each hand needs to be consulted. Look at your dominant hand to see your past and what the future holds, and refer to your passive hand when it comes to matters of personality, character traits, and other similar types of attributes.

Even though palmistry has endured throughout the ages, and even thrived at different times in history, today most people view it as pseudo-science and quickly dismiss it as superstitious beliefs. Part of this skepticism stems from the fact that people don’t truly understand it.

Instead, they only know what they see in the media where it has been wrongly portrayed in the countless books, movies, and TV shows that touch upon it. So take a moment to enlighten yourself and really learn more about it here and now because it’s fascinating to know that there are hints buried in the palms of your hands which can reveal hidden truths about what your future holds.

Read your own palms here and now, without going to a palm reader, by simply following along with the video and see what your lines reveal. Share this with friends and family, then try reading their palm lines. It’s really fun and you may just learn something about them.

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