They Thought It Was A Normal Video Chat With Their Mom But They Are About To Get A Big Surprise!

Thanksgiving is the fall holiday that is universally celebrated in the United States and Canada.  Although it’s historic roots lay in North America, as a celebration of the harvest, it has come to represent all that is good in family life.  Native Americans and the Pilgrim settlers were happy to have food at harvest time.

The modern version of Thanksgiving usually involves a turkey feast with all the trimmings.  The  food is something we all look forward to, but for those of us who are fortunate, we get to gather with those with love.  There is a warmth to the celebration, particularly if we are in touch with what we are grateful for.

Holidays can be a lonely time, for people who don’t have loved ones to share it with.  Many Americans have moved to the United States from countries that are across the world.  Luckily, today we have the ability to see each other through the internet, which gives families a more intimate way of communicating when they rarely get to actually be together. However, there is no substitute for actual contact.

What you are about to watch in this joyous footage, was devised by Shaw, a Canadian internet and telecommunications provider.  They went to great lengths to unite families who miss each other so much, and basically only see each other by Skyping.  Watch to see the orchestration of their incredibly clever surprise gift, bestowed on several families for this Thanksgiving season.

It will bring a big smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

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This Puppy Had Been Living In The Trash. Now Watch Her Mom’s Reaction When They Try To Save Her!

The trauma suffered by abandoned animals is just heartbreaking.  Hope for Paws heard about a mother dog and her two little pups, who were living in squalor in a back alley.  To survive, they had been living off nothing but garbage in a dumpster, and were infested with fleas.

Eldad Hagar instructs the girl with him how to approach these timid animals who have no reason to trust humans.  They approached the terrified mom, whom they named Mable, by dropping bits of food for her.  Although she ate from a distance, she was really skiddish.  Being younger, once the puppies approached to be fed, they were much more trusting and allowed the two people to hold and comfort them.

Eldad had to use a device to coax the terrified Mable to stay still enough to comfort her.  She eventually calmed down enough to get her and her two darling pups, named Dallas and Texas, on the first leg of their trip to safety.  We watched them in early footage after being rescued and restored to physical health, and after 6 months to far better psychological recovery.

The work that Hope for Paws does is so remarkable.  As with so many other animals who get rescued from disastrous conditions, Mable, Dallas and Texas all went on to their “forever homes”,  enabling them to live out their lives receiving the love and care that they deserve.

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The Family Dog Wouldn’t Stop Whining While They Tried To Sleep. The Reason Would Save Their Lives!

The reason this dog wouldn’t let her owners sleep wound up earning her a big, fat, juicy steak. Jack Damrill thought his St. Bernard, Doree, was just trying to get attention when she wouldn’t stop whining. It was late, and the family was trying to sleep, but no matter how much he insisted she leave them alone and let them get some rest, she persisted.

When Jack thinks back to that fateful night, he recalls hearing the cats meowing loudly as well. I hope Doree shared her steak with them! Eventually, the human noses picked up what the animals had been smelling for some time: natural gas. Someone had left the burner on. The house was filled to the brim, a literal time bomb, ready to explode at any second.

Jack immediately called 911 and evacuated his family and devoted pets. The fire department responded, airing out their home and informing them of just how close to catastrophe they had come. If they had not been warned by their loyal pets, the entire house could have detonated, leaving nothing but smoldering rubble.

For Doree, it was well worth her trouble in the end. She got her delicious steak and lived to bark another day, not to mention how proud she gets to be for the rest of her life, having earned the one thing she loves most: the adoration and gratitude of her family! So remember to listen to your pets, because you never know when they just might save your life!

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A Deer Family Is Partying In This Human’s Backyard. But Then THIS Unexpected Visitor Shows Up!

You won’t believe who crashes this backyard deer party! Friends can be found in the unlikeliest of places, just ask this mother deer and her two spotted fawns. While they are just minding their own business and having a nice family outing, an overly gregarious and frisky otter shows up and clearly wants to play. The otter’s antics and back flops had me in stitches the entire time!

The word otter comes from the same root word as water, which is appropriate as they are semi-aquatic. Otters are technically part of the weasel family, along with minks, martens, honey badgers and wolverines. The behavior of the otter in this video is typical, as they are known to be quite playful and often engage in activities for pure enjoyment. They sometimes make water slides or play with small stones.

The deer in this video are a subspecies of mule deer called the black-tailed deer. At one time, they could be found as far east as Wyoming, but are now limited primarily to the Pacific Northwest. Deer are gentle creatures that exemplify courage in intimidating circumstances. The otter, on the other hand, reminds us to see the lighter side of life, and to enjoy whatever opportunities arise.

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His 2 Sons Won’t Stop Texting At The Dinner Table. How He Finally Gets Their Attention Is BRILLIANT

Sitting down for a meal should be a social and interactive event for everyone gathered around the table.  Dinners are a time to catch up in our busy lives with family and friends and good conversation just seems to flow better over food and drinks.  For  years people have taken time in their lives, stopped what they were doing, and sat down to enjoy meals with others.

However, in recent times the dinner table dynamic has taken a drastic turn for the worse.  People now bring their phones to dinner, whip them out, and bury their heads in the devices.  They pay no attention to others and focus on the little glowing screen, oblivious to the world around them.  Texting at the table is rude and shows a lack of respect for your dining companions.  It’s that simple yet people still do it, like they’re addicts.

In this video, one father refuses to ignore his sons when they take out their phones at dinner.  He asks one to pass the salt and the boy, distracted and unaware, passes him pepper.  It’s now time for a lesson and dad thumps down his clunky old typewriter right on the table and starts smashing away at the keys.  The kids look up and stare at him like he’s gone mad and quickly begin to grow annoyed at the sight and sounds of their father’s behavior.

Finally, one asks what he is doing, and after getting no answer, the other son pipes up and repeats the question.  Which is when dad’s head comes up, with a crazy look in his eye, and he responds “sorry… must have been a little distracted!”  With that, the kids put their phones away and the lesson is finally driven home.

This sad scene plays out over and over again, of heads buried in phones across from non-distracted eaters who are forced to sit in silence and slowly become agitated.  Next time you are subjected to this rude behavior, say something, and don’t take your phone out at the table!

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Video: Couple Has A Priceless Reaction When They Meet Their Abandoned Baby They Adopted

For almost 10 years the Chens have struggled to have a baby.  They tried everything in their power to make their dream of having a family a reality.  However, they realized that because of infertility they would be unable to conceive their own child.  According to research around 6% of married women ages 15-44 in the United States are unable to have children due to infertility. Men also have approximately the same rate of infertility in the United States as compared to women.

In this video they share their story of how they traveled and adopted a baby boy.  From the minute they laid eyes on him they know this was their son, Jacob Chen.  They hold their baby and rock him back and forth as any new parent would with a new child. As the emotion bubbles to the surface the tears of their long struggle can’t be bottled in.  This emotional moment is all caught on video and it truly tore my heart into a million pieces.

By the 4 minute mark I just couldn’t hold back my own tears. Be warned you will probably need tissues for this one.  You will really be able to empathize with the struggle that all adoptive parents must face while going through their journey.  This heartwarming film should be seen by all parents who are interested in adopting.

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