This Woman Wraps A T-Shirt Around Her Wet Hair. When She Removes It The Next Morning STUNNING!

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Beautiful, bouncy curls are always in style, but attaining the effortless look of them is anything but that. Curly hair can be a real pain when it comes to maintaining, styling, and creating the perfect look. Fussing with curls too much just makes them frizzy but there’s no other way to go about doing hair other than that.

To combat the problem many people end up using way too much product, like gels and sprays, that weigh down hair and make it look bad. Others blow dry, chemically straighten, or run hot irons through curls in attempts to get hair under control.

These can damage and ruin otherwise perfectly healthy hair and eat up a lot of time, patience, and money that could be better spent elsewhere. So what’s a girl to do? There’s hope for curly haired people everywhere in the form of a simple technique called plopping or plunking.

It sounds kinda funny but this method can give you beautiful, frizz-free, bouncy curls. It’s easy to master and only requires a tee shirt. There are no expensive gadgets or serums necessary and since it’s done overnight you’ll free up a lot of time in your morning routine, yet still look great!

This video will show you how to plop your hair so check it out and try it tonight. First, shower and clean your hair, towel dry it, and add any styling product you prefer to use. Only smooth product onto hair from the ears down and don’t put any above your ears because that weighs down hair.

Also, overtime the products build up and that makes hair look really bad and unhealthy. After combing the product(s) in evenly through your hair, lay out a large cotton t-shirt and smooth it down on a flat surface in front of you, a bed works perfectly.

Shake your hair out, then flip it in front of you and carefully lower your head down onto the shirt so that the curls don’t get crumpled or tangled. Keeping your head still, grab the bottom edge of the shirt and wrap it around towards the base of your neck, holding it there in place.

Now grab the top of the tee and pull the neckline part down to the base of your neck, pulling the sleeves to the side of your head. Tie the sleeves in the front so you end up creating a turban out of the shirt and tuck in the tails or any extra loose fabric to keep it in place.

It may take a few tries to master the t-shirt turban but eventually you’ll get it right and love what plopping does for your hair. The shirt will protect your curls overnight as you sleep on them and in the morning all that’s left to do is to unwrap your hair.

Your curls will be dry, bouncy, frizz free, and while you may have to reshape a few with a curling iron, that’s it!

Let us know if this awesome hair life hack worked for you! 🙂

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Have You Ever Wondered What Happens To Donated Hair Once It Is Shipped Out? This Is a Must Watch

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Wigs For Kids is a non-profit organization that has been providing free hair replacement options and support to children for over 30 years. They mainly treat kids who have suffered hair loss due to chemo and radiation therapy, burns, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, and other medical issues that often cause hair loss.

The change in a child’s self-esteem and confidence can often be seen immediately after they receive their new hair. By providing high quality and custom made hair pieces, Wigs For Kids helps to restore a child’s appearance and the way people respond to them, and alternatively the way they view themselves.

To get an inside look at what goes into making these wigs BuzzFeed followed the hair donation process from start to finish. The first step was going to a salon with Hannah, a young woman who wanted to donate her hair and agreed to have the big cut filmed. The hair was then packaged and sent to the donation center where it was sorted.

Any hair that does not meet strict quality specifications gets separated and the remaining usable hair is sent on the the wig manufacturer. They sew ponytails together, brush the hair and wash it in a chemical bath. Next, a custom made cap is created based on the shape of the future wig owner’s head.

Then the hair colors are blended and hand tied onto the wig one strand at a time to ensure it looks as natural as possible. It can take anywhere from 20-30 ponytails to make one wig. The process is very focused on quality and no shortcuts are taken that would jeopardize the goal of realistic, beautiful hair.

The end of the video shows Bridget receiving her brand new custom made wig, made from Hannah’s donated hair. Bridget is a young girl who has alopecia which caused her hair to fall out. She waits excitedly in anticipation for her new look and can barely sit still. When she finally sees her new hair she cannot help but run her hands through it and once it is on her she lights up and brushes it.

Her mother explains that this is going to change her whole world and they both thank people everywhere who have donated their hair, including Hannah.

After watching this video your bound to feel good and have your faith in the world restored. For more information please go to Wigs For Kids website (

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The Very Strange and Surprising Reason Women Began Shaving Their Armpits!

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Ok, so this is not a big statement to get women to stop shaving or waxing.  That is a completely personal choice, but the point of the video you are about to watch below, opens up a discussion and historical perspective on attitudes towards women’s body hair.  I found it particularly interesting since I have my own esthetic reactions to women with long underarm hair.

Shaving underarm hair wasn’t even a notion at the turn of the 20th century.  For that matter women having their God-given leg hair was just as normal.  However, when the fashion changed for women to wear sleeveless dresses, the media, which dictates what is acceptable, began promoting ads that were shaming of underarm hair.

An example of an early ad that created shame around armpit hair said: “The fastidious woman today must have immaculate armpits if she is to be unembarrassed.”  It sounds shocking to hear such rhetoric now, but if you really think about it, this was just the first of a long line of fashion marketing that shamed women about their natural state of being.

It seems somewhat obvious that women have body hair in many of the same places as men, because nature meant for it to be there for adaptive reasons.  I think it can be said that we all hate the shaving or waxing process, yet we succumb to the social pressure to do so.

We actually feel gross when we are hair-laden and sexy when it’s gone, because that is the social norm that we have completely internalized. It takes a lot of courage to counter the social norms for what makes a woman feel attractive and sexy.  Going against the social norms is really hard to do, but if you are a woman who hates the hairless social norm, it can really be empowering to do your own thing.

There will always be societal fashion and beauty standards that are idealized; following this ideal or not should allow for freedom of expression.  The more people show individuality, the greater will be the spectrum of acceptability, which will promote healthier self-esteem and body image.

This video is really enlightening about the evolution of how shaving armpits became “mandatory”.  It highlights current celebrities who are brave enough to counter the social hairless norm “loud and proud”.  I hope you enjoy watching the following footage and that it will open up a consciousness about the choices we make as women.

It has given me food for thought, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to grow my underarm hair just yet!  What do you think?

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This 16 Year Old Girl Cuts Her Hair For The FIRST Time In He Life. The End Result Is STUNNING!

Anyone who has ever had long hair knows how nerve wracking and unpredictable a new haircut can be. To suddenly go from long to shorter hair is kind of a big deal. The different lengths feel strange at first, even when you trim just a couple of inches off.

Everything from running your fingers through it and brushing to the way it has to be styled feels new and weird. Your whole head feels lighter and the hair is much healthier, shinier, and manageable.

Imagine that you had been growing your hair your entire life and had never gotten a major haircut. After 16 years your hair reaches a point down past your knees and almost touches the ground. Seems crazy, right? That was reality for 16 year old Roxy Vice, a teenager from Stafford, Virginia who had never trimmed her hair.

Over the course of her life her brown locks had grown extremely long and straight. Having heavy, ultra long hair was the only hairstyle she had ever known and she was way overdue for a full on haircut and style makeover. Roxy finally decided to make a change and cut her hair because she was heading off to college in a few months.

Having average length hair would be more easy and manageable to take care of, plus she’d look older and not so young. When the big day came she documented the experience and remarked how excited and nervous she was about it all. After taking a few last pictures of her long hair she tied it up in a loose ponytail and sat back in the chair for the big chop.

The man who was about to cut Roxy’s hair, Danilo, is a stylist who works with the hair care company Pantene. He performs cuts on behalf of the companies special hair donation program called Beautiful Lengths. People with hair at least 8 inches or longer can have it cut and donated to the program which uses it to make wigs for women battling cancer.

Danilo says that Roxy’s hair is the longest that the program has ever had donated, and perhaps even the longest he has ever seen in all of his years cutting hair! After he did the big chop he styled Roxy’s hair in ways which she has never known. He ended up giving her layers, bangs, and added a lot more texture and body.

At first Roxy was surprised and shocked at how short her hair seemed, even though it was still very long and reached down her mid-back. However, once it was completely styled and finished she says she loved it, and rightly so. She looks like a whole new person and the new look fits her well. She cut her hair for a good cause and turned out looking absolutely beautiful both inside and out!

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Little Boy Gets His Hands On Daddy’s Clippers. But When He Turns Around A Hysterical Surprise!

Kids get into all sorts of trouble when they’re growing up. They often don’t mean to misbehave, it’s just that they still have a lot to learn about the world and right from wrong. Even so, some of the situations they manage to get themselves into are simply unbelievable… and hilarious! Parents are well aware that if you don’t watch your little ones closely, you may end up with a big mess on your hands or something that’s really embarrassing, like a strange new haircut. Kids are famous for giving themselves home haircuts and experimenting with new dos but usually the outcomes are less than impressive. In fact, sometimes they are absolutely hideous!

Case in point is the poor little boy in this video. He decided to take his dad’s razor and shave the hair on his head clean off. However, he only managed to shave about half of his head towards the front. The back part was still all there and the hair fully intact, which made his new haircut look pretty strange and seriously hilarious! Can you imagine your child coming up to you with hair like this?!

The poor kid knows he messed up and is clearly sorry. He cries up at the camera and promises “I’ll never touch daddy’s razor again!” in his cutest, most innocent voice. I know it’s not nice to laugh at someone, especially a child, but come on, you can’t help but giggle at this kids haircut. It’s just too funny! Plus, the terrible cut can easily be fixed, all dad has to do is shave the rest of his head. At least now the boy learned his lesson and won’t touch his father’s razor ever again!

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If You Have An Annoying Cowlick In Your Hair It Could Actually Save Your Life

I’ve always worn bangs, in part because I have this annoying cowlick in the front of my hairline. Somehow it has helped me to manage the awkward angle of hair growth, that is always a challenge to hair styling.  Cowlicks just seem to have a mind of their own, that is oppositional to the way the rest of your hair grows..

Why is it called a cowlick you may ask?  Apparently when cows lick their calves, it causes the hair to swirl in an unruly manner, thus the coining of the term “cowlick” for unruly human hair.  They are extremely common; in fact Brad Pitt is famous for his.  Who would ever think that the frustrating cowlick would have an incredible silver lining…in fact a blessing in disguise.  Amazingly, a recent study has discovered that the genes linked to cowlicks may have THE POWER TO SAVE LIVES!

The researchers at Michigan State University have discovered that the “polarity genes” that are linked to cowlicks, may hold the key to finding a CURE FOR CANCER!  The video you are about to watch below goes into a deeper explanation of how polarity genes are vital for proper cell operation. The polarity genes also cause parts of the body to grow in oppositional patterns, such as the unruly hair growth in a cowlick.

So, what in the world does this have to do with fighting cancer?  Polarity genes are organized in the body by a protein that has been known to suppress certain tumors.  Strangely enough, the DNA of humans and fruit flies is almost identical, so the researchers at MSU used fruit flies to make the connection between the polarity gene protein and cowlicks.

Because of the genetic similarities between humans and fruit flies, these researchers will be able to test the theory that people who don’t have this protein or too little of it, puts them at risk, for their cells not being able to fight off the viruses which cause cancers.  Restoring this protein in patients lends hope to a new kind of chemotherapy which will lead to a much higher cure rate across many types of cancer.  The video below will help to connect all these dots, that may be a breakthrough discovery in the fight against cancer.

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