Nobody Believed Him When He Described His Chipmunks A.M. Ritual So He Caught THIS On Video

One of the most refreshing and feel good things that you can do in the morning is stretch. After sleeping all night, in who knows what kind of odd positions, your body tightens up. There is just something nice about a long, invigorating stretch that makes it ten times easier to pull yourself out of bed. Cats have long practiced this form of mindful wakefulness and always flex their bodies promptly after waking up or moving around.

However, Grumpy Cat and his fellow kitty friends can step aside because now there is a new animal favorite rising online. His name is Bikke and he is an insanely adorable chipmunk who hails from Japan. Everything about this tiny guy, from his chubby cheeks down to his furry little tail, exudes cuteness!

There are a total of 25 different species of adorable chipmunks. They are known for burrowing underground and making cozy little nooks to live in. Sometimes they live above ground in small trees and shrubs. During the winter like many other mammals they hibernate with all the food they stored up in their cheeks. Most hipmunks tend to live and do their food gathering alone. When communicating with one another they make a high pitched bird-like chirping sound. One thing is for sure, chipmunks are totally one of most adorable little forest critters around!

People the world over are sure to fall in love with Bikke once they see him do his morning stretches. A clip of the fritter shows him releasing a big yawn as he simultaneously stretches his legs out behind him and his arms in front. As he begins to loosen up he snuffles around on the bed and comically twitches his nose. When doing his movements he drags his legs around behind him while pulling his body along with his front claws. Over and over again he yawns, pulls himself along, twitches and repeats.

It is as if he cannot quite wake up from his nap and needs to keep on stretching. He even appears to have developed a new form of stretch technique which has never been seen before. He invented the downward facing chipmunk!! Without a doubt the whole scene qualifies as a cuteness overload moment.  I really could watch this little fella all day long. He is a non-stop source of adorable entertainment.

This little chippy sure has a great life as evidenced by his very own YouTube channel, bikke the chip. Videos show him stuffing his cheeks until they’re fat with food, watching cartoons, and playing around with his mini-house set. This little guy is sure to brighten up your day and put a big smile on your face! His chubby little cheeks and his morning routine make for an instant internet classic hit! His human friends clearly love and adore him, and so do we! If you are feeling a bit down, this should instantly cheer you up. Make sure you watch the adorable video below all the way to the end.

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Apparently THIS Is Why You Should Be Placing Butter In Your Coffee Every Morning!

Butter was once vilified for being a large contributor to obesity rates and people’s ever expanding waistlines. Even just a year or two ago it was a major no-no for anyone who considered themselves to be health conscious or on a diet.

Now it’s all the rage and there’s a growing trend in which people are putting a spoonful of the fatty stuff in their morning coffee and calling it “Bulletproof” coffee. It now seems that butter is an acceptable, even healthy, replacement for standard coffee additives like cream and sugar.

This all may sound very strange, but once you learn why, it makes much more sense. First and foremost, even medical professionals and doctors say that drinking butter coffee is acceptable.

They only warn against it if you have high cholesterol levels and urge people to get a check up before they start downing the drink. Secondly, you absolutely must only use grass fed, unsalted butter. No other type will give you the same type of health benefits and without it your coffee is going to be worthless.

Grass fed butter is superior because it contains certain types of fats that actually help to regulate cholesterol levels rather than add to them. The omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio is ideal and can actually help reduce overall body fat.

It’s also comprised of the short-chain acid butyrate which has been linked to increased energy levels and the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and heart disease because of it’s ant-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, grass fed butter not only provides your body and brain with healthy fats, it’s also an excellent source of vitamin k.

If bulletproof coffee now sounds slightly more appealing, here’s how you should prepare it. Melt one or two tablespoons of grass fed butter in your morning coffee plus a tablespoon of MCT oil and stir until well blended and frothy.

MCT oil is shorthand for “medium chain triglyceride” oil and its derived from the healthy fats naturally found in coconut oil. These help our bodies make ketones, which are things that are produced when the body makes energy from fat instead of carbohydrates.

Drinking one cup of enhanced coffee a day is supposed to be more of a meal replacement, rather than a type of supplement, and if used properly it can help you lose weight. Check out the accompanying video for much more interesting and informative details on the science behind the coffee and why it’s being called “bulletproof.”

You may just find it’s the right kind of change you’ve been needing to make in your diet.

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Apparently This Is What Happens When You Eat Garlic On An Empty Stomach In The Morning!

If you want to ward off evil spirits and vampires, hang a clove of garlic around your neck or on the door of your house. Ancient wisdom, myths, and old wives tales all tell us that by doing so it will help to keep such dark forces at bay.

While that may or may not be the case, garlic is regarded as a well known powerhouse of a food that can help keep us healthy. The pungent bulbs provide our bodies with numerous health benefits when eaten and ingested or used as a topical solution.

If you eat garlic first thing in the morning, before breakfast and on an empty stomach, you can help strengthen and heal yourself. The following are some of the many health benefits that your body may naturally derive from it. Firstly, it is thought to be an anti-cancer food.

It’s recognized by the National Cancer Institute as potentially having anticancer properties, although more studies are needed to determine how and why. Its anti-cancer link may be due to the fact that it helps relieve oxidative stress. This means its natural antioxidant properties aid our bodies in removing damage causing free radicals and thus provide protection against them.

Garlic also reduces both blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels. Studies have shown it lowers the “bad” type of cholesterol that puts people at increased risk for heart attacks. Which leads us the fact that it helps prevent atherosclerosis, the narrowing and hardening of arteries that decreases blood flow and leads to blood clots and heart attacks.

In a similar ‘vein’ garlic promotes overall circulatory health because it acts as a natural blood thinner, making it easier for our hearts to pump blood, and reduces the risk of clots.

Furthermore, garlic helps stabilize blood sugar. Studies show it increases the amount of insulin available in people with diabetes and thus helps regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Other associated benefits are that it improves impotence, prevents yeast infections, helps our bodies absorb minerals, cleans and reduces fatty build up in the liver, acts as a natural antibiotic, and protects against osteoarthritis.

Oh yeah, and garlic is excellent at boosting your immune system because it’s packed with nutrients like fiber, Vitamins C and B6, potassium, and calcium. If you ever have a cold skip the meds and instead pop some garlic since it has been proven to help reduce the severity of symptoms associated with the flu and common cold.

There you have it, some of the many ways that garlic can benefit your body, health and mind. Many people find that eating it raw is nearly impossible to stomach, since it’s so potent, and that cooking it makes it much more palatable and brings out the best flavors it has to offer. Below is a recipe for oven roasted garlic. Now you have no excuse to not eat more of this super-food!

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Take a bulb of garlic and remove the dried, papery outer skin. Carefully cut off the top of the bulb with a sharp knife. Take a piece of tin foil and lay it flat, place an equal sized piece of parchment paper directly on top of the foil, and finally place the garlic atop the parchment paper.

Drizzle the garlic bulbs with olive oil and wrap them up neatly and tightly in the foil. Place them on a pan in the oven and roast for 1 hour. Remove, unwrap, and allow the garlic to cool. Gently squeeze the garlic bulbs to remove the cloves and serve or use them right away. You may also place them in a covered storage container and keep them for a few days in the refrigerator.

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Nobody Believed Him When Described His Dog’s Morning Ritual So He Got A Camera and Caught THIS

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Mornings can be just as hard on dogs as they are on some humans. No sane person or animal wants to willingly throw back the covers and get up out of a warm, cozy, perfectly slept in bed. This is especially true when you don’t really have to get up for awhile and want to stay comfy and keep on snoozing.

Unfortunately, sometimes our fellow sleeping partners make it impossible to get back into that zen state in which you were just basking, and that makes some of us really grumpy.

That’s exactly the case in this adorable yet strange video from Rumble Viral. It stars Buddha the Bulldog, a big white and wrinkly ball of joy, who does not want to roll out of bed. Much to his dislike, his parental units try to wake him from his deep slumber. He whines and groans in protest and sounds nothing like a dog at all.

The weird noises emanating from his mouth and chest are more alien than canine, but a cute, sweet alien and not some nasty, mean one. Buddha’s lazy grumbling makes his human friends smile and laugh as they record him, but that just pisses him off even more. It’s bad enough that they have already rudely awoken him, but laughing is going to far.

As Buddha gets up he lashes out a paw and slaps his male human in the face, serving him up some dog-style justice. That will teach him to never mess with a sleeping dog, especially this one. No…but seriously, this dog is too cute and his unique noises are almost too much. Buddha definitely wins the top spot for being the sweetest grump.

Check him and his odd noises out if you want to smile! 🙂

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Human Tells Sleepy Husky It’s Time For His Morning Walk. The Dog Throws The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

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Are you a morning person or an anti-morning person? Those are really the only two types. On one side are the people who wake up and spring out of bed with a smile on their face, ready to take on the day and whatever it may bring their way. On the opposite side are people who absolutely hate waking up early, they have to drag themselves out of bed before stumbling out the door.

Whichever type of morning person you may happen to be, we can all appreciate the need to sleep-in every once in awhile. It feels good and sometimes you just don’t want to leave your nice warm, comfy, pillow soft, perfect bed. This is especially true if the reason you’re being woken up is to go on a brisk early morning walk, like the poor Husky in this video.

Zeus is his name and the seven year old Siberian Husky is an adorable dog who’s well-known for his stubborn streak. He is most definitely not a morning dog and when his owner woke him bright and early to go for a walk, let’s just say he was less than thrilled at the prospect!

Zeus’s reaction in the accompanying clip speaks for itself and while the temper tantrum he throws is a bit dramatic, it’s also entirely understandable. He’s letting his owner know that he’s not okay with being rudely awakened for a dumb walk and to just leave him alone. He whines and yowls in protest like a baby who just had a teddy bear taken away!

At some points the big baby hardly stops whining to take a breathe of fresh air! No amount of tugging on his leash or coaxing will get him to budge off of his comfy couch spot. He’s made up his mind and does not want to go for a walk this early in the day. According to his owner, Zeus actually really does enjoy going out for walks, it’s just that sometimes he likes creating drama even more so than that!

All of the anti-morning people out there can definitely sympathize with Zeus on this one. If you need a good laugh, check him out, and enjoy!

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This Guy Set Up A Hidden Camera and Caught His Adorable Pup’s Early Morning Ritual.

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When a dog wants to wake their human up in the morning they usually do it in some sort of abrupt, sudden, rough type of fashion. Who can blame them, they’re often restless after a long night of sleeping and have to either go outside to use the bathroom or they know it’s time to eat soon. Others may simply be excited to see you, or want to play, and so they try their best to rouse you from your deep slumber!

While some dogs bark and whine until you give in, others will jump up on the bed and nuzzle you until you finally throw back the covers in defeat. Such is not the case for this dog. Instead of slobbering all over her owner she uses a calmer, quieter, more gradual sort of method.

Her name is Grey, which is short for The Grey Dog, and she is a pit bull alarm clock with an incredibly sweet and gentle demeanor. Every morning she starts her day off by walking over to the side of her owners bed where she sits down and lets out a couple of soft meows! At least that’s how her owner, YouTuber autoedit, described it when he wrote “She has this habit of meowing for attention in the morning…” According to him, she has a doggy door and can go outside as she pleases to use the bathroom or do whatever, so she really just wants some love and affection!

As you can see in the video, Grey’s dad set up a night vision camera to capture her adorable antics. At 4:57 AM she walks in and does her meow meows but it’s too early. Dad tells her to come back later, he needs a few more minutes of sleep. About fifteen minutes go by and she’s back at the bedside meowing for him to get up. However, she’ll have to keep waiting because daddy still needs more shut eye. Finally, at around 5:35 in the morning, she makes her third attempt to wake him up. This time she lets twenty minutes go by, so she was considerate and gave him the extra time he asked for, and it works because her dad gets up!

Grey’s delicate and very persistent style of rousing her dad is definitely one of the more calm and relaxed type of ways to go about doing it. Her well-timed meowing sessions are basically the canine equivalent of hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock! Check out the video to hear her “meowing” and share this with all the dog lovers you know who’d appreciate the adorable clip.

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