Lady Brings Dog Covered In Strange Spots To The Vet. What They Reveal Underneath His Skin Is Horrifying!

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Humans and dogs have relied upon each other for thousands of years.  They used to help us hunt and protect us, but these days dogs are more of a companion animal.  While dogs are many people’s best friends, others are their worst enemies. Some people are just plain cruel and animal abusers rank among the most sadistic.

The story of Jackson, a one year old English Mastiff puppy, is a sad case of how low people can stoop.  His owner Hayden Howard of Seymour, Indiana said that one Saturday afternoon he was playing in the fenced in backyard.  

He looked ok and was acting normal but when she called him inside later in the day he appeared to be covered in bug bites.  Since he seemed fine Hayden didn’t bother looking closer until later that night and what she found was the worst thing any animal lover could ever imagine.  Jackson wasn’t covered in bug bites; he was riddled with bullet holes.

Completely shocked, Hayden rushed her poor dog to the vet who immediately found several small pellets, the type which matched those likely fired from a BB gun.  There were so many bullet holes that the vet had to shave off almost all of Jackson’s fur and by the time he was done a total of 30 BBs and 7 plastic pellets were recovered from the dog’s body.  A further 20 holes riddled his body, but those shots could not be recovered without further invasive surgery.

The police were called in and they went to Hayden’s house to investigate the terrible crime.  Upon looking at the backyard where the dog had been attacked, they estimated he must have been shot more than 70 times.  Craig Hayes, the Assistant Chief of the Seymour police department, said he had never seen such a small animal shot so many times survive.  

Wanting answers and justice for Jackson the police were determined to solve the case.  They found evidence of BBs lodged in trees on Hayden’s property that showed which direction the shots were fired from and traced them back to a nearby property.  

Soon after that they obtained a search warrant for the house next door and found hidden bullets and a gun along with the BB gun and pellets used to shoot Jackson.  The police also found evidence of drug-use at the house and arrested a man on drug possession charges. When they asked him who had shot the dog he refused to answer without an attorney present.  

While no animal cruelty charges have yet been filed, the cops are hopeful for an arrest in the case and plan to further test some of the evidence they gathered.  In addition, the Howard family has set up a $500 reward for more information leading to charges in the case.

Most important of all is that Jackson is alive and well on his was to living a normal dog’s life.  He was given medication and antibiotics to help him heal and is at home recovering with his family.  Hayden reports that he is fine and well on his way to better health. Hopefully the person who did this to him will be caught and punished severely for their inhumane cruelty.  

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Parrot’s Afternoon Ritual. So She Caught THIS!

Parrots are among the most intelligent species of birds in the world and lots of them share a special bond with their human companions. The exotic, beautifully colored birds are quite clever and many are able to pick up words and expressions from simply being around their owners. Besides being fun and endearing companions, they’re also complex creatures who require a lot of love, attention, and training to be happy and truly thrive!

Marnie, the beautiful blue feathered parrot with a distinctive black line circling his neck in this video, is proof of just how loving and affectionate parrots often act. The blue Indian Ringneck, a parrot subspecies, knows a thing or two about how to sweet talk a lady and in this case it’s his owner and best friend. When he spots her across the room he flies right on over, lands on her shoulder, and politely asks “What are you doing?” before telling her “You’re so cute!”

The pair chat for a little and when his owner asks for a kiss he obliges and says “Thank you.” This may be the cutest conversation you’ll ever see as they go on to shower each other with tender words and a few more kisses! It’s clear that Marnie is loving the attention being paid to him and it’s always wonderful to see the mutual love and affection being shared between owners and their pets. These two are a match made in heaven!

According to his mom, there are a few other phrases Marnie knows in addition to “you’re so cute,” “what are you doing,” and “thank you.” He also says “peek-a-boo,” “whee!,” “bye-bye,” “that good?,” “quack quack,” and “yuck, yuck, yuck.” She says that he’s always been a lover from day one, and always asks for kisses, which is why she describes him as a “polite Casanova.”

Check him out! You can’t help but smile and fall in love with what an awesome, well-spoken, and polite parrot Marnie is!

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Mama Asks Her Dog To Make His Happy Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face Ever.

A relaxed and smiling dog is a happy and content dog, at least that’s the viewpoint most people have in regards to their pets upturned facial expressions. While that could very well be the case for many animals, when it comes to dogs a smile is not as simple and straight-forward as we often assume it to be.

Dogs have their own special way of showing happiness that doesn’t always include smiling with their mouths. Instead, many dogs express emotions of joy and contentment through their overall body language. When a dog appears completely loose and at ease, with their mouth parted and tongue hanging slightly out, then they are well and truly happy.

In regards to a human looking smile on a dog’s face that could be an indication of a number of things that include anxiety, aggression, subordination, nervousness, or even fear. It differs from dog to dog and the key to deciphering whether or not it’s a genuine smile lies in both the context of the situation and the at rest of their body language.

In the case of the dog featured in this video, his smile is as real as can be! The handsome yellow lab knows how to turn the charm on and gives the camera his best goofy-looking grin, all on command. When his mom tells him to smile he instantly raises the corners of his mouth, it’s so darn cute! As you can see, his body language tells us that he’s relaxed as can be. In fact, he’s so relaxed that he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. And while his tongue doesn’t loll out of his mouth, it likely would have, had he been fully awake and alert.

This is one intelligent and adorable dog, be sure to check out his awesome smile and pass it on because it’ll instantly brighten anyone’s day!

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Dad Tells His Bird It’s Time To Go In The Cage. He Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum!

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One of the loudest, most noisy animals in the whole entire world happens to be a Cockatoo. The vocal birds evolved their shrill sounding voices for survival related reasons as the distinct calls are what helps them to communicate with fellow Cockatoos in the wild.

Loud mouths aren’t the only thing the parrot species are known for, they’re also highly intelligent animals who love to talk. The ones that spend time around people often pick up human words and will repeat the ones they hear the most often. That’s not always a good thing because Cockatoos are also screamers, when they talk it’s like they’re yelling. If they pick up a naughty word, like a curse, expect to hear it often!

The outspoken bird in this clip named Pebbles is a case in point. Be forewarned, she curses like a sailor and has a lot of impolite things to say. According to her caretakers at the Saskatoon Parrot Rescue up in Canada, before they took her in she had lived in approximately 10 homes over the last 20 years or so. Somewhere along the way she learned how to swear and the rest as they say, is history.

Pebbles had been enjoying the day outside of her cage and clearly didn’t want it to end. When she was asked to get back inside of it, she threw a temper tantrum and had a major freak out! The beautiful white feathered girl acted like a diva as she flapped around and stomped back and forth on top of her cage. She noisily protests everything from her cage to the veterinarian and more.

However, not everything she has to say is so negative and foul mouthed. At one point in the video she can be heard saying something that sounds like “I just like rock and roll” and the video comments seem to confirm this. Check out her wild and crazy rant and see what you can decipher from it!

Pebbles would get along quite well with another famous angry bird, Eric the Legend. He’s a bad boy who also does lots of naughty things, like curse at all the other birds in his neighborhood and the poor family dog. They both have some of the biggest attitudes around and love to yell out swears like they just don’t give a hoot!

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Big Husky Refuses To Share Bone With Tiny Puppy. The Pup Proceeds To Throw An Hysterical Tantrum.

There are some things in life that you don’t mess with and one of those things is a dog with a bone! When a dog gets a bone it’s usually either a special treat, or given as a reward in recognition for doing a job well done. The fact that it’s a rare delicacy or hard earned makes them extra protective of their tasty snack and a lot less willing to part with it so easily!

That’s why the adorable Husky in this video was so unwilling to share a bone she received with her little sister. She wanted to keep it all to herself but no matter how cute and hard the little puppy tried, she couldn’t snag the bone away, let alone get a taste of it!

You may already know or be familiar with Mishka, the older and much larger dog pictured in the clip gnawing away happily at her bone. Several years back she shot to internet stardom when a clip of her saying “I love you” to her owners went viral on YouTube. People everywhere immediately fell in love with the sweet, smart, an very talkative Siberian Husky.

In the time since then Mishka’s family has grown with the addition of Laika, a fellow Husky. These days the pair get along great and love spending time chasing squirrels, talking, singing, and playing together. Even still, back when Laika was a puppy Mishka wasn’t so ready and willing to share a hard earned bone with little sister! There are just some things a dog simply won’t part with.

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No One Believed Her When She Told Them About Her Dog’s Laundry Room Ritual. So She Caught THIS

Let’s be honest, some of the least exciting work that must be done around the house is chores, especially laundry.  Some people will do anything to avoid dealing with the inevitable build up of dirty clothes, even waiting until they’re down to the last clean pair of underwear.  In this day and age there are numerous available products designed to automatically clean various things.  Showers and bathtubs can be made spic and span after each use by disinfectant misted on via an automatic sensor.

Dirty floors can be vacuumed spotless with the help of robotic gadgets, like the Roomba.  And now, one ingenious dog owner has found a way to get laundry done with the least amount of effort possible.  Man’s best friend has been trained to assist with the task, taking it from menial to exciting!

Baron, a clever German Shepherd, was taught all the skills needed for loading clothes into a washing machine.  Footage shows him reaching into a basket and picking up articles of clothing with his teeth.  He the gets up on his hind legs and places his front paws on the washer to steady himself before dropping the clothing into the machine.  Baron happily repeats the process until the basket is empty and all the clothes are in.  All the while he wears a big puppy smile and seems to take pride in his work.

The intelligent dog has been professionally trained, at the Hill Country K9 school in California, to do a number of other tricks and chores.  Notably, he has also been delegated the task of loading the dishwasher.  After his owner rinses the dishes he grabs one from the sink with his teeth, transfers it to the washer, and expertly loads them all in.

Another job Baron excels at is being a personal trainer.  Videos show him performing lunges, step aerobics and even canine style push ups alongside his owner.  It seems like there is no limit to this dog’s abilities and it feels good seeing him so happy to be working.  Check out the video to witness his skills in action.  It may just inspire you to train your dog to help with the housework!

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