If You Are Driving Behind Someone And Notice Cargo/Snow On The Roof Move Away Or THIS Can Happen!

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The video you are about to watch is truly startling.  The driver in the footage, happened to have installed a dash cam in his car in case he was ever involved in an accident, and needed proof of what happened.

Jeffrey Cote was driving along on highway I-495 when out of nowhere he experienced a shock that he never thought would be caught on his dash cam.  He is lucky to be alive, after an ice sheet flew off the roof from an SUV in front of him, and slammed into his windshield.

You will actually see this occurring as it shatters his windshield into hundreds of pieces.  As he saw the ice sheet flying towards him he thought it was going to hit the ground in front of his car, never trying to avert the unexpected hit.

As he is being interviewed, Cote is still shaken but grateful that he hadn’t sustained serious injuries, although quite a bit of the “safety glass” did shatter onto him.  He talks about the importance of drivers taking the time to clean off snow and ice from all parts of their cars.

People often omit cleaning off their roof; it is clear from the following footage how potentially dangerous this can be.  In high speed driving it has the capacity to injure or kill other drivers on the road.

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Apparently You Should Never Throw Away Your Boarding Pass. The Reason Is Something Everyone Should Know!

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When we travel by air, we hold onto our boarding passes like our lives depend on it, before boarding. We know that without it we are not getting on that plane. Once we have boarded, many of us become more careless about it’s whereabouts, because we are done with it. Sometimes we slip it in the seat pocket in front of us, stick it in a magazine, or just chuck it.

Until watching this video I never realized that my carelessness with the boarding pass had the potential to land me in a ton of trouble! Evidently there is personal information frequently encrypted on the pass, according to ‘Krebs on Security”.

All that an unscrupulous person has to do is get a screen shot of the bar code on the boarding pass, and feed it into a bar code reader on “Inlite’s” site. It was pointed out by a forensic expert for CBS, Winston Krone, that it is possible for the encrypted information on the bar code to contain personal email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers.

Access to personal financial information is just a step away. Please watch the footage below to help insure the safety of your personal information. I never would have dreamed that being careless with my boarding pass could lead to such potential damage.

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He Quickly Wraps A Belt Around The Hinge Of The Door. The Reason Could Actually Save Your Life!

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It may seem incomprehensible that the dangers of terroristic attacks in the office place, such as what happened in San Bernardino, California at a holiday party, may become part of our “new normal”.  Heinous attacks like this have occurred in our schools and movie theaters as well.

Our heightened fear of the unexpected terrorist attack is not unrealistic.  As we have always participated in fire drills as a precautionary measure, it seems both logical and prudent, to have exercises to train people how to best survive a terrorist attack domestically.

As many of us do not like the idea of people being armed in the workplace or schools, what tips or tricks can be taught and practiced to help train ordinary citizens going about their day, to defend themselves?  In the video you are about to watch below, safety expert, Bill Stanton, illustrates several ways to protect yourself in the workplace.

He shows us how to place a belt on a door hinge to prevent the door from opening, in addition to using barricades and other utensils commonly found that will help to stop the attack. The point he makes is that you can’t stay frozen and passive under such circumstances.

Acting as a group to fight off the attack may very well mean the difference between life and death.  People have good reason to be scared, in the face of the multiple mass shootings that we awake to on a regular basis.  Fear is paralyzing; it is far better to be empowered with actions that can be taken, to give people a fighting chance, if the unthinkable should occur.

Watch the video below for more detailed information.

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If You Or Anyone You Know Has These Shoes You Need To Throw Them Out Immediately!

We all like footwear that is open and allows our feet to breathe in the heat of summer; sandals are in order, but many people love “flip flops” and “Crocs”…due to their comfort and ease of slipping on and off.  Both flip flops and Crocs, however, have been seriously critiqued by the medical profession.

The Crocs company have made claims of therapeutic health benefits for the feet, that have not been backed up by any scientific data.  According to Dr. Alex Kor, the president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, any shoe that doesn’t contain the “shank”, which supports the entire arch of the foot, should not be worn for hours at a time.  Neither flip flops nor Crocs contain a shank, and as such should be worn for a quick errand or to the beach only.  Kors goes on to say that he sees patients complaining of severe arch and heel pain when Crocs are their primary footwear.

A podiatrist at the “Illinois Bone and Joint Institute”, Dr. Megan Leahy, says that because Crocs and flip flops leave the heel unstable, there is a tendency to grip on with the toes which eventually leads to “tendonitis, worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, corns and calluses”.  The bottom line is that they can’t be worn for hours at a time without resulting in foot problems.

All this being said, you will hear about a further hazard of wearing flip flops and Crocs, in the VIDEO you are about to watch below.  There have been case after case, of Crocs getting caught on ESCALATORS, and causing severe damage to both children’s and adults’ feet!  They actually havethe potential for more serious consequences both on escalators and getting stuck on brakes in cars. Flip flops present the same hazards.  Let us know what you think after watching the following footage.

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If You Notice a Tennis Ball This Weekend Don’t Let Your Kids or Dog Touch It. The Reason Is Scary!

All around the country police and local law enforcement agencies are warning people about the potential dangers of discarded tennis balls that have essentially been turned into bombs. Dog owners and parents of young children in particular should be very wary of any stray tennis balls they see on the ground. That’s because a number of tennis balls have been found which were turned into homemade fireworks!

Law enforcement officials say people are taking objects that can hold explosives, like pipes and tennis balls, and making homemade firecrackers out of them. They remove the insides of fireworks and transfer the explosive materials into tennis balls they’ve cut open. However, sometimes the DIY fireworks are defective and don’t go off as planned. These duds get discarded and left behind on the ground, where anyone or any animal can happen upon them.

The danger un-exploded tennis ball bombs pose is real and lethal, they can go off and explode at any time. Unsuspecting people could fall victim to the bombs and lose fingers or a hand and pets, especially dogs, could die.

In Portland, Oregon back in 2000 a man walking his dog came across a tennis ball laying on the ground. He picked it up and carried it around before he eventually used the ball to play fetch with his dog. After throwing and retrieving it a few times the tennis ball suddenly exploded in the dog’s mouth, killing him. The force from the blast was reportedly felt by neighbors four blocks away and the poor dog lost his life because of it.

The accompanying video covers this news story and explains how to spot and identify a tennis ball bomb. They’re easy to spot and usually have a fuse sticking out and/or are wrapped in tape. If you ever come across a tennis ball that has clearly been tampered with don’t touch it and keep your dog far away. Call 911 immediately and report the location, it could end up saving someones life.

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Stop This From Happening To Your Dog’s Paws This Spring and Summer Using This 5 Second Trick!

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of walking out your front door barefoot on flagstone or blacktop on a warm day, and your feet feeling a burning sensation within seconds. The air can feel quite comfortable, in the high 70’s to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, yet the sun-drenched pavement is scorching to the bottoms of our feet. We run inside to get sandals or flip-flops before walking out on hot cement again!

The pads of a dog’s paws offer some protection against the heat of pavement, but very often that natural protection is not enough. In the video you are about to watch below, the man uses an instrument to show us the actual heat of blacktop and even non-blacktop surfaces on a sunny day that is only 80 degrees outside. You will be shocked to see the difference in degrees between the air and the surfaces your dog’s paws will be forced to endure!

According to “Pet Sitters”, 120 degree Fahrenheit surfaces (common on an 85 degree day) will be painful for dogs, but won’t permanently damage their paws. However surfaces at 140 degrees will cause permanent damage within one minute, and at 150 degrees dog’s paws will immediately burn and blister! In warmer climates like Florida, such daily hot surfaces are to be expected, and can occur in summertime all around the country.

The thermometer carried by the man in the video to measure surface temperatures, isn’t something most people carry, so taking precautions suggested by “Moon Valley Canine Training” will help to ensure that your pup’s paws are protected.

They suggest placing the back of your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds; if that hurts then the surface is unsafe for your dog. “Dog shoes”, disposable dog booties or socks are available if you have to take them onto dangerously hot surfaces. Walking them in the morning, staying on grassy surfaces, and moisturizing your pup’s paws will also help.

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