If You Spot One of These Hooks In a Public Restroom Call The Police Right Away!

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According to CBS Miami, hooks have been discovered inside the stalls of women’s public bathrooms, which turned out to harbor a hidden camera inside of the top hook..

As you will hear in the video below, which shows what the invasive hooks look like, to please report anything seen that looks suspicious. The hidden camera is inside the top of the hook.

The Florida police are collecting forensic evidence, from several park bathrooms that were around 100 miles apart.  Whether there is one culprit or not, remains to be seen.  However as we all know, although knowledge is power, having this information out there will lead to “copy cat” behavior.  Women all over the country should be aware of what these hooks look like, so that this horrible invasion of privacy is stopped.  The footage below will give you more information about what to look out for.

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The Strange and Surprising Reason Why People Unexpectedly Twitch As They Try To Fall Asleep!

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Do you know what I love?  Getting answers to questions that you have always wondered about, but never thought to ask!

The video below, that you are about to watch, explains the fascinating theories related to the strange phenomenon that we have all experienced throughout our lives; that sudden jerking movement or FEELING OF FALLING, as you are going from consciousness into sleep.

So, What is that all about?  This scary, loss of control feeling, of trying to avoid falling, is referred to as a ‘hypnic jerk’ or ‘sleep start’.  Although many doctors believe this is just an “almost asleep” transition from wakefulness into unconsciousness, there are really interesting reasons to explain this transition.

The video explains the theories that have to do with the brain defending against the paralytic state of our organs,that keep us from running around when we sleep, in the transitional period.

As it is noted that this phenomenon occurs early on, when we are babies, the ‘hypnic jerk’ may be a developmental feature that we go through to learn how to control our limbs.

Our brains may continue to register this as a failing of our organs, as we get older, and continues to compensate by jerking us awake.  There is even a theory that incorporates our primate ancestors, the apes, as the origins of this bizarre phenomenon.

These and other explanations are explained in detail in the following footage, which I found to be really fascinating.

Watch the video below for further information. Let us know what you think.

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If You Ever See THIS Fuzzy Creature Do NOT Touch It. The Reason Is Scary!

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The furry looking caterpillar you see in this video, that looks like a walking mini-toupee, is highly toxic. Its looks are deceiving and many people have learned that the hard, painful way. The unassuming insect appears to be harmless and its fuzzy hairs make it seem like it’d be soft to the touch. Any young child, or even an adult who didn’t know any better, likely wouldn’t hesitate to reach out and touch it!

If you ever happen to come across one of these caterpillars you should avoid them at all costs. They’re known as puss caterpillars and over time they change dramatically as they transform into adults. After they finish developing they turn into furry winged insects that are commonly known as the southern flannel moth, and sometimes they’re called puss moths.

The bugs only pose a threat to humans when they are in their caterpillar form and contact with them should be avoided if possible. However, it’s their soft and fuzzy appearance that’s highly deceiving and the hair-like spikes draw children to them and encourage kids to reach out and pick them up.

Leslie Howe, a mother of three from Georgia, captured video of the furry caterpillar in action at a local playground she brought her kids to. The older two were off playing while she sat with her infant son, when suddenly she spotted one crawling nearby.

Intrigued by the sight of it, she whipped out her cell phone and recorded it so she could look it up later. When she found out that the hairy bug was highly venomous she was shocked, and happy that none of her kids touched it or were hurt.

The caterpillars can also come into contact with skin when they fall out of trees or somehow land on people from above. They favor citrus, sycamore, oak and elm trees, as well as plants like roses and ivy. The puss caterpillars are found in southern parts of the United States and throughout Mexico and Central America.

Up until recently they’ve gone largely unnoticed, but now the caterpillars are in the news because of increased reports of them injuring kids and causing extremely painful reactions. What makes them so fearsome and nasty is exactly what makes them so cute; their fuzzy exteriors.

The furs are actually venomous spines which cause excruciating pain when they come into contact with people’s skin. Reactions to the stings can be severe, with radiating pain, burning, nausea, vomiting, swelling, rashes, blisters, and numbness in the affected area.

Sometimes people develop chest pains or have difficulty breathing, and hives or welts may turn up on the sting site. The sting feels worse than any comparable type, beating bees, scorpions, jellyfish, and wasps. Some people have even started to convulse and reported that their pain went deep, causing even their bones hurt.

To lessen your chances of running into one of these bugs and to avoid any pain, stay vigilant and be mindful of the tiny creatures. Make sure that young children know the dangers of them and if you or someone you know does get stung, seek immediate medical attention.

You can also lessen pain by covering the area with tape and then ripping it off. That helps to remove any embedded spines and decreases the pain. Stay safe and away from this creature!

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3 Surprising and Unexpected Reasons You Need To Stop Taking a Shower Every Day According To Doctors!

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Showering or bathing every day is a cultural phenomenon, which as it turns out is not only unnecessary, but can actually be harmful to your health.  Clearly, the industries that promote products used for bathing are invested in marketing, that makes you believe it is gross not to shower daily.

In truth, while a shower or bath has the appeal of being psychologically pleasing, making you feel more attractive to others and being relaxing, it actually puts you more at harm for drying out your skin and leaving you open to infections.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below from BuzzFeed, reports that studies have shown that one or two showers per week is enough with regular activity!  Science as well as dermatologists warn that bathing more than that (unless you are filthy) can cause health problems.

1. Dr. Ranella Hirsch, a dermatologist who was quoted in an article in “Essence” that showering daily DRIES OUT YOUR SKIN, hair and nails, which strips the skin of healthy bacteria that in turn weakens your immune system.

2. Unless you work out breaking a huge sweat daily, or have a job that is extremely physically demanding causing you to sweat for many hours, you can get by with using a cleaning wipe or washcloth to clean the areas of your body listed in the VIDEO below that require daily maintenance.  Daily use of soap, according to Dr. Casey Carlos in an article on “today.com”, strips the skin of valuable oils that will ultimately AGE YOUR SKIN PREMATURELY.

3. The BuzzFeed VIDEO you are about to watch, has interviewed two dermatologists, who explain that daily showering “Creates SMALL CRACKS IN THE SKIN” which WASH AWAY GOOD BACTERIA, leaving the body vulnerable to INFECTION.

The video goes on to discuss the UNNECESSARY WASTING OF WATER and AVOIDING VERY HOT WATER WHEN YOU DO SHOWER.  It is further recommended by “WebMD” that when you do shower, a maximum of 10 MINUTES should be spent SHOWERING to avoid losing the valuable oils in your skin.

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THIS Is The Disturbing and UNTHINKABLE Reason Why You Should Wash Your New Clothes Before Wearing Them!

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I consider myself to be pretty savvy about what and how to launder garments, but I have to be perfectly honest…I did not know, nor do I, wash new clothes before wearing them.  I always wash new sheets because they seem to have a paint-like odor when they are removed from their packaging.

Since I never smelled anything off-putting on new clothes, it never crossed my mind to wash them before wearing them.  I’m more than a little skeeved out about this, after watching the video below, which has informed me that I may be wearing a lot more than just clothes.

Until your new clothes land on your body many hands have touched it during production, to say nothing of the number of people who have tried on the garment, before it lands in your possession for longer term wearing.

As you will hear, the Wall Street Journal was informed by Donald Belsito, a dermatology professor from Columbia University, that both some infectious diseases and lice can remain alive long enough to be passed on through clothing!  He advises that clothing should probably be washed TWICE before wearing, to be on the safe side.

However, the more common thing found in most clothing that should mandate washing before wearing, are formaldehyde resins and dyes used in clothing production.  You will hear the skin dangers discussed in an interview in the video you are about to watch.

I had to crack up at the end of the footage, where CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s admission of washing his jeans very infrequently, gets a surprise from Stacy London.  She had secretly had a pair of his jeans tested…the results will confirm the need to KEEP WASHING your clothes REGULARLY!!  Let’s just say, that Anderson almost fell off his chair!

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If You Ever Notice Your Door Handle With A Rubber Band On It Do Not Touch It! THIS Is It’s Sick Meaning!

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A person’s house is supposed to be their sanctuary, it’s the one place they should feel the most comfortable and safe in.  When that feeling of security is diminished by a threatening presence or occurrence, it can easily be lost forever. That’s part of the reason why we add to our sense of safety and security by installing home surveillance systems, alarms, special lighting, and locks on all the doors and windows.  We want to protect not only our stuff, but also our peace of mind.

Even with the latest and greatest gadgets, there’s always a chance that they could fail.  Plus, it seems that no matter what we do, criminals are always coming up with new ways to trick us and get past our defenses.  Such was the case for a Texas woman, Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, who had been home alone one day when someone started banging loudly at her front door.  

Since she wasn’t expecting anyone and was all by herself, she didn’t bother answering the door.  Plus, the person seemed to be pounding on it, which made her feel a little alarmed by the intensity.  However, she did peek a glance through a stained glass window near the door and saw that it was a man who she had never seen before.  

When the banging finally stopped Kim waited a good half hour before she opened the door.  What she found on the other side confused her, it was a rubber band fastened around her door handle.  Not knowing what this could be, she called the police to see if they knew anything about it or if similar occurrences had happened in the area.  When the cops heard her story, they immediately sent an officer over to her house.

Upon arrival, the cop told her that people all over town had reported similar cases of someone banging on their door only for them to find rubber bands on the handles afterwards.  The officer explained that when a homeowner answers and unlatches the door to open it, the rubber band props the latch open. This means that when the person looks to see who’s there, the criminal can easily push their way through and get inside.  Then, since the latch is being held open by the rubber band, it makes it impossible for the homeowner to close the door and lock it back up. 

Naturally, this news frightened Kim but it also made her more vigilant than ever.  She wanted to warn others of the possible danger and so she posted about it on Facebook to share what she’d learned.  In the end, while the incident did bother her, she didn’t let it get in the way of her peace of mind. Above all, she never answers the door when she’s alone, never has, never will.  After all, if someone really needs to reach you, they would call and announce or make themselves known to you.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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