Pregnant Mom Turns On Music And Touches Her Belly. When She Lifts Her Hand An Unexpected Surprise!

The very first time you feel your baby move inside your womb is both wondrous and exciting. It is like no other feeling a first-time mom has ever experienced.  The sensation of those little kicks never get old.  They continue to be wonderful throughout each pregnancy, intensifying the bond that begins building, between mother and child, before birth.

However, the first time experience is nothing short of magical. The magical moments of her baby’s movement were so lively, that this new mom felt she had to record the child’s wavelike dance for posterity.  The resulting video you are about to watch is just delightful.

It makes me wish I had recorded the movements of my children in utero.  I still sometimes imagine those sensations, and remember how alive it made me feel. Watching the activity of this baby is both awesome and makes you giggle.  The new mother is 33 weeks into her pregnancy as she records this crazy amount of movement.

The video is set to a cute child’s song about fingers and toes…It seemed like the mom was quietly chuckling. She was so lucky to capture this little dancer’s moves, that one day she will share with her offspring.

The sensation of your baby’s movements inside of you is exhilarating for the new mom, but let’s not forget the dad’s delight as he places his hand to feel those knees and elbows dancing around!  It brings the anticipation and reality of the miracle that is about to enter both parents’ world to life!

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Video: Granny Was Cooking Dinner When Her Favorite Song Comes On. Her Reaction Is Hilarious!

Grandma was cooking dinner for her family.  But this grandmother knows how to make cooking into something much more entertaining.  The song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice comes on and then things escalate quickly.  She goes from minding her own business solemnly cooking, to becoming the most entertaining granny on the block!

She starts breaking it down like no other, as her family and dog watch in pure enjoyment.  I love how she incorporates getting stuff out of the fridge into part of her routine while her dog runs around her hilariously confused. Dance Granny Dance.  She proves that age is just number, and you must live your life and forget your age.

This video is so entertaining and will totally make your day.  She’s has so much passion and style which makes this grandma performance unforgettable! It really brings back memories of my own grandma’s cozy and warm kitchen. There is nothing better than somebody just letting themselves go and having the best time ever. This is the best video I have seen in a while. Enjoy!

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Video: When The Dance Cam Focuses On This Usher He Stuns The Crowd With Moves No One Expected!

Sports games around the country now often feature cameras that scan the crowds to capture audience members who are dancing or doing silly things.  Some arenas call them “kiss cams” and if they focus on you, you are expected to kiss the person next to you or whomever you came with.  Other places have “dance cams” which zero in on people dancing around.

Many attendees purposefully bust out their best moves so that the camera finds them.  However, others are oftentimes unaware they are the center of attention until they look up and see themselves on the big screen.  These cameras have caught all sorts of wacky happenings, but one performance stands out above the rest, put on by none  other than an usher at a Detroit Pistons game.

The Palace Arena was hosting a March 8th home game against the Dallas Mavericks and the crowd was eagerly showing off their dance moves to Micheal Jackson’s hit song “Scream.”  The camera had turned its attention to a number of people before stopping on an usher who seemed unaware that he was even being focused on.  He goes about his job smiling as he directed two women up the stairs and continued to ignore the camera.

Then, out of the blue, he transformed into a modern day Michael Jackson and began to smoothly glide and thrust his hips to the beat!  The stunned crowd loved it and began to cheer even harder, which led to the usher putting on an awesome showcase of his rhythm and beat skills. The usher is undeniably a very talented and unique dancer.  You have to see it to really appreciate this man’s abilities.  He is so energetic and happy, it makes me wish that I had this much fun at my job!

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This Tahitian Woman Walks Onto The Floor. But When The Music Starts I’m Blown Away!

Watching a talented dancer perform is  electrifying, when it is a dance form that is particular to a culture, that we are unaccustomed to witnessing.  It not only entertains, but invites us into a particular ritual that represents an aspect of  that culture, which has existed for centuries.

In the video you are about to watch below, you are about to view a beautiful Tahitian dancer, Melanie Amen, perform the traditional dance for women known as  the “Hura”.  Much of the movement of this dance occurs in the hip area in ways that seem incomprehensible;  Melanie is one of the world’s outstanding dancers of this art form.

Surprisingly, this 19-year-old pro at this Tahitian dance, is actually from Stockton, California.  She began dancing as a tiny toddler and was competing in this dance form by the age of five!  Traveling to compete against native Tahitians, she beat over a dozen finalists in 2016, at the Ori Tahiti Nui World Dance Championship in Tahiti!  The footage you are about to watch will show you why this young woman is such a star; this competition occurred in California, where once again she took FIRST PLACE!  Watching her is awe-inspiring…it is hard to believe that the human body is capable of such intricate and exotic movement.

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