Nobody Believed Her When She Said What Her Horse Does When His Song Comes On. So She Caught THIS

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No matter what type of animal our pets may be, they all have their own unique quirks and personalities. Whether it’s a dog, cat, hamster, bird, horse, and so on, pet animals are always finding ways to make us laugh and love them even more. Some animals even take on and adopt human-like traits, such as dogs who sing and howl along to music and horses that dance!

Which is exactly what one sweet horse named Cheeky was captured on tape doing. He and his owner, Emma Jones, were hanging out in the barn one beautiful afternoon in Worcester, England. They were relaxing and spending some quality time together when all of a sudden the hit song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor came on the radio.

That was Emma and Cheeky’s jam and the beautiful chestnut brown horse couldn’t help himself, he had to rock out to it! Emma started their duet off and began dancing near Cheeky’s stall, then a few second later she pointed and handed the dance floor over to him.

Cheeky was ready and rearing to go, he immediately started boogieing down and was shaking and bobbing his head like a pro. The two take turns dancing and having the time of their lives, it’s the cutest thing ever and perfectly timed. Cheeky certainly lived up to his name that day!

Ever since then, the video of the pair horsing around quickly went viral and captured the hearts and attention of people all over the world. You don’t need to be a horse lover to appreciate this clip. It’ll put a smile on your face and make you wish you had a horse of your own to love… and dance with!

Enjoy the video below!

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They Thought There Was Something Odd About The UPS Guy. They Set Up A Hidden Camera and Caught THIS

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It’s that time of year again, when Christmas cards, packages, and all the stuff that we ordered online starts to arrive at our front doors. December is by far the busiest month for all mail services and workers are bustling around the clock, making sure that people get their stuff delivered on time. In fact, this month the post office expects to break a new record.

They’re expecting to deliver an estimated 12.7 billion cards, letters, and packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve alone, and a further 3 billion before the month’s end. All those parcels and cards need to be delivered and you’re bound to see all the mail trucks out and about, making their rounds all day long.

Drivers have to work extra hard to meet the heavy demand. They are out no matter what, rain or shine, and often have to work through snow and icy conditions. So this holiday season, show your appreciation for the men and women who deliver your mail and leave them a small gift or a nice tip. It means a lot to them to know that you care. Plus, who knows, from there on out they may just handle your packages with extra care!

One family did just that and left out a gift, but they got an entirely unexpected and unique response from their delivery driver. Their home surveillance camera was pointed right at the front door and captured the awesome moment in all its glory. The UPS truck pulled up to the house and the delivery man went to the door and dropped off two packages.

Then he picked up the present that was waiting for him, opened it, and had the best reaction ever. He started dancing an Irish jig, or step dance, before taking a bow and calmly walking off back towards his truck. He must have gotten a substantial bonus from the family, and chances are he knew that he was on camera, so he thanked them through his dance.

So if you get a lot of packages in the mail throughout the year or in this busy month, remember to tip the hard working men and women who deliver them, and spread the holiday cheer and generosity.

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Lil’ Girl Dancing To LL Cool J Demands To Know If Mommy Can Hear That Bass. Her Next Move Is Hysterical!

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Kids are always saying things that make adults crack up. There is some type of magic childhood innocence that makes what is ordinarily a normal moment into one that is uproariously funny. Turns out the little girl in this video possess some of that magic. The clip starts off with a little girl sporting a pink bow in her hair and decked out in a cute cheetah print dress.

She can be seen mean-mugging as she sways back and forth dancing to LL Cool J’s late 80’s hit “Going Back to Cali.” She looks so into it as she sings along. Suddenly she stops moving and asks “Do you hear that bass mom?” Her mom cant help but laugh and answer, and can you blame her? The whole scene is just so perfectly adorable and funny!

This girl is definitely going be some type of entertainer when she gets older, maybe a dancer or artist or even a comedian! She is just too naturally focused and charming to not be! A star is born this video totally made my day.

Enjoy this instant classic! 🙂

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Every Night Daddy Puts On The River Dance Music. The Parrot Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Moves.

With a name like ‘Lovebird,’ you have to be happy, upbeat, and fun loving! That’s exactly how this beautifully vibrant blue and white feathered lovebird acts when he hears his favorite music. The energetic little parrot has some seriously sweet and awesome dance moves and knows how to boogie on down! The adorable bird seems to really enjoy the fast Irish tune that’s playing and he knows exactly how to dance to the music. He hops up and down while tapping his tiny feet along to the beat, just like how an Irish step dancer moves!

Some of his moves are quite impressive and his Irish jig is seriously on point. He may even dance better than some of the professional River Dancers because he’s doing it all on his own with no training or direction! Check out the way he kicks and moves his feet, it’s awesome to see what a naturally talented and sprightly bird he is.

Lovebirds got their name from the fact that they form monogamous relationships and stay with the same mate for their entire adult life. Even if that were not the case they’d probably still be called lovebirds just the same because of their naturally warm, friendly, affectionate, and caring nature.

Once the small colorful parrots find a lover they spend most of their time sitting right alongside them. They strengthen their bond with their mate by preening and feeding one another and basically doing all of the adorable, sweet types of things that any loved up couple would do.

The clever, intelligent, brightly feathered little birds have long been a much loved favorite of people and bird enthusiasts all over the world. Many keep bonded pairs as pets and if they are treated right and well-taken care of, they can even end up forming super-close bonds with their human counterparts.

It’s easy to tell when a lovebird really and truly likes you because they will cuddle and nestle closely, and sometimes even preen you. Be sure to check out this one’s dance routine to see just how awesome and fun loving they can be!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Owls Nightly Ritual. So She Caught THIS Video

What is cuter than a baby owl dancing to the song “Monster Mash” alongside a look-alike stuffed owl animal toy? Nothing. As this video shows, the scene is one of absolute adorableness, mixed in with some sweet dance moves and head bobbing. This bird will melt and steal your heart, he just looks so innocent and nice.

The little star of the clip is an orphaned Great Horned Owl whose temporary name was Oakley. The baby bird was being cared for at a wildlife rehabilitation center that specializes in birds of prey. Oakley was given the stuffed animal puppet so he would have something to cuddle up with.

According to the comments, the bird loved the plush toy and liked to rest against it because it helped make him relax. The man caring for him did his best to keep Oakley wild and unaccustomed to humans. He would hide himself to keep from being seen by placing a camouflaged sheet over his body and cut out holes just for his eyes.

When it was time to feed Oakley he made a Great Horned Owl call, mimicking exactly what a mother owl would do. The cute baby was subsequently placed with 3 other juvenile orphans of his species, and they all learned more about how to properly live the owl life. Before they were released some two months later they were taught how to catch live prey.

The story was updated and the man who posted it added in the comments that by the time Oakley flew off into the night he was “quite mean and didn’t like humans.” It turns out that juvenile owls are just like a typical teenager, ungrateful and rude. All jokes aside, it’s best for Oakley to not depend on people or be drawn to them.

The Raptor Rehabber channel on YouTube is a wonderful source of information and videos on all things raptor related. For those unfamiliar with the term, “raptor” basically means ‘bird of prey’ and refers to any bird who hunts and eats other animals. Eagles, hawks, falcons, and buzzards are a few of the well known kinds and they are the apex predators of the sky.

These birds both depend on and need to have exceedingly sharp vision, knife-like talons, and powerful beaks to survive. Owls are another type of raptor that are categorized separately. They are nocturnal birds of prey who emerge and hunt mainly under the cover of darkness all throughout night.

Owls have developed the ability to fly almost completely silently. This ninja-like aspect of their flight is all thanks to the structure of their feathers, it reduces turbulence and makes them practically undetectable to prey until it’s too late.

When their silent flight is combined with their perceptively keen hearing abilities, it makes them one deadly accurate hunter. Hopefully Oakley is somewhere out there in the wild, doing his “Monster Mash” dance, and bobbing his head around.

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These Dancers Come Together Into a Line Formation. But Their Next Move Is An Unexpected Surprise!

The Chinese culture is renowned for their incredible discipline and artistry, when it comes to both dance and gymnastics.  The video you are about to watch encapsulates this discipline and grace in combining the best of ballet, modern dance and gymnastics. The skill and perfection in each move is a sight to behold.

In a truly astounding performance, that was filmed at the Xiaopei Chinese Dance Camp in 2013, what looks like a ballet rehearsal turns into a true masterpiece.  While the musical accompaniment is Chinese, both the dance and gymnastics moves are decidedly Western. The mixture of eastern and western cultures causes a hypnotic routine which is absolutely amazing!

There is no way to fully describe the magnificence and talent of these young adolescent girls.  They bring such joy to the routine that has a level of mastery consistent with any highly seasoned professional troupe.  Their sheer flexibility, strength and artistry will leave you wanting more. They are simply fantastic.

I hope you enjoy the performance as much as I did! Let us know what you think!

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