Human Wakes Her Tired Dog Up To Go For A Walk. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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If you’re not a morning person then you probably really hate having to wake up. Many of us find it very difficult to get up out of our nice, warm, soft, cozy beds and would prefer to lay in them for as long as we wish to. While having to get up for work or school is bad enough, the last thing in the world that non-morning people want to do after stumbling out of bed is take a walk.

These types of feelings are not limited to just people, quite a few of our pet animals feel the same way. One dog in particular, a seven year old Siberian Husky named Zeus, also really loathes the prospect of being rudely awakened to go on a morning walk. His reaction in the accompanying video says it all.

Zeus’s adorable temper tantrum is his way of telling his owner to leave him alone! He whines and howls up an endless storm of protest and barely stops to take in a breathe of fresh air. Zeus is an expert at throwing sass back at his owners in order to get his way. In another one of his videos which went viral prior to this one he can be seen laying in the bath tub on his side while whining and crying. However, he’s not really throwing a tantrum in the tub, he’s just begging to take a bath!

Zeus is definitely not a normal dog! He appears to either love doing the things that most dogs hate, i.e. bathing, or he hates doing the things that most dogs love, like going for walks. Even when his little brother Kaden, the German Shepherd, barks at him and tries to get him up, he doesn’t budge. He’s making one thing abundantly clear, he’s definitely not in the mood for brisk morning exercise and just wants to lay on his bed!

All of the anti-morning people out there can sympathize with him on this one so check him out for a good laugh!

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Everytime His Human Pulls Out The Scary Green Hairclip This Dog Has a Hysterical Fit

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Have you ever known a dog who had an irrational fear of something? It’s actually quite a common quirk among our canine friends and they often become scared by the silliest of things. For example, there was one dog who was absolutely petrified by a magazine picture of Julia Roberts and every time he glimpsed the photo he’d run away in terror. Another dog would freak out around carpet and whenever he came across the plush floor covering he had to walk backwards over it..

Dogs are complex creatures and just like their human counterparts they too seem to suffer from strange phobias and inexplicable fears. While most stress inducing objects like vacuums and stairs seem to be commonplace among our pet animals, sometimes they get all worked up over much more unusual, yet mundane, every day objects!

Hiro the Siberian Husky is a case in point. Out of all the millions of things in the world to be scared of, the adorable dog happens to be afraid of a metallic green hair clip. For some odd reason the silly pup bugs out whenever his owner holds up the little clip. The sight of the hair claw causes his eyes go wide and when she opens and closes it he can’t help but hide his face.

It’s the snapping motion of the clip that appears to bother him the most, likely because the teeth-like projections make it look just like a jaw (which is why it’s called a jaw clip). The snapping sound may also be what he’s responding to but whatever it is, his face is priceless. He has the funniest look and you just have to see his animated expression for yourself, it’s so cute.

The way Hiro backs away and barks at the hair clip makes it seem like he fears it, yet at the same time he readily approaches it when its laying on the floor. It’s almost like he really wants to sniff it out and maybe even play with it, but he’s unsure about whether or not it’s safe to get close to.

Perhaps more telling is Hiro’s tail, which is up and wagging around rather than down or tucked between his legs in fear. That body language tells us he is likely just playing around with his owner. Plus, he has a clear escape route where he can simply run past his owner to get far away from the clip, but he doesn’t choose to use it.

In the end, Hiro and his owner are just playing around and having fun. He may be a little spooked by the clip when she opens and closes it but not to the point where he’s frozen in fear or harmed in any way by it. Make sure to check out his silly reaction and that adorable face because it’s awesome and if you love dogs or Huskies, this clips for you!

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THIS Picky Pup Refuses To Eat Her Dry Food But Her Dad Comes Up With THIS Unexpectedly GENIUS Trick!

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Man’s best friend has just a few simple needs in life and they all revolve around eating. Whether a dog is playing, cuddling, or sleeping, when they hear the sound of dinner being opened and prepared, they come running. Some of the more voracious pup’s appetites appear to have no limits and they will scarf up any and all treats or food scraps thrown their way, then continue on to eat grass, rocks, and whatever else they come across.

In direct contrast to these hungry dogs are the rare few who have very weak appetites and are extremely picky eaters. This type of dog doesn’t get all that excited around dinner time and when a bowl of food is placed under its nose, it doesn’t dig right in. Instead, they sniff their meals hesitantly before pushing the morsels around a bit and maybe they take a few bites, then walk off unimpressed.

When a dog lacks an appetite or is just not at all interested in their dinner, what’s an owner to do? It’s definitely concerning, we all want whats best for our canine companions, and one man who was faced with this exact problem came up with an ingenious solution.

YouTube user Delaypat explained that he’d been having feeding issues with his dog Luna who falls on the very picky side of the eating spectrum. No matter what he did Luna would not eat and he tried all kinds of approaches to feeding her.

He offered her different types of food and presented it in all sorts of unique ways on plates and bowls before he finally found a method that worked. It turned out that Luna, a sweet and calm Golden Retriever, prefers to have her meals home cooked before she tucks into them.

The video Delaypat uploaded of their daily feeding ritual is quite impressive. In order to get Luna excited for dinner he first prepares her bowl of food and then calls her over to the kitchen. Once she’s present the show begins.

The bowl is placed in the oven, which is never actually turned on, and the timer is set for one minute. As her food “cooks” he excitedly remarks to Luna about how her dinner is almost ready, building up her anticipation to eat. Once the oven timer goes off the food is finally ready to be served.

That’s when Luna finally shows her excitement as she prances around while licking her lips, keeping her eyes on the bowl while trying to sniff at it. The moment it’s placed on the floor in front of her she digs right in.

There you have it, one truly excellent way to trick a picky dog into eating!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Said What Her Dog Does When His Song Comes On. So She Caught THIS

Do you know that feeling you get, when you’re driving in the car and your favorite song comes on the radio? It brings you energy, feelings of pure, simple joy and you can’t help but perk up and belt out all the lyrics along with it!

It’s not just humans who react and feel this type of way upon hearing their favorite music, dogs do the same thing too. Take for example this gorgeous looking puppy dog named Oakley. He’s an Australian Shepherd who absolutely loves the theme song “Let It Go” from the animated Disney movie Frozen.

When Oakley hears the show tune come on over the radio his reaction is immediate and priceless. At first his ears wiggle just a tiny bit and noticeably perk up. Then he opens his eyes and lifts his sleepy head off his paws. The adorable puppy looks around all innocently before tilting his head back and letting out a howl! He looks like he’s in heaven and loving life. This may just be the sweetest thing you’ll see all day.

Oakley’s love for the the smash hit song “Let It Go,” as performed by actress and singer Idina Menzel who voiced Queen Elsa in the film, mirrors that of children everywhere. Even though the song only reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, in the hearts and ears of children everywhere it was number one.

So many little kids had become infatuated and obsessed with the song that journalists even started writing stories about the strange phenomenon. In The Boston Globe columnist Yvonne Abraham wrote that the song was like “musical crack” because it “sends kids into altered states.” After watching Oakley’s response, it also seems to have that effects on dogs as well. Check out his cover song and fall in love with the cutie!

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This Little Baby Poops In Her Diaper. Now Watch The Cat’s Priceless Reaction!

Parents in households with a newborn baby and fur babies know how important it is to ensure that their pets and children get along well together! It’s crucial that animals who live and share a house with babies feel comfortable being around them. Over time animals eventually grow accustomed to the new child and to all the different sights, sounds, and smells they create. Just like how everything in the world is new to a baby, everything about a baby is new to your pet.

Sometimes those new things can be a little alarming… and stinky! One mother who had recently brought home her young child was filming a special moment between the youngster, named Elsarose, and the family cat and dog. The three look absolutely adorable in the clip with Nelda, a Labrador, snuggled up close with Elsarose as they take a nap. On top of Nelda is Pebbles, a beautiful Ragdoll cat, who looks like she’s standing guard over the sleepy pair.

Even though the baby is fussing around slightly, Nelda is fast asleep and not at all bothered by the movement. It’s clear to see that these three are very comfortable around each other, you can just feel the love!

The picture perfect moment seems almost magical until it’s suddenly interrupted by a completely unexpected surprise. Out of nowhere Elsarose answers the call of nature and lets out a loud stinky poop!

Pebbles makes her escape and quickly jumps off the dog, who’s still sleeping through the smell and noise. However, the movement from the cat causes Nelda to wake up and turn her nose towards the baby. That proves to be a bad move, as she’s greeted with the offensive poo poo smells.

Her reaction is priceless and will make you smile and love dogs all the more. Check out the video to see it and if you want to brighten someone’s day, share this adorable clip with them.

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s Nightly Ritual! So She Caught THIS!

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Out of all the many different breeds of dogs in the world, Golden Retrievers are among the most gentle and laid back. Their loyal, trainable and even-tempered nature makes them a great fit for families with young children. Plus, they love being active and playing games, romping around, and living up to their name by fetching and chasing after balls and toys.

Their sweet and friendly nature has made them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and once you see this video, it’s easy to see why. The adorable Golden Retriever seen here, with a pacifier in his mouth, is named Max.

He loves nothing more than relaxing and unwinding after a long day with the help of his favorite binky. He looks so stinkin’ cute and content to be just sitting there sucking on his pacifier. It’s as if he didn’t have a care in the world! If he hasn’t already won you over with his slightly odd and quirky preference for pacifiers, what Max does next will melt any icy heart.

When his owner tries to take the binky away from him, he intercepts her hand with a paw and swats it away from him. When she reaches towards his mouth a second time, she gets rejected yet again! No matter how nicely she asks or begs, every time she attempts to remove it he pushes her away, all while sporting the coolest, calmest expression on his face.

Nothing else quite captures a Golden Retriever’s natural laid back attitude better than this. The sight of a big puppy dog with a pacifier in his mouth is one that every dog owner would love to see!

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