This Simple Effective And All Natural Recipe Will Permanently Remove Unwanted Hair On Your Face!

There is not a woman alive who has not had to deal with unwanted facial hair.  At different points in the developmental cycle, and post-menopausally, most women find this hair distressing, and want to get rid of it. Depending on your hair color, some women have more facial hair than others.

Most women have it above the lip,  peach fuzz on the sides of the face, and dark hairs under the chin.  Some women wax, for temporary removal, which can be irritating.  Chemicals in the wax can have long term bad effects on the skin.

I have stopped waxing for this reason, and have just been plucking, which doesn’t really take care of the whole problem.  I was really happy to come across this natural, at home remedy for unwanted facial hair.  YouTube User Homeveda offers a solution that has been used by middle-eastern women for centuries.

Not only do these two different remedies do the trick, but they utilize ingredients that have nutrients and vitamins that are actually good for the skin! Harsh chemicals be gone!

No one wants to absorb chemicals into their bloodstream, when they can mix: chickpea flour, milk, turmeric powder and fresh cream for Remedy # 1; Remedy # 2 requires mixing: peeled and crushed potatoes from which you extract the juice, crushed yellow lentils, lemon juice and honey.

The exact amounts and how to apply each remedy to the face, is beautifully illustrated in the video below, for maximum benefit.  I am definitely going to try both of these to see which works better.  I love the idea of using natural ingredients on my face that have been time-tested.

The good news is that after a month the hair will be gone completely!

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These Problem Areas On Your Face Reveal Health Problems In Other Parts Of Your Body!

Problems with facial Skin may be a reflection of disease in certain other organs, or bad lifestyle choices. The face, according to ancient Chinese medicine, “is the window to your health”. The video which you are about to watch, addresses the direct link between acne and other skin issues in the different zones of the face, and it’s link to potential organ and/or lifestyle choices.

A breakout or excessive oiliness on the FOREHEAD may indicate health issues with your BLADDER or SMALL INTESTINE. Eating an abundance of oily foods can slow up your ability to digest; drinking too much alcohol, stress and eating too many sweets can also contribute to acne in this zone.

Acne and oily skin in the zone between the EYE BROWS may be indicative of LIVER problems. An allergic reaction to something you are ingesting, as well as eating too much red meat, may cause the stomach to go on overdrive in order to digest, which in turn stresses the liver.

If you are experiencing a darkening of the skin beneath your EYES, broken capillaries and grayness or swelling around the eyes, your KIDNEYS may be in jeopardy. Your circulation may be impaired due to cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and impaired functioning of the HEART.

Acne and oily skin of the NOSE may be indicative of HEART impairment. This can be a result of not getting fresh air, air pollution, gas and bloating and poor circulation leading to high blood pressure. Acne, spots and loss of color to to the CHEEKS can be linked to health issues with your LUNGS and KIDNEYS. Again, poor food choices, junk food that has too much sugar, cigarette smoking and inability to handle stress can be a cause.

Acne, skin paleness and dark spots on the LIPS and CHIN can be linked to STOMACH issues. Ingesting too much sugar, fatty foods and caffeine and alcohol are strong contributors to this problem. Additionally your inability to handle stress and sleep deprivation can cause this.

Further discussion of what your face is telling you about your health is included in the video below.

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I Was Confused When She Put Egg Whites All Over Her Face But The Reason Is Brilliant!

Eggs are popularly known for being incredible and edible, but they also go well beyond the realm of omelets and the breakfast table. For thousands of years the little shelled ovals have be used in a variety of homemade do it yourself beauty treatments. People mix them up into hair masks and face treatments targeted for hydrating skin and hair, preventing acne, diminishing blemishes and scars, preventing hair fall, and more.

Eggs can even be used to get rid of pesky blackheads. The gross pore clogs are a real pain in the butt to remove, especially for people who have a dry skin type. Most people turn to pore cleaning strips that supposedly work to help pull them out, but in reality all that the pricey strips seem to do is dry out the fragile skin on the nose and irritate it further.

Plus, they can be quite painful to remove. Instead of wasting more money looking for a solution to this age old beauty problem, try this 100% natural method that uses only egg whites. It’s effective at removing blackheads, incredibly cheap, and it simultaneously provides a number of other benefits.

YouTube beauty blogger BabamitsANNE shows how it’s done and explains all the steps and fine details. The mask she whips up in the video is a multipurpose one that does it all. It deep cleanses skin, removes blackheads and whiteheads, tightens pores, controls oiliness, gets rid of acne scars, reduces wrinkles, and makes your complexion glow.

Start off by cracking open an egg, separate the white from the yolk and place it in a small bowl. Beat the white slightly, then apply it onto your face and neck with a face brush. Make sure you avoid your eyes and mouth. Next, take a piece of tissue and cut out eye, nose, and mouth holes.

Place the tissue over your face and gently pat it onto the egg white, then apply a second layer of egg over the tissue and let it dry completely, or for at least 30 minutes. When time is up gently peel the tissue upwards and off your face, wash with a warm washcloth and pat dry.

You’ll notice right away how good your skin looks. It will be smoother, more hydrated, fresher feeling, and glowing with healthiness. For the best results, people with oily skin should use this twice a week and those with dry skin only once.

What are you waiting for? Grab an egg and some tissues and try it out for yourself!

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He Asks His Rottweiler To Make His Mean Ugly Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face Ever.

This dog knows how to turn the charm on and off. At first glance he appears to be all cute and innocent, but in a split second he can change his whole look and demeanor. His name is Reese and he’s a big, strong, handsome Rottweiler who knows a thing or two about appearing dominant and intimidating. This short clip of him in action is proof of his guard dog skills. It starts off with him sitting calmly on a cushion and looking like a typical male Rottweiler. When his owner asks him to show his teeth, he immediately responds with a toothy grin. However, that’s just the beginning and Reese is only getting warmed up for what he knows is coming next!

His dad then instructs him to “show me your mean face,” and that’s when the real show begins. Reese curls back his upper lip, further baring his razor-sharp white teeth to the gums, then he adds in a low, rumbling growl that sounds just as menacing as his face looks! He even throws in that strange, licking thing that all dogs seem to do whenever they get super heated or pumped up.

Reese definitely has what it takes to be both an awesome family dog and an effective guard dog. He displays the perfect mix of attitude, obedience, and control, showing that he’s as loyal and he is loving. As long as Reese is around his family never has to worry about break-ins or criminals targeting them because as soon as a bad guy takes one look at the big dog, they’ll keep moving right along. No one in their right mind would mess with such a fierce looking Rotty, they’d have to be crazy or just plain dumb!

Not many dogs are able to look so mean and angry on cue, at least not like how Reese does. He nails the command up until the very end when his owner says “good boy” and only then does he drop the act. Check out his mean face and share it with all the fellow dog lovers in your life who can appreciate it!

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He Tells His Dog He’s Going To Have a New Brother. The Dog Turns and Makes The Most Hysterical Face.

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The natural reaction is to smile and congratulate someone when they tell you that they are expecting a baby on the way. After all, it’s a major milestone in life and wonderful, big news to break! Most people break out into smiles and there are happy hugs exchanged all around, some even cry and get quite emotional. There’s often a wave of excitement and an unmistakable buzz of anticipation spreads across the room.

Some people however, usually family members, don’t react so happily to baby news. Most of the time it’s an older sibling who doesn’t want a new little brother or sister in the family. They’re usually still too young to understand and one of the biggest concerns seems to revolve around the thought that the new baby will take all of mom and dad’s attention away from them.

Sometimes even our pets find baby news hard to take in. They’re part of the family too and fur-babies in their own right! Such was the case for this funny and adorable Golden Retriever who really wasn’t ready for a new sibling. When the dog’s owner, John Bache, sat him down on the sofa for a man to man talk the Retriever adorably crawled up onto his lap to get even closer and snuggle.

When the moment of truth finally arrived Mr Bache told his dog in a very straight forward manner that “Someones going to have a baby brother.” Upon hearing the big announcement the dog’s face and behavior changed instantly and dramatically. He stopped panting, closed his mouth, and whipped his head around to face towards Mr. Bache. The Retriever seemed alert and yet at the same time he suddenly appears to be far away as he gazes off into the distance, as if searching for something.

It’s quite a strange reaction but who really knows what was going through his head at that moment. However, one thing does seem certain and it looks like he’s really not all that excited about having a new baby brother!

The Retriever’s funny response is definitely not what you’d expect when telling your dog you’re expecting. The expression on his face is priceless so check him out if you need to laugh or smile!

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Baby Has Never Seen Dad Without a Beard. Now Watch When She Sees His Face Shaved For The First Time.

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Beards, mustaches, and other styles of facial hair have long been used as a means of disguise. Hair can easily be dyed, re-shaped, grown out, or shaved off and you don’t need to be a professional to switch it up. Either which way has the ability to drastically alter a person’s appearance in a relatively short amount of time.

In fact, facial hair transformation has always been one of the go-to tools for many criminals throughout history on the run. It’s an unspoken rule that when you’re trying to evade capture and recognition, you adopt a different appearance! While being on the lam is one reason to shave or not to shave, there’s also many additional reasons for choosing to do so.

For one young father in San Antonio, Texas, his reasons for shaving his beard were not criminally related. Rather, he decided to make the big change because he had an upcoming job interview and thought it was best that he appeared clean shaven. However, before he got rid of his impressive beard, he decided to see how his 7-month daughter would react.

Footage of the two playing peekaboo before he shaved shows the adorable little girl, Anistyn Claire, laughing and smiling at her dad who’s hiding his face behind a fuzzy brown blanket. The clip then skips to them playing the same peekaboo game after he shaved, but her has yet to reveal his full face to Anistyn Claire.

When he finally drops the blanket and his baby girl catches her first glimpse of his bare, hair-free face, she doesn’t know what to do or how to feel about it! Shaving changed his appearance so much that she seems to not even recognize him anymore and the expressions that cross her face range from confused to scared. Soon after, she falls forward, drops her head, and tries her best to avoid eye contact with her dad who’s suddenly become a stranger to her!

Dad tries his best to comfort and reassure his baby girl that it’s okay, but it proves to be a little too much for poor Anistyn Claire and she starts to cry. Her reaction is adorable and she’ll grow accustomed to her father’s new appearance in no time at all. Dad will also get used to it, but it may take him a little longer than his baby. In the background you can hear his wife commenting that “daddy probably wants to cry about it too!” The poor guy just can’t catch a break with the two leading ladies in his life, check it out and enjoy!

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