THIS Father and His Kid Noticed ‘Help’ Written In The Mud. Then They Hear a Voice and Discover The Unthinkable!

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Father and son trips can be the perfect time for some special bonding. Whether its a camping, hunting or fishing trip these are usually vacations that a dad and son will never forget. I remember going on fishing and camping trips with my dad when I was a young kid and they are truly some of the greatest memories of my life. While for the most part these trips can be stress-free, enjoyable and an incredible bonding time, sometimes the unexpected can quickly snowball and change everything..

In today’s story we feature a stepfather and his stepson who were going on a regular old hunting trip to enjoy nature in all her glory. They were expecting to build campfires, hunt, fish and all the other fun stuff that comes with an outdoors father/son trip. Their trip took place in Hayden, Idaho a city with a population of around 13,000. Although there is a decent sized population, the stunning landscapes and beauty of the surrounding nature pulls in travelers from all around the world.

The stepfather and stepson would go out to their cabin in the woods multiple times per year and it was always a great time. This time however, nothing could’ve prepared them for what was to come. Immediately when they arrived in Hayden something just felt a bit strange.

As they arrived in Hayden, they noticed an active search party looking for a girl who had gone missing earlier that week. The missing girl was learning disabled and although she was 19 year old, she had the cognitive capacity of a 9-10 year old. This was no small search party either, there were around 60 people searching. There were helicopters, terrain specialists, firemen, police officers and locals all scouring the region.

Before the stepdad and stepson arrived in Hayden they had already heard about the missing girl on tv and the radio. They believed that once they got there they could be of great assistance to the current search party do to knowing the entire wooded area like the back of their hands. As they made there way to their cabin, they would have to walk a bit down a dirt road to get to the secluded house. While they were walking on the dirt road they saw something they never could’ve believed. On the dirt path in big letters it said ‘Help’.

This seemed super creepy to the young boy but his stepdad thought it was most likely a hunter or someone from the search party just laying some tracks. He thought most likely it was another hunter who probably needed help moving a deer or something of that nature. However, the stepson had a gut feeling that this message had been written by the missing girl!

They took a picture of the ‘Help’ written in the dirt and ran it over to the search party that was about to pack it in for the day, call it a night and begin looking again early the next day. When they showed the search party the image they immediately called off the plan to end the search that night and they would follow that path to try and find the poor missing girl…..

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Raven Strangely Squawked At Them For 60 Minutes. Finally They Figured Out He Was Desperate For Help

Ravens are often overlooked and dismissed by many people for being noisy, annoying, pesky birds. They really don’t get the credit they truly deserve for being one of the most intelligent animals out there. In fact, they rank among the smartest animals in all of nature and are considered just as smart as our closest animal relative, chimpanzees.

Research backs this up, ravens have been scientifically tested and scored highly on intelligence tests where they even topped the avian IQ scale! Ravens have also been observed using various objects as tools. That type of calculated behavior is something associated only with intelligent animals, like the raven in this heart warming video!

The story behind what you see here all started when a woman from Nova Scotia heard a loud racket outside her home. Gertie Cleary couldn’t help but notice who was making the noise, a black raven fledgling was perched on the fence relentlessly screeching. She tried to ignore it but when the squawking didn’t subside she went out to take an up-close look at the bird.

With her daughter by her side, the pair slowly approached the distressed raven. Once they were close they saw what bothering it, the poor bird had porcupine quills stuck in his little body, three in the side of his face and one in his wing. If he was going to survive the quills had to be removed.

Gertie went back to the house, put on some gloves for protection, and headed back out to the raven. Slowly she began to earn his trust until she was able to softly stoke his feathers. Soon after she made her move and quickly pulled a quill out of the bird. Seconds later she pulled another one which caused the raven to caw out in pain. Even so, the bird remained on the fence and didn’t threaten her, it seemed to sense she was helping and meant it no harm. The last quill was the hardest, by that point the bird likely had enough, but with a bit more coaxing Gertie was able to quickly remove it.

The poor raven’s painful experience was over, he was free to fly away without being hindered by the sharp barbs poking into his body, yet he stuck around for the remainder of the day. Gertie and her daughter ended up naming him Wilfred but the next day he was gone.

The incredibly quick witted bird seemed to know exactly where to turn to for help and thankfully Gertie recognized his situation and took the time to remove the quills.

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Her Neighbors Kept Complaining What A Mess Her Home Was. But When He Came To Her House Wow!

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!  Words certainly can be powerful, but good deeds show that the intention behind respectful and loving words are real.  Such is the case in the unbelievably touching video you are about to watch below!

Agnes, a 90-year-old widow, had been reported by the neighbors about garbage and junk that had been mounting in her back yard for years. ¬†This was a result of a relative dumping his stuff on her property, which Agnes was helpless to stop. ¬†After being reported, she was terrified and humiliated. ¬†Facing fines she could not afford to pay, Agnes contacted a group called “Operation Blessing”, to see if they could help her in some way.

Certainly, as will see in the footage of what they did for Agnes, this was no small act of kindness. ¬†You will be as amazed and touched as Agnes was, to watch these “angels” who came to her rescue. ¬†In these days where we wake up to such horrible news of man’s inhumanity to man, this wonderful video is a reminder that we all must try to counter all the hatred. ¬†Doing acts of kindness, large or small, is so important in keeping our hearts open to love and goodness. ¬†Human beings are truly capable of loving selflessness and caring, despite all the darkness currently in our universe.

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His Car Broke Down And Nobody Would Stop. When I Saw Who Finally Helped I Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

The following video comes to you from Hammy TV; a YouTube channel that has gained notoriety for their hysterical pranks.  For this particular episode, instead of doing a prank, they decided to do a social experiment.  Ryan, set up this social experiment, by jacking up an old car and sitting on his tire as if he needed help with a flat.

He wanted to see how willing people would be as they passed him, driving along in their day.¬†Would someone stop to help him? People looked at him but drove by…for two hours!

No one even slowed down to ask if he needed help, they just drove right by! ¬†So much for the milk of human kindness, until finally someone stopped and pulled up behind him and got out of his car to offer assistance. ¬†Ryan finds out that the man had passed him earlier; he explains that he couldn’t stop as he had to make an appointment for his physiotherapy.

This kind soul’s name was Eric, and his story of loss and injury brought tears to my eyes. ¬†It never ceases to amaze me when help is offered by those who can least afford to give it. ¬†Many victims of trauma have been given the gift of empathy, that doesn’t allow them to disregard another’s misfortune.

He says he is happy to help Ryan with the tire, but asks him to get his wheelchair so that he remains steady!  Ryan hears the terrible story of what Eric has been through, and then comes clean about the social experiment. What happens next brought tears to my eyes.

Watch the video and enjoy! You may need some tissues.

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If You Notice A Person With A Black Dot On The Palm Of Their Hands It Means THIS!

The black dot campaign was started with the hope of drawing some much needed attention to victims of domestic violence. The whole campaign revolves around the act of drawing a black dot on the palm of ones hand, which signifies that the individual is a victim of domestic violence and wants or needs help.

Any bystander who happens to spot the dot can then try to help or assist them. All too often victims of domestic violence suffer in silence and the idea behind the dot was that it gave them a way to reach out for help, while minimizing the risks for further violence and danger.

The campaign has been met with a mixed response of both praise and criticism. However, in the overall scheme of things, the idea is a good one. Any attention brought about or light shed on the plight of victims is a step in the right direction.

When it comes to the issue of domestic violence the statistics are grim. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), one in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have been the victim of some form of physical violence by a partner in their lifetime. In the US alone every nine seconds a woman is beaten or assaulted, an average of 20 people per minute are physically abused by a partner, and every year that adds up to more than 10 million men and women being abused.

Oftentimes it is incredibly hard for victims to break the cycle of violence. That is because their abusers tend to watch their every move, making reaching out for help nearly impossible. Abusers also exert various forms of control over victims that are beyond physical, and often use mental, emotional, and financial forms of it to gain and maintain control.

When it comes to speaking up, many victims struggle to find their voice and be heard. Which is why the black dot campaign exists in the first place. Victims need all the help and support they can get, and people need to be more aware of their silent plight.

Organizers behind the campaign say that within 24 hours of its launch 6,000 people were reached and 6 women were helped. It has gone on to reach many millions more people and help countless other men, women, and in effect, children as well. If you ever see a person who has a black dot drawn on the palm of their hand, call the police immediately, because it’s a silent signal for help and that person is saying they are in trouble.

**Word of caution- Much of the criticism surrounding the black dot campaign stems from the fact that people are drawing the dots on their palms when they are not in any real, immediate danger. Many survivors of domestic violence have drawn on dots and uploaded pictures to share on social media as a way of showing their support and solidarity.

However, this is missing the original point of the idea and instead of drawing a dot supporters should instead write ‚ÄúSay no to domestic violence‚ÄĚ on their hands to avoid confusion.

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Disabled Homeless Man Falls To The Ground and No One Helps. But Then I Can’t Hold Back The Tears

A social experiment in New York City displays the tendencies of the general public regarding giving assistance to strangers based on their appearance. A black suited man, staged with crutches, walks the streets and periodically falls to find out if passers by will help him back up. Without hesitation, there is consistently someone, if not several people, who stop their trajectory to aid the injured and fallen businessman to his feet. They respectfully call him sir as they lend their hand and ask if he is alright.

A different observation is made with a man who is dressed in dirty, tattered clothing. The seemingly homeless fellow hobbles along the street on crutches, tripping many times to take hard blows onto the sidewalk. Surrounding witnesses gape at the man in dismay, but do nothing in the way of offering help.

Some people just stare and slowly walk away, while others are oblivious to the struggle and avoid the obstacle in front of them by walking around. No one even asks the man if he is okay.

There is one person who immediately responds to the wounded hobo and it is another homeless person sitting against a building on the sidewalk. With obvious sympathy and concern, the man leaves his collection cup unattended to make sure the distressed vagabond is not in need of serious attention.

The consoler guides the consoled to standing and helps him gather his belongings before he continues on his way. The story ends with a perfect quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

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