This Guy Bought A Dog Proof Food Box To Keep The Dog Food In. But A Hidden Camera Caught THIS!

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All dog owners know how hard it is to keep certain dogs from eating either their own or human food.  Dogs can get sick from so many things they get into, so it’s always a challenge.  We try to “dog-proof” things we don’t want our pups getting into so that don’t overeat or make a mess.

That is what Gil Jacobs had in mind with the really unique dog food container that you are about to see in the video below. He was trying to keep MeMe, his Australian shepherd, from stealing his dog food when it wasn’t meal time. When you see this clever contraption it looks like it will do the job…

This doggie-proof container seems like it will be a challenge for MeMe.  Try, try again seems to be his motto.  This clever pup has other ideas, as Jacobs sees when he reviews the footage that is caught on camera!

This is great enjoy the video below!

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Have You Ever Noticed This Symbol On Half The Food You Buy? THIS Is What It Means!

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Kosher is a Hebrew word that means “fit” and when it’s applied to food products it means that the items were produced in accordance with Jewish law. The Torah set out the basic foundation governing such dietary laws and the foods that Jewish people are permitted to eat.

In today’s world of mass production, where thousands of different products are widely available, only items labeled as certified kosher are seen as fit for consumption.

As such, in order to help people adhere to the dietary guidelines that their faith demands, the food industry had to come up with a label that quickly conveys that a food has been certified kosher. The symbol that is used universally all throughout the world is a U enclosed in a circle.

It can be found on product packaging or labeling and its presence means that the food has been certified kosher. While there are many different versions of the symbol that exist, almost all of them contain the circled U in addition to other writing or symbols.

When a P is next to the kosher symbol it means the product contains meat. When a D is next to it, that means it contains dairy. In addition, there are many kosher organizations that certify products and they each use a different image to show they’ve approved of them.

This is what accounts for many of the slight differences among labels and the accompanying video does an excellent job showing and explaining this and more. The kosher label is not only helpful for kosher observers, it also helps a variety of others, and can be of use to you too.

People with dairy allergies, vegans, and those on specific diets use the symbol to avoid meat and dairy products that are labeled as such. Plus, if you ever pick up something and are wondering whether or not it contains milk, dairy, or other animal products, check for the kosher symbol.

There you have it and if you didn’t already know what the symbol of a circled U stood for, now you do!

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If You Eat 12 Blueberries Everyday For a Month THIS Is What Happens To Your Body

You may have heard that blueberries are good for you, but you may not actually know why.  We are headed towards summer in when blueberries are in season; sweet and firm and packed with such healthy components that many consider these deep colored fruits a SUPER FOOD.

Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, this amazing fruit can help protect you from cancers and auto-immune diseases, and has a powerful effect on the rate of aging; it could be considered “The Fountain of Youth”.

You are about to watch a short video below, in which Mike Foster is both informative and amusing in his exaltation of the MIGHTY BLUEBERRY.  The footage was posted by “LiveLife365”.

Blueberries eaten daily have the ability to lower blood sugar, which does seem counterintuitive, given the fact that they are a sweet fruit; the fact that they have this benefit makes them a great ‘go-to’ for diabetics.

In addition to lowering cancer risks, blueberries improve eyesight and lower bad cholesterol.  The reason they are effective in maintaining a youthful appearance is due to the high levels of Manganese and Vitamins A and C, which promote collagen renewal.

For more details about this potent fruit, which has similar health benefits to that of almonds, listen to Foster’s take on the importance of having blueberries in your daily diet.  He covers both the mental and physical benefits, and his pitch will send you off to the grocery store to get some!

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Apparently I’ve Been Peeling Potatoes Wrong This Whole Time. THIS Is The Only Way It Should Be Done

Everyone loves the delicious POTATO.  It is truly one of the most whole and nutritious foods that has gotten the bad rap…of being fattening.  This is untrue, and has to do with the condiments or other foods added to the potato which make it fattening.

Many people hate the drudgery of peeling potatoes, which in actuality shouldn’t be done, because most of the nutritional elements as well as the flavor lay right beneath the potato skin.  So, what to do?  The video you are about to watch below, contains one of the simplest yet best food hacks I’ve seen.

With a single move, you will see how to get by the drudgery of peeling an “uncooked” potato, retain the flavor and nutritional value that the skin offers, while eliminating it from your palate.  It is so simple and offers you the best possible result. Let us know what you think.

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She Stacks Pasta In A Pot. When She’s Done An Unexpected Delicious Surprise!

One of my favorite yummy dishes is pasta and meat sauce.  Pasta is truly one of the most popular dishes worldwide, of which there are over 100 varieties.  Here is an astonishing fact…in America an average person consumes over 20 pounds of pasta yearly!

One of the things I love about cooking pasta and meat sauce is that it is easy and quick, resulting in a delicious result.  In the following video, YouTuber Diana Delafuente prepares a twist on the dish.  It is a bit more time consuming, but well worth it when you see what she creates.

The saying goes, “Presentation is Everything”, and that pretty much sums up this exquisite ‘Rigatoni Pie’. Although it takes more time to stack the rigatoni in a pan than just serving pasta and meat sauce, I will definately try this when I want to present something really special for guests or family.  All you need is: Rigatoni, parmesan cheese,  a spring form pan, meat sauce and some mozzarella for a beautifully browned “Rigatoni Pie”.

Watch how Diana puts this together and please let us know if you will try this.

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Apparently If You Eat Curry 3 Times Per Week THIS Happens To Your Body!

Current scientific research, reported by a longitudinal Harvard study of almost a half million Chinese men and women, showed evidence that adding curry to their diet decreased their risk of premature death by 14%. The study, conducted over a 7 year period, showed that people eating curry at least 3 times a week seemed to live longer.

This adds to the evidence from previous studies which have concluded that curry is beneficial in increasing metabolism, lowering the bodies inflammation (CANCER-FIGHTING) and combatting heart disease. In that context, the results of the Harvard study showing increased longevity, make sense.

The refinement of curry has occurred over time since its discovery during the 17th century. The spice that you will find in stores, which has a yellow-orange appearance, is actually a mix of turmeric, coriander, a variety of chili peppers, cumin and fenugreek.

These have all been shown to have these powerful anti-inflammatory powers which result in a healthier life, as long as either lifestyle choices are consistent. In the current study, the subjects ate meals chock full of Chili, that is packed with disease fighting nutrients that keeps weight down and fights inflammation.

Curry can be incorporated into your diet by adding it to food you make at home. It comes in a powder or paste form; by adding at least a teaspoon or more of the paste or powder to dishes, you will be ensuring that your diet is a healthier one.

It can be added to chicken, sandwiches, soups , stir fries and many other dishes. The importance of eating a curry and turmeric rich diet is discussed in the video below in some greater depth. Let us know if you will try adding this antioxidant-rich spice to your diet.

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