These High School Kids Were Trapped In a Van For 5 Hours. How They Passed The Time Is Hilarious!

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High School sports are a great school activity, which teaches teamwork, friendship, working with others, and most importantly staying out of trouble. In the following video, this hysterical high school baseball team shows the world how a little fun can make any boring situation extraordinary.

They were on a 5 hour journey to Seattle trapped in a small van and were desperate to pass the time. They decided to make an awesome country music video that millions of youtubers would see. When the Florida Georgia Line Song, ‘Cruise’ comes on the boys immediately put on their game faces and perform perfectly choreographed dance routine. Their precision and teamwork as a baseball team is really on full display on this one.

It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when people work together in harmony. They are so on point throughout the entire performance, and never miss a move. I have to be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this video but I was completely wrong about it. I can’t stop watching it.  These guys are totally awesome! Enjoy! 🙂

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It Looks Like A Normal Boardwalk But When The Waves Come Crashing In Something Strange Occurs!

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In Zadar, Croatia, you can be serenaded by the water as you stroll down the boardwalk. There is an inventive architectural creation which allows notes to be played by the wind of the waves through a tube like structure.

Pipes underlie a set of large marble steps, making the sea organ expansive and majestic. Not quite melodic, the sound is still awe inspiring with its mystical feel and impressive wonder. It is almost as if the Adriatic sea is singing out loud, giving it a playful personality and intriguing communication.

Of course the skill should be credited not only to the artistic water, but to the architect who made the instrument, Nikola Bašić. He built the device as an attempt to beautify the city coast from its rebuild after the Second World War.

The organ provides a break in the monotonous concrete wall that was the sea front repair after devastation. It was opened on April 15, 2005 and is a destination for both tourists and locals to enjoy.

The polyethylene pipes and resonating cavity create a random, yet harmonious, tune. Not the only sea organ to be made, in 2006 it was awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space, which is a biennial award started in 2000 to recognize public space projects.

Competitors include the Wave Organ in San Francisco, California, and the Blackpool High Tide Organ in Blackpool, United Kingdom.

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That Car Parks Directly In Front Of This Dog. Now Watch The Dog’s Back. WOW!

Oh my god, this is adorable. I could watch this video over and over and still giggle every time. The dogs feels the groove! When a car pulls up playing an upbeat tune, a dog on the street starts dancing to the sound. He bounces up and down in perfect time, taking small steps in no particular direction as he wiggles.

The pup doesn’t seem to think much of the event, which might mean that its a typical part of his day. When the music stops, he straightens his legs and continues on his way. I’ve never seen anything like it! Here is a dog that really knows how to get down. It dances like no one is watching and practically drops the mic when it’s done.

The canine must have exceptionally strong muscles around its knee joints from all the bending and lengthening of its legs. One might think that perhaps it spent some time in dance lessons, but clearly it is intuitive in its boogie because its moves and timing come so natural. Does it change its step to different genres?

If some good ol’ Sinatra was playing, would the dog get some swing in its swagger? Or maybe it knows the samba or conga and waltzes to slow songs. Certainly the dog has a lady friend roaming the streets that he pulls in for a tango when the time is right. And I’ll bet a little funky disco gets his bones going in the morning.

Don’t be surprised when you see him sway and spin under the sparkly stars, because this dog’s jive ain’t ever slowing down.

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Kittens Walk Up To a Street Performer With a Guitar. Now Watch Their Reaction When The Music Begins!

Sometimes you come upon a street singer, who has a certain quality in his voice, that resonates in a way that just makes you stop and listen with awe. The lilting sound of this particular singer/guitarist playing on the  streets of Pangkor, Malaysia, had that certain something that just pulled you into his musicality!

In the video you are about to watch below, you will see why he draws an audience. At front and center are four fans who are mesmerized by his sound; they sit right in front of him in complete fascination with what they are hearing.

Their heads are tilted up, as they barely move, except to occasionally bop their heads to the beat. What makes this quartet of fans so unusual is that they are kittens!! Sitting in rapt attention, their postures and absorption in the performance is so unbelievable, that if it hadn’t been filmed by someone.. well, no one would believe it!

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These Singers Went To The Forest To Record A Folk Song. But Then Some Unexpected Visitors Join In!

This is one of those moments that you could only wish for, but could never be orchestrated.  On tour, folk singer Shawn James and his crew were in Colorado.  It was one of those beautiful, tranquil snows, when they decided to go to the W.O.L.F Sanctuary.

When they got there, they decided to sing in the snow-laden woods, and use it for a cover of of A.A. Bondy’s “American Hearts.”  Beginning with the lyric, “We were raised by wolves / And we are still wild / And we howl when the troubled wind blows”, the wooded scene with wolves wandering in the background, was perfect.

That being said, they never could have imagined that their harmony during the refrain, would evoke choral support from their audience…the wolves!  Believe it or not, scientific analyses of wolves have shown that they have a sense of pitch. When they have been recorded, upon careful listening, each wolf that joins the chorus changes it’s tone slightly.  They seem to revel in the discordancy.

In this incredible video, the wolves contribution literally sounds like the third part of the harmony for the refrain.  Usually canines respond by howling to high pitched sounds from wind instruments, violins or a soprano singer.

Rarely do they respond to strumming guitars or the dulcet tones of two male folk singers!   In the following footage, they literally joined in during the two-part harmony more than once, and not during the lyric.

Their echoing howls make beautiful music and create a video that these musicians will never forget.  You will find their chorus, that reaches an amazing crescendo, simply awe-inspiring.  It will give you chills!

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She Drives By A Dog Chained Outside In Extreme Weather. Then She Writes THIS And Changes Everything

We see stories of terrible inhumane treatment of animals every day on the internet.  We shed a tear, agree on how terrible it is, and praise those who do something to rescue abused animals.  There is something we can all do, as Bluegrass singer and song writer Donna Hughes has highlighted in her heart wrenching song, “One Less Dog In the Cold”.

She was inspired by all the dogs she passed chained outside for much of their lives, regardless of how freezing or broiling the weather.  Her haunting lyrics and melody which you will hear in the video below, should be an anthem for animal rescue.

Her lyrics speak of remorse for having passed these dogs so many times, and has written this song to raise awareness to “HELP UNCHAIN DOGS TODAY…DON’T LOOK THE OTHER WAY”.  ‘Every dog is a window to your soul’ and it can be said that in ignoring these tortured animals, we lose a little bit of our souls.  This is a song that we leave you with deep feelings.

I found myself needing to listen to it several times.

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