THIS Mother Was Confused When She Saw Her Daughter’s Hair Kept Getting Shorter! Then She Realizes The Horrifying Truth!

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School is supposed to be a safe place and environment for kids to learn and get a great education. It is also a place for kids to learn how to be social, make friends, learn how to interact with adults and slowly but surely become self-sustaining adults that can survive in the ‘real world’. The problem is a lot of time, this education comes with a price that many kids aren’t prepared for.

Bullying has been around for a very long time and even as many schools attempt to stop this epidemic it still shows up almost everywhere. In almost every school there are always certain kids who get picked on and certain kids who tend to be the bullies. Many have just accepted this as ‘the way it is’ or a ‘right of passage’ but sometimes the victims of bullying never fully recover and carry this pain in fear from school into adulthood.

This brings us to today’s story about a mother named Samantha Flemming and her daughter Melissa Flemming. Melissa was born with a rare condition called Microcephaly which caused her head to be smaller at birth than it should be and her brain development in turn develops slower than the other children. When the school year had begun Melissa had really long hair but her hair was strangely getting subtly shorter as the months progressed.

One morning mom made her little girl breakfast and sent her off to school like any other day, nothing was too out of the ordinary. When her daughter got back from school at the end of the day Mom had noticed that her daughters hair had gotten a lot shorter than when she left the house earlier that day. This was the most drastic it had ever been and Samantha had realized something was truly wrong.

At first she thought maybe her daughter was just cutting her own hair experimentally or maybe she and a friend were giving each other makeovers and cut each other’s hair and this time the friend just went a little overboard with the clippers. However the truth would be so much worse than she initially imagined.

Because of Melissa’s disorder she had a lot of trouble speaking and being able to vocalize how she felt and what she had been going through. Her mom began to fire questions at her because she was becoming very concerned at this hair shortening situation. Finally it became clear from Melissa’s description that a group of ‘mean girls’ at school had been making fun of her and cutting clumps of her hair out for the past few months.

Watch the video below to see how Samantha handled Melissa’s bully at school and for the full story:

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THIS Officer Notices Something Weird On This Teens Lips. Realizes The UNTHINKABLE And Immediately Acts On His Gut Instinct!

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We’ve all felt rushed at times and when you’re in a hurry it’s easy to overlook things or make mistakes. When you’re on a tight schedule and need to get things done you don’t have enough time or attention to fully think everything through.

When 18 year old Sarah Bazzini, a senior at Pascack Hills High School in Montvale, New Jersey, was at lunch one day she was feeling extremely rushed for time. She was trying to get some work done and thinking about college applications while she ate when the bell suddenly rung. Knowing that she only had a few minutes to get to her next class, she tried to scarf down the rest of her meal as she gathered up all her stuff.

Sarah slung her backpack on and as she headed down the hallway, she worked at finishing off some French fries. As she popped one in her mouth it became lodged in her throat, so she tried to wash it down with a drink she had, but it was really stuck. She couldn’t breathe at all, but she kept on walking knowing that she needed help, then her vision began to fade.

Up ahead Officer Roger Caron was patrolling the school hallway. It was the busy lunchtime rush and students were streaming past him. He had been an officer for 34 years before the school hired him as part of an effort to ensure student safety in the wake of all the recent school shootings. Both he and other retired police officers were brought in as an extra security measure and he was always on the lookout for any possible trouble or issues.

As he walked down the hall, he noticed a girl coming towards him. She caught his attention because she was stumbling forwards and when she was closer, he saw that her lips were turning blue. When she held her hands up and grabbed at her neck, he asked her if she was choking. She nodded and that’s when he grabbed her and began to perform the Heimlich maneuver. He held her from behind, made his hands into fists, and squeezed in a thrusting motion. After about five thrusts, the young girl cried out and started to gasp for air. She was breathing again and Officer Caron had saved her life.

Sarah had seen the officer up ahead as she was choking and knew he could help her. She was so grateful that he was right there when she needed him the most and afterwards called him her hero! After the incident she was sent to see the school nurse who cleared her and then she was able to return to her class and finish out the rest of the day.

Word spread quick and while everyone hailed Officer Caron as a hero, he was much more humble about it and said that he was only doing his job. Sarah is forever grateful for him and now she even wants to be a police officer herself!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Professor Notices a Kid From Her Class Alone On The Street. But She Quickly Figures Out He Is Desperate For Help!

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School teachers deserve way more credit than they get. They pour their hearts and souls into educating kids often on a less than ideal salary. However, some teachers go far beyond just teaching their students in school. The best teachers are emotionally invested in their students and express concern for them outside of the school setting. This story is about one such teacher.

Keller Sutherland was an elementary school teacher in South Carolina. One night, she was driving home and noticed something odd. A young boy ahead of her car was biking in the middle of the highway. The boy appeared panicked as he weaved in and out of cars. As Sutherland passed him, she realized that he was a former student of hers named Cameron. Out of concern, she stopped her car to check that he was okay.

When she asked him what he was doing biking on the highway, he initially gave a vague answer that he was going to his grandma’s house. Something about this didn’t seem right to Keller. She decided to question him further. Keller asked him if his father knew that he had left the house. That was when the truth came out.

Cameron told Keller that he had come home to find his dad sprawled out unconscious on the kitchen floor. He knew that his dad had diabetes and had passed out due to his need for insulin. He attempted to call the police on his father’s phone but was unable to because it was locked. Cameron looked for neighbors but no one was home. The only other place he could think of to go was his grandmother’s house. The only problem was that it was 5 miles away and he would need to take the freeway to get there. Nevertheless, Cameron bravely mounted his bike and began the long journey.

Keller immediately called the police. Luckily, they were able to send paramedics to take care of Cameron’s father. Keller had saved Cameron’s father and possibly Cameron as well. Who knows what would have happened if Cameron had continued to bike along the busy freeway. Keller was a hero that day and set the example for all teachers that the job extends far beyond the classroom.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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These Students Trick THIS Janitor! Then He Gets The Most Unexpected Surprise!

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Rocky has been a janitor at Los Primeros School in Camarillo, California for 37 years. He is the kind of man who has the special gift, of spreading his own happiness, gratitude and joy of living to all those who are fortunate enough to know him.

For generations he has brightened student’s days with his genuine caring and happiness at seeing them each day. The current students at this school just adore him, and wanted to surprise him with a showing of their gratitude for the sunshine he brings into their school each day!

The video you are about to watch below, came about as a result of the kids teaming up with a clothing company called “Dude Be Nice”. The goal of their company is to ” [encourage] inclusiveness, kindness and gratitude.”

Rocky is called by walkie talkie to the school auditorium by the principal, who told him a child had gotten sick during the assembly, and that they needed his assistance cleaning up. When he enters the auditorium the kids start chanting “We Love Rocky!”, and he can’t contain his emotions.

Other surprises ensue, in this heartwarming video posted on the YouTube channel, “Dude Be Nice”. This will make your day!

Watch the video below:

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Mom Shows Up At Her Kids Cafeteria. She Sees The Teachers Did THIS To Him and Is Disgusted!

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School is a place where children learn important lessons and expand their minds, they’re supposed to feel safe and included in the classroom.  However, some schools have rules and policies in place that end up making students feel bullied and the opposite of welcome.

Lincoln Elementary School in Gates Pass, a small community located in southern Oregon, had a strict policy where any student who was late would have to go to detention.  There were no exemptions and if a child was late for reasons beyond their control, it didn’t matter. One day six year old Hunter showed up late to the school because his mother, Nicole, was feeling under the weather.  

She suffers from osteoarthritis, a chronic health condition that makes it hard to function and painful to move, especially in the morning. On top of that, the family car had conked out the same morning when she went to start it.  Nevertheless, Nicole did her best to get Hunter to school, but by the time he arrived he was a minute or two late.

Watching him walk in the door with tears in his eyes she decided to return at lunch time to cheer him up.  When she walked into the school cafeteria, she was completely shocked to find her 6 year old son sitting all by himself at a lunch table crying.  

In front of him was a white partition that served to block his view of all the other kids and a cup with the letter D written on it. This served to loudly denote his detention status to everyone in the room, as if the isolation and partition wasn’t humiliating enough.

Upon seeing this, Nicole pulled her son from school and took him home but before she left, she took a picture of the sad scene.  She shared the photo with Hunter’s grandmother who in turn posted it on Facebook where it quickly went viral and amassed over 75K shares.  According to the post caption this was the 6th time Hunter had been in detention for reasons beyond his control.  

Meanwhile, the school district was being flooded with calls from concerned people across the country who had seen the post.  The Camello family had no idea the story had garnered such interest and were going about their business. Hunter’s father Mark had gone to pick up the car and was suddenly pulled aside as he went to pay the bill.  

Expecting some bad news about the car, he was instead shocked to find out that people in the community and a local car dealer had rallied together to buy them a new family car! Hunter’s picture and the family’s story had hit a chord and people wanted to do something good for them.

In the end, the school’s detention policy was changed and now there is a designated supervised room that is used instead of the cafeteria, so kids don’t feel singled out and are not publicly shamed.

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Video – THIS Huge Husky Wakes Up This Boy With The Most Unexpected Surprise!

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Waking up in the morning can be very difficult if you’re not a morning person. It’s not only people who have a hard time with it, lots of animals also struggle with getting out of their warm, soft, comfortable beds. If you happen to dread rising and shining in the am, then you’ll understand exactly how this boy and his dog feel.

In the short clip a mother is trying her best to encourage her young son to scoot out of bed so he can get ready for school. She cheerfully tells him that it’s time to wake up but his sleeping companion, a beautiful large Husky, is hearing none of it.

The big sleepy puppy grumpily moans and whimpers in protest, and defiantly moves to get even more comfortable by sprawling out across the boy’s body. Every time mom tries to pull back the blankets the dog quickly grabs them with his teeth and yanks them back into place. He’s definitely NOT a morning dog!

This Husky has a mind of his own and isn’t afraid to sass back at mom. It makes you wonder if this is a daily occurrence because he readily responds and doesn’t shy away in the least. All the while the kid just giggles and laughs at his silly friend’s mini tantrum.

If being absolutely adorable could get this pair out of waking up, they would definitely have succeeded!

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