An Old Woman At A Bus Stop Sits Down And Begins Playing The Piano. Seconds Later My Jaw Dropped!

People are standing at a bus stop, in the humdrum of their lives, when something really extraordinary occurs. Someone has left an old piano on the street where they are waiting. An old woman, walking with a walker, lingers. She has scraggly gray long hair; perhaps she is homeless.

Whatever her lot in life, within her lies something so beautiful, it is astounding! She steps away from her walker and sits on the piano bench. She lifts her arthritic fingers to the keyboard and she is transformed. Those fingers lightly touch the keys as she begins to play, and as you watch this you can’t help but wonder what is going to happen.

Her light touch begins to build, as the fluidity of her playing astounds those watching. She is no longer old and frail, but a young woman whose talent has laid dormant for many years. Her playing is so remarkable that I found myself holding my breath as I watched and listened.

Who was she? Had she been a professional musician? Perhaps we will never know her story, but it is certain that music brings her alive! It is deeply imbedded in her soul, and given this unexpected opportunity, it poured out of her. Her performance was nothing short of magical! The people listening were blown away, and you will be too.

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They Called Her Fat and Laughed At Her In The Gym. Her Response Is Just Epic!

The majority of women, especially in the United States, have some kind of issue with their body. We look at ourselves in the mirror and dissect our imperfections, wishing we looked different. Women think their bellies are flabby, arms are too thick, legs are pushed together, ass is too flat, too wide, their breasts are too small, too saggy. The list goes on and on.

We base our criticisms on what we have been shown by the media to be beautiful. Tiny, anorexic, airbrushed models, waxed with precision, with symmetrical features and a face full of make up. So what happens when we realize that the perfect we’ve been taught isn’t perfect after all? We begin to love ourselves for what we are.

That is exactly what Loey Lane has done in her plus-size swimwear fashion show. She filmed two minutes and seven outfits narrated by her words of love for herself. She confesses that she struggled with her weight and eating disorders, but has now overcome by choosing to be proud of who she is.

She focuses on her positive attributes and not what other people think she should be. Loey knows her body is strong and healthy and she sees the beauty in that. Her message is inspiring for all. But why not take it even further? Women should challenge themselves daily to push the limits of what has been deemed socially acceptable regarding our bodies.

Why are we pulling all of our hair out or shaving it off? Men aren’t required to do that. Why are we covering our faces with chemicals and colors to disguise our features and skin? Why do we strap a tight band around our rib cage and straps over our shoulders in attempt to conquer what is inevitable?

Why have we not questioned the confinement we’ve been trapped in? This video is a step in that direction, a breath of fresh air. As long as we support and encourage all the Loey Lane’s out there, women will be dancing in elegant freedom before we know it.

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He Growled and Snarled At Everyone Who Got Close To His Cage. But When She Showed Up It’s Unbelievable!

In 2005 the Jukani Predator Park was set up as a refuge for big cats who had previously lived in zoos or experienced abuse in their lives. Conservationists Jurg Olsen and his wife Karen run the South African sanctuary that lions, cheetahs, leopards, panthers, servals and more now call home. Jurg is an ex policeman and shares a close connection with the big cats that he cares for. He is able to play with, walk among, pet, and interact, directly with many of the animals. Except for one, a black leopard.

The leopard previously lived in a European zoo where he had been abused. The trauma turned him into an extremely aggressive cat who trusted no human. He let his hatred be known by growling and snarling at anyone who approached his cage, which he never left. The cat even bit Jurg and put him in the hospital for a week with one bite. Due to his vicious nature, he was named Diabolo.

After 6 months of no progress with Diabolo an outside expert came to visit, who had no knowledge of his past or present condition. Anna Breytenbach, a self styled inter-species communicator, has a unique ability in that she can transmit detailed messages to animals.

She speaks to them visually, through pictures, and silently with thoughts. Anna obtains responses from them that are often extremely detailed and personally revealing. In this video clip, we see her transform the deadly snarling Diabolo into a content and happy cat affectionately re-named Spirit.

When Anna approached the leopards cage he didn’t snarl and growl like always, but instead a wave of peace and calm washed over him. She was able to kneel right outside and look in at him. The two connected and telepathically spoke to one another.

Anna said that he was over-awed by his new surroundings, disliked humans for what they’d done to him, and he was immensely powerful, wise, and felt under appreciated. Specifically, he disliked his name and the darkness it inferred.

He was very concerned about 2 young cubs that used to be next to his cage at the zoo and it was this fact that convinced everyone that Anna must truly be communicating with the leopard. There was no other way she could possibly have known about the two cubs, even they had forgot, but Diabolo hadn’t.

So much more was said and brought out into the light because of Anna’s extraordinary ability and gift for speaking with, and understanding, animals. In less than 24 hours Diabolo’s entire world, demeanor, and life changed for the better, so much so that he earned a new name; Spirit. See what else transpired that fateful day, when Anna met Spirit, and prepare yourself for the unexpected flood of emotions that will wash over you when you hear their wild story.

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Intoxicated Lady Left Her Vehicle In The Lot At a Bar/Restaurant. She Returns and Discovers This Note On Her Car.

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If you enjoy drinking adult beverages when you go out to eat with friends and family at a bar or restaurant, then you’ve likely had to figure out a safe way home. There are times in our lives when we simply end up drinking too much alcohol to drive safe and soundly or within the legal limit. That is when we should call it a night and call a cab, an Uber, or a friend to pick us up as well.

Not driving drunk is among the smartest, most responsible choices that any person could make, and yet all too often people fail to do the right thing. Not Paula Grzelak-Schultz, she was wise enough to leave her car parked at the restaurant she went to eat at on a recent night out with her husband. They decided to take an Uber home instead and picked up their car the next day.

When Paula arrived back at her vehicle the following morning she immediately noticed a letter on her windshield. Like most people who have ever left their car parked overnight in a lot or place of business, she assumed it was a ticket or an angry letter. After all, you can never really know what the parking or tow policy may be or how strictly a business actually enforces it.

However, when Paula opened the letter up she was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Instead of being a ticket or a nasty note, it contained one of the nicest, most genuine, and non-judgmental messages ever! Here’s exactly what it said:


Is this not the nicest note ever!? Not only did the restaurant not tow or ticket her car, but they also threw in a pound of tasty chicken wings, that’s some real customer service and dedication. According to Joe McLean, the Original Joe’s managing partner, this isn’t the first or only time he has left a note on customers cars that were left in the parking lot overnight. He leaves the vouchers and letters in order to promote public safety and as a way to encourage people not to drink and drive.

I know what you may be thinking, only in Canada could someone be so nice and thoughtful, but hopefully Mr. McLean’s approach will catch on and inspire other businesses to do the same. After all, drinking and driving is selfish, stupid, and yet way too common. This obviously highlights the issue and if it can make people think twice about doing it, or stop even one person from endangering themselves and everyone else on the road with them, then it works.

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5 Reasons a Woman Will Break Up With The Guy She’s In Love With

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Many people find that falling in love is easy, it’s breaking up that’s the hard part. When people decide to end a relationship it can be very messy, emotional, and intense. After being committed to someone else and sharing your life with them, how could it not be difficult to let them go?

While each of us looks for certain qualities and different things in a partner, when it comes to women they often fall harder and commit faster to a relationship than men do. Men tend to be more cautious because they’re more likely to think about the eventual heartbreak that could come from a breakup. In contrast, when a woman is falling in love she doesn’t hesitate or hold herself back, nor is she likely to take into account the possible hurt and pain of a failed romance.

At the same time, if a woman feels she is in a relationship that is going nowhere or one that’s unhealthy, she also won’t hesitate to end it. There are many reasons why a woman will choose to leave the man she loves. The accompanying video covers twelve of them and five more are examined further below:

1) Her Man Lacks Spontaneity:
Men often settle down into very predictable routines and follow certain patterns as they age. They develop their own way of doing things, and that’s fine, but women need a little bit of spontaneity every once in awhile. The same old thing over and over gets boring, there’s no excitement in the expected. Men need to show a spark of impulsiveness and do something special for their woman if they want to keep them around and happy. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, buy her something nice, make her breakfast in bed one morning, write her a sweet note. It doesn’t have to be some grand, expensive to-do, just a small thoughtful gesture is all a woman needs to feel loved and appreciated.

2) Considerable Life Change(s):
Men and women age differently and there are certain momentous occasions that a woman may find herself going through. These include kids leaving and moving out of the house, menopause, caring for their parents, and other major milestones or issues that may arise like illness or a sudden death in the family. If her man is not by her side supporting and helping her through all these types of changes and more, then why would she ever choose to stay with him. After all, if your partner isn’t with you when the times are good and bad, then he’s just not worth it.

3) Her Man Is Absent:
When a man is always gone and doing his own thing, a woman will quickly get tired of him being physically not there and leave him. Women need someone they can turn to and trust to be by their side when they need them the most. If a man is constantly leaving his woman alone, whether it be for work or out with his friends, then it makes her question why she’s even with him. A woman doesn’t need a man who is clingy or overly attached. Instead, being there with her and present physically, more often than not, can make a world of a difference. It shows that a man cares and wants to spend time with the woman he loves.

4) Loneliness:
When a woman feels alone, in that she is not being supported or loved in the way she wants and needs to be, don’t expect her to stick around. Women need a man who is present not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They crave a deeper connection that goes beyond the superficial. As such, when a relationship lacks meaningful conversation, love, and attention, then it lacks a reason for her to stay.

5) She Feels Taken for Granted:
Nothing kills the spark between a man and woman faster than a lack of communication. This often leads to women feeling as if they are not being truly acknowledged or supported, but rather taken for granted. Relationships are two-way streets and each person in them needs to pull their own weight. Men need to show they care and appreciate the woman in their life and it’s not very hard to do. Whether it’s helping with chores around the house, cooking, walking the dog, or anything else they can do to lend a helping hand, it will show they care and want to help support their partner.

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