This Police Officer Approaches These Kids. Seconds Later Nobody Expected This Surprise!

Due to some terrible incidents that have dominated news coverage, in which police had negative and sometimes fatal interactions that involved bad judgement or racism, policemen as a whole have suffered community backlash.

It is so unfortunate that cops who serve their communities bravely are hurt by others’ bad judgements.  Recently there have been stories showing footage of the best of police, and the one you are about to watch is at once light-hearted and heart-warming.

There is nothing better than watching a great cop like John Larson, of the San Diego Police, interacting with kids in a fun way.  A small action like this helps to restore the trust that police are approachable.  Watch as John joins kids in a crowded parking lot to do the now popular, “whip/nae nae”, funky dance.

His moves are priceless, and his interview reveals what a great cop patrolling before a football game is all about. The kids had approached hit about a fundraiser they were doing, and this is what happened!  Don’t miss the hilarious twerking player on the side!

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A Teacher Asks Her 3rd Grade Students THIS 1 Question. Their Unexpected Responses Are Heartbreaking!

A good teacher is attuned to her students needs in a really unique way.  Since they spend approximately six hours a day with their class, in elementary school, they get to wear many hats when interacting.  At times other than the teacher hat, they take on a parental role and other times a friend with good listening skills.

Kyle Schwartz is a third-grade teacher who cares very much about the kids she teaches.  Her students are primarily of Hispanic background, whose parents are the working poor.  She wanted to provide an outlet for these children to confide in her about personal things, without feeling ashamed or put on the spot.

Kyle came up with a writing exercise that would allow them to express themselves, anonymously, if they wanted to. She asked them to complete the sentence: “I wish my teacher knew…”.  The responses that she received were quite revealing of the turmoil they experience everyday in their young lives.

She posted some of their answers on Twitter  without their names.  It is heart-wrenching to hear such young children carrying overwhelming emotional burdens. This exercise gives us all a window into the lives of children who feel neglected or abandoned.

Such unburdening can be very helpful in starting a conversation that can both support children and parents.  It was quite a wake-up call for this new teacher.  Let us know your thoughts and feelings after viewing the video below.

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These Kids Were Being Huge Brats During Dinner. But No One Expected THIS Punishment!

Sitting down for a meal should be a social and interactive event for everyone gathered around the table. Dinners are a time to catch up in our busy lives with family and friends and good old fashioned conversation seems to flow better over food and drinks.

For years people have taken time in their lives to stop whatever it was they were doing so they could sit down to enjoy meals with others. However, in recent times the dinner table dynamic has taken a drastic turn for the worse.

People now bring their phones, tablets and other gadgets to dinner, whip them out, and bury their heads in the devices. They pay no attention to others and focus on the little glowing screen, oblivious to the world around them. Others can’t tear themselves away from the TV and blast the distracting box way too loud so they can hear it through their chewing.

No one else present can get a word in and it’s becoming all too common for people to eat mindlessly in front of TVs. Texting is basically a person typing private messages to another and when it’s done at the table it’s rude and shows nothing but a lack of respect for fellow dining companions. It’s that simple yet people still do it, like they’re addicts.

That is the sad reality shown clearly in this video from Dolmio, a company that makes Italian sauces and now a new clever invention aptly named the “Pepper Hacker.” The pepper hacker looks like an ordinary wooden pepper grinder but it contains a powerful hidden secret within.

With just one simple twist it activates a technology type signal blocker and shuts down TVs, WiFi, and mobile devices in an instant. To show its effectiveness, the company gave them to frustrated mothers and recorded the families reactions. Kids went nuts, cursing their devices and throwing fits, and frantically tried to figure out what was wrong with their phones, tablets, and TVs.

However, it was also time for dinner so they put aside their confusion and sat down for a nice homemade family meal. The scenes without gadgets at the dinner table tell the real story. Children talked, interacted, and engaged fully with one another and their parents instead of staring at their phones like checked out zombies. People all smiled, joked, and enjoyed themselves for once, which is how dinner should always be.

As awesome and neat as the Pepper Hacker device is, it’s also sadly unavailable for purchase right now. According to it’s creator, Brendan Forster, the gadget is still in development and prototype stages and has yet to be produced on a large scale.

Either way, you can always make it a house rule that cellphones, iPads, and similar devices are banned from the dinner table, or just turn off the WiFi and lay down the law!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Said What The Pups Do Everytime He Enters The Room. So She Caught THIS

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The sight of 16 energetic puppies pouring out of a doorway is likely the cutest thing you will see today. The herd of little Basenji doggies seen in this video is comprised of puppies from three different litters that were all born around the same time.

Each individual pup sports similarly colored brown or black markings set against a white fur coat, and all appear to have a white line down the center of their heads and noses. The big family gets along well and no puppy ever needs to worry about not having a playmate to romp around with!

The puppies were born and raised in Norway and live with Dag Christer Lie and his wife Liv, who own and run Kingwanas Kennel, which is Swahili for “Congo.” Their two sons, aged 4 and 6, also share the house with the puppy herd and can be seen in the video getting swarmed by the baby Basenjis.

The kids love to play with and among the dogs, and are definitely living every child’s dream of having a gang of puppies to run wild with. The family has an active passion for the breed and have been very involved in the Norwegian Basenji Club and Norwegian Kenel Klub over the years.

The breed’s origin can be traced back to Africa, around the Congo Basin, where they were kept mainly for hunting. They make excellent hunters due to their strong prey drive and are also extremely intelligent. Basenji’s have big personalities and are incredibly curious, attentive, smart and active.

They also love to groom themselves and keep their fur so clean that they rarely need to be bathed, like a cat. Best of all, they are nearly odorless, so you never have to worry about stinky dog smells if you own one. One of the most interesting traits about these dogs is that they don’t bark, hence their nickname the “barkless dog.”

Instead they make a wide range of other sounds, including a common yodel-like noise and deep growls. Some even produce hair raising screams that can scare the pants off a person. Then there are the other usual dog sounds that every dog seems to make such as whimpers, whines, and groans. Finally, they have adorable, cute as a button, furry, and lovable puppies, as evidenced by this video so check it out and enjoy!

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Fathers and Their Children Ask Each Other A Simple Question. The Result I Can’t Hold Back The Tears.

Have you ever wanted to ask your father if he is proud of you, or tell him how grateful you are that he’s in your life? Fathers tend to have a hard time expressing their emotions and often have difficulty opening up to their children. A lot of what they are feeling is never said out loud and communicated, which leaves kids feeling distant and left to guess as to what their dad may really be thinking. This can be unhealthy and lead to a lot of mistaken assumptions that may hurt kids feelings and go un-addressed for years.

It is society which as taught and come to expect fathers to behave in this emotionally distant manner, while mothers are expected take on the primary emotional support role in their kid’s and families lives. That is the motivation behind this video about the #TellThemNow campaign, which encourages more open and direct lines of communication between fathers and their children, regardless of how old they may be.

The people in the clip were only asked to participate in a short video and weren’t told anything else about what it entailed. A father and child pair were directed to stand closely facing one another, and the son or daughter began by asking the question, ‘What about me makes you proud?’ to their dad.

All the responses that followed were genuine, and from the heart, being said on the spot. Some dad’s answered saying, “everything,” “you’re loving,” “funny,” “you helped me,” and so on, elaborating from there and opening up much further. The pairs were surprised by how powerful and emotional the simple exercise was and some even cried, others laughed and hugged, but they all felt a deeper connection.

What made this so raw and true was that it was sudden and unrehearsed. These people all finally spoke out loud what had been on their minds and in their thoughts for so long. Finally, they felt safe to express, and hear, what they should have shared with each other all along.

We never know how much more time we have here on Earth or how long our loved ones will be with us, so before they are gone you should tell them how you feel. Hopefully you were inspired to reach out to your father to connect with him and open up. Father’s day is a week away, so now is the perfect time to call him up and tell him you love him if you haven’t done so already lately.

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This Little Girl In The Back Of A Zumba Class Steals The Whole Show When She Does THIS

Working out can be incredibly boring. For some people, running on a treadmill and staring straight ahead at a mirror or wall is just plain excruciating and every minute that ticks by seems like an hour. There are much better ways to get fit while having fun and dancing up a sweaty storm is one of them.

Taking Zumba classes has become a tried and true method to get the easily bored type person motivated, moving, and into shape. If you are wondering whether or not it is really all that fun, check out this video and then decide.

The back story to this adorable video is that a mother decided to take Zumba classes and took her young daughter along with her. Once they warmed up, started moving, and blasted the music, the little girl took notice. She clearly wanted to be a part of the excitement and joined in with her mom and the others.

This doesn’t appear to be her first class because her moves are well executed and very on point. She shakes, twirls, and steps expertly around the dance floor like she has been doing this for years. If she keeps at it she will be in great shape and know all the best dance moves! Note: If video doesn’t play on mobile device or tablet turn device horizontal.

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