What This 17-Month-Old Toddler Screamed Out During His Adoption Hearing Left The Whole Court In Tears!

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Children who don’t have parents usually end up in the “system” where they are passed around from adoption agency to foster parents until one day hopefuly they get their forever home. Unfortunately, millions of children all around the world stay stuck in the “system” until they are adults and never get to truly experience childhood in a caring, loving and stable environment. Mentally this can take a great toll on these poor kids as they carry this pain with them into adulthood and sometimes even for their entire lives.

The sad fact of the matter is most of these parentless kids never ever find that loving caring home and are forced to live a life nobody would ever want. For some very lucky few, there are good parents out there looking to adopt and raise children in a happy and stable home.

Sometimes these parents already have children of their own, so these adopted kids also get to experience life with brothers and sisters which can really help them get the proper socialization they need to become self-sufficient functioning adults in society.

In today’s story we will feature the Palmer couple Mandy and Tyler who spent close to a year and half proving that they were worthy, loving and good enough parents to adopt a very special child.  The husband Tyler was had enlisted in 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. After basic training, Tyler was immediately shipped off to Afghanistan to serve his country.

Tyler finished up his first tour and came back home to reintegrate into society as a civilian. Although, physically he was okay, being at war messed his head up and he needed time to recover mentally and emotionally. As he struggled through PTSD and his traumas he met a beautiful woman named Mandy. The two immediately hit it off and they could just tell almost immediately that they were soulmates.

Just like Tyler, Mandy had also been struggling with her own health issues and was suffering from Chrohn’s Disease, so being together as a support system made things easier for both of them.

But just as quick as they hit it off, Tyler was shipped back off to do his second tour of duty for the Army for 9 months. They wrote each other letters, video chatted called each other during the full 9 months and 4 weeks after his second tour ended he got down on one knee and asked Mandy to marry him. She said yes and within a month they were a married couple!

After they got married Tyler decided it was time for him to retire from the army, begin a new life with his wife and start a beautiful family. For many years they tried to have a child, but Mandy’s health problems stood in the way and they were unable to conceive. They tried and tried but nothing seemed to work at all. The sad truth finally settled in that Mandy would never be able to get pregnant because of her Chron’s Disease so they would have to try a different path to begin their family.

The looked at fertility treatments, surrogacy and few other options but finally decided that adoption would be the best path for them to take. You would think because there are so many children in desperate need of adoption that it would be a pretty simple and straight forward process however, due to Tyler’s PTSD struggles and Mandy’s health issues getting the go-ahead and approval as worthy parents would take months and months.

First they would have to get licensed as foster parents, where they could be tested to see if they were even capable of caring for a child. After tons of paperwork, training and tests they were finally approved after close to a year.

After they received their license to become foster parents they got a call that a week old baby named Hunter needed a foster home and they immediately said yes to taking him and caring for the infant first as fast parents and if all went well they could become his permanent adopted parents.

After they agreed to take in baby Hunter, they ran to all the baby stores bought everything they needed for his nursery and to child-proof the house and make it the best possible environment a child could ever have.

They knew in the back of their minds that at this point they were just his foster parents and another couple could end up becoming his permanent adopted parents but they didn’t care, they were determined to give this infant the best life possible!

Then their worst fear happened, another couple was scheduled to be Hunter’s permanent adoptive parents and they were absolutely devastated! With that being said, the couple wasn’t going to give up and would fight for custody of baby Hunter as hard as they possibly could. For months the battle raged on through the courts and nobody truly knew what the final outcome would be.

After 17 months, Hunter had gone from a few day old infant to a happy little toddler who loved Tyler and Mandy so much. They were of course the only parents he ever had and knew. Over that 17 month period they had to go from court to court to fight to truly become his permanent legal guardians.

Finally, 17 months in they were about to go to their final court date where the judge would make his final ruling on the future of the boy. Their whole family and all their friends went to court with them that day. The judge finally made it official and read out his legal and official new name Hunter Palmer!

Before anybody could even react to the amazing news, Hunter would scream something to his dad that would leave the entire court in tears…

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They Adopted This Young Child No One Wanted. But 20 Years Later The Girl Looks Completely Different!

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Being a person on planet earth is a pretty tough job regardless of where you come from. The everyday struggles that everyone goes through can take a toll even on the strongest willed people. Even when you are lucky enough to be born into a good family, with a roof over your head and food on your table life will still throw you curveballs that you will never see coming until it’s too late. However, consider yourself lucky if you are born without a congenital deformity, learning disabilty or any other hurdle that makes living that much more difficult. For those who are born with heriditary diseases or congenital deformities an already hard life becomes that much more difficult.

This brings us to today’s story about a special girl named Hannah who was born with a rare congenital defect called primordial dwarfism. Primordial Dwarfism is so rare that currently there are only 100 people out of 7 billion who have this rare disease. These people have the odds stacked against them from the start, they grow much slower than people without the disease and their life expectency is cut short to a mere 30 years. When her biological mother was told by the doctors about her daughters condition, she knew she wouldn’t be able to take care of her so she made the difficult decision to put up poor baby Hannah for adoption. Because of her condition pretty much nobody wanted to adopt her, knowing that the responsibilty of caring for a child with special needs is about 10x harder than one without.

After months and months of no one adopting her, a couple named Jackie and Larry finally came along, who took one look at Hannah and knew she was the one who would be their daughter and become part of their family! Young Hannah now had a full blown family with 1 big sister named Kelly and 2 big brothers Matt and Mark. The family was absolutely amazing and treated Hannah with extra love, care and affection. Her siblings loved her as well and treated her no different than they treated eachother.

When Hannah got a bit older she became aware that she was different than other kids her age and her parents wanted to be completely honest with her while at the same time letting her know that her condition didn’t make her less of a person than anybody else. In fact, they told her she was 10 out seven billion with Primordial Dwarfism and this made her a miracle child. On top of growing much slower than other kids her age, she also had other health complications, such as heart problems, aneurysms, small teeth falling out and needing implants, scoliosis and worst of all polycystic kidney disease which inevitably could lead to her kidneys completely failing. However through all of this she persevered with grace and bravery.

After a few years, Hannah was school age and ready to begin her education at the same school her siblings went to. Even though she required special care due to her complex health issues, the whole family was determined to not make her feel like an outcast and give her a normal and ordinary childhood. However, school wasn’t easy for her because kids can just straight up be cruel. She was made of fun of, laughed at and mocked. But over the years, this only made her stronger and stronger as she overcame adversity after adversity. Also, her older siblings were very protective of their little sister and if they ever caught wind of bullies being mean to her, they defended her and always had her back no matter what!

With all of this going on, her adoptive mother needed a kidney transplant and somehow Hannah was a match to be a donor for her mom. Hannah decided that because her mom had pretty much saved her life she would do the same and give up one of her kidneys to save her mom’s life! Hannah is not only brave, beautiful and strong she is also a hero that we can all learn from!

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9-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer Tells His Father ‘I Gotta Quit’. But Then Makes Him a Promise That Left Him In Tears!

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Once you become a parent it quickly dawns on you that your life is no longer the most important thing to you but your child’s life now takes precedence over your own. Seeing your young kid sick is one of the hardest things for a parent to deal with especially when there is nothing you can do to make them better.

You will make any sacrifice you possibly can for your child and will do everything in your power to try and get them better, no matter what the cost. In a worse case scenario situation they can be able to survive their illness! Until you face this reality as a parent it is truly hard to grasp how sad, difficult, scary, and life altering this situation can be.

Even if your child isn’t sick having that initial conversation about death is one of the hardest thing a parent will ever have to do. How can you explain death to a kid when as an adult it’s almost impossible to grasp the idea of it yourself. Even worse what happens when you have to have this conversation with your son and it’s not a theoretical conversation, but a talk about his imminent death.

This brings us to today’s heart breaking story. Bill Kohler father of Aiden Kohler, was diagnosed with a very rare form of childhood cancer called Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma or DIPG. This is a very dangerous form of cancer that forms a large mass or tumor in the middle of the brainstem. This form of cancer is almost impossible to treat because it grows around the nerves in the brain.

If these nerves are operated on the patient will almost certainly die. People diagnosed with this type of cancer usually can only live for at most 12 months after it is found. This form of cancer is so rare that only 300 humans are diagnosed each year and they are usually between the ages of 5-9 years old.

In Aiden’s particular case his diagnosis was even worse because they didn’t just find one tumor they found two! Even with the devastating news about his son, Bill a veteran and former army medic tried just about anything and everything he could to save his son’s life.

He tried to get him into multiple experimental trials that weren’t fully cleared yet in a last ditch effort to save the young boy. Unfortunatley Aiden didn’t meet the requirements for these test trials and was rejected over and over again. When Bill finally had to come to terms with the fact that there was absolutely nothing he could do, he made his boy a promise that he would make his final days on earth as fulfilling and special as he possibly could.

Aiden got to meet his favorite wrestlers, celebrity chefs, go hunting in the woods and play with his favorite soccer team. Then came his tenth and final birthday where his parents tried their best and gave him an amazing final birthday. Time was quickly running out as the sand in the hour glass was almost empty, Aiden’s short life was coming to an end.

All his bodily functions were shutting down. He couldn’t swallow, breathe, walk and talking was becoming more and more difficult. He knew he was going to die soon and he looked up at his father and told him ‘Dad I gotta quit’. Bill the former army medic looked at his son with tears streaming down his eyes and told him, ‘if you fought as hard as you possibly could and you just can’t go on it’s okay to quit son’.

Aiden said to his dad after he’s gone he wants to be remembered as a fighter, filled with happiness, funny, a good athlete, smart, wise beyond his years and selfless. He also wanted to people to celebrate his life by dancing and singing and not be sad that he is now gone from this earth.

Aiden died soon after but his family, friends and community will never forget this special boy who will forever remain in their memories. To this day donations are still being given to John Hopkins in Aiden’s name to try and find a cure for DIPG.

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Toddler Desperately Attempts To Unlock Daddy’s IPad Tablet But The IPad Ends Up Being Locked For 48 Years!

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Ah the wonderful joy of having children. Nothing brings more joy to a couples life than the magic of bringing your own children into the world. While it truly is one of the greatest feelings in the world it can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. These curious little critters are like sponges absorbing everything in anything around them.

In today’s technology centric world, it would only be natural for kids to be super curious about these strange beeping devices that mommy and daddy seem to be looking at all day. Science has been advancing and evolving at such a rapid pace but the yound kids seem to be keeping pace and evolving with this constantly changing world.

This brings us to today’s story featuring a father named Evan Osnos. One morning he had been busy doing stuff around the house, when he realized he needed to look something up on his ipad. He looked around unaware that his toddler was busy trying to hack his pass code and gain access to the tablet!

By the time dad got to his ipad, the damage had already been done! He pressed on the power button, looked at the screen and at first thought he must be hallucinating. His background was illuminating from the phone, but a lock symbol stated that his phone would be locked for the next 25,536,442 minutes (approximately 48 years). He had no idea what to do and began trying to figure out how he would regain access after his adorable yet mischefious child had put him in quite the pickle!

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Her Baby Began Acting Very Strange. Then Mom’s Hidden Camera Caught The Babysitter Doing The UNTHINKABLE!

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Hiring a babysitter is an arduous task and one that most mothers have to deal with. Maybe mom is returning to work or wants to go on a date night. She has to find someone who she can entrust with the safety of her precious child. For one couple, this proved more difficult than normal.

Arizona couple Chris and Whitney were happily raising their baby Raley. Chris was working full time and Whitney wanted to go back to law school. They knew that they would need to hire a nanny so Whitney could pursue her dream. They looked and looked but repeatedly came up short in the search for a suitable nanny.

Then, a voice from Whitney’s past reached out. Melissa, a fellow high school classmate of Whitney’s, reached out after seeing Whitney’s post of Facebook. Whitney did a background check on Melissa and saw only positive things. They met and the job was arranged

A few weeks later, Whitney and Chris noticed a change in their child’s behavior. She seemed more skittish and anxious. She also would hide behind Whitney whenever Melissa came over. The couple sensed something was wrong but couldn’t prove it.

Chris and Whitney decided to hide a secret camera to check in on the nanny. They left one night with the camera hidden. When they came back, they dismissed Melissa and checked the camera. It had clearly been moved as it was now facing the wall.

Whitney took the camera and began to review the footage. She was shocked by what she saw. The couple watched in horror as Melissa violently shook and pushed their daughter on the screen. Quickly, they formulated a plan. They called Melissa over to watch their kid that night. When she arrived, she was greeted by the local police.

Thankfully, she was now in custody. It’s hard to imagine that these horror stories could actually happen to you, but it only goes to show careful we need to be when letting strangers into our lives.

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Father Left Her On An Old Back Road. But Wait Until You See The Surprise He Gets When He Looks In The Rear View Mirror!

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A few years back a video surfaced on the internet that set the world on fire. The video opens with a man driving up to an adoption agency, where a little girl with red hair is watching waiting for someone to adopt her. Then it cuts to the little red head hopping in the car with the man holding her stuffed animal.

During this part of the video it clearly looks like this girl has finally been adopted. Because she is unsure and has trouble trusting she acts really nervous at first. Then the man gives her a look, pats her on the head and tells her she doesn’t have to worry anymore because she will be taken care of from from now on.

The girl even through her nervous and uncertainity flashes back a little smile as if she knows her life is truly going to turn around and change for the better. When they finally arrive at her new house, there is already another little girl. At first it seems like a moment of weird awkward tension, but the other little girl quickly runs up to the family’s new addition and gives her a big hug!

Then she looks at her new mom, clutches her little stuffed animal the mom flashes her a smile and it seems like a very beautiful moment. For months everything was going well, her nervousness, anxiety and trust issues were fading and she seemed to be loving her new family home.

But just as fast as her world changed months earlier, things began to take a turn for the worse as the family began showing her less attention. That’s when her anxiety, nervousness , fear bright lights and loud noises begin haunting her world again. The family seemed to be very displeased as they thought things had initially been going well.

Soon after her new mom starts yelling at her for stuff she didn’t do and her new sister stops playing with her. Her sister also grabs the little red heads stuffed animal and begins ripping it apart! Her mom and dad also begin to start neglecting her emotionally while they always seem too busy to pay her any attention.

They all felt she like she she was a problem child and there would be now way they could ever change her bad behavior.  The family even started asking themselves why they even adopted her at all. They has a private discussion about what they should do with her and they come up with a plan.

Her new dad tells her that they are going for a ride in the car to do some things. She hops in thinking wow this is great I’m finally going to get some time alone to spend with my dad. They drove and drove until they reached this old dirt road. They pull of to the side of the dirt road, dad opens up her door, she walks out and dad again pats her on the head. Then he deploys his family’s plan to take carae of their situation.

He takes that stuffed animal she loves so dearly and throws it as far as he possibly can! She runs to go get it, thinking maybe we are just having some fun and playing a game. However, she couldn’t be more wrong because just as she grabs the stuffed animal and turns back around she sees dads car driving away! Just before he gets out of visual sight, he takes a peak through his rear view mirror and sees the unthinkable..

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