Two Men Try To Save Drowning Baby Zebra But That’s When The Zebra Mom Confronts Them and Does The Unthinkable!

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Many people are torn when it comes to zoos and animal parks. On the one hand a lot believe that these animals shouldn’t be placed in small artifical enclosures and think they deserve to be in the wild where they are meant to be. On the other hand, many animals at zoos and wildlife centers are rescued from poachers, sketchy circuses or were accidentally wounded and wouldn’t survive unless they were rescued. Also, wildlife centers and zoos give us such an in depth view and understanding of these magnificent creatures, which gives us an opportunity to understand and help their fellow animals who are trying to coexist in a world filled with humans.

Regardless of where you stand on zoos, the animals themselves should be cherished and treated with decency, love and respect. Sometimes we are treated to the very rare sight of seeing these amazing animals give birth and help keep the numbers of their species above the endangered list. The first and probably most famous zoo animal birth that almost everybody on the entire planet remembers is good old April the Giraffe. People waited and waited for months as they watched the pregnant giraffe in awe waiting for that exact moment she would give birth. Instead of watching their usual tv shows, movies or video games, people were glued to April’s live stream waiting for that baby to come.

When the day finally came it was pretty much like Christmas to many people as the world rejoiced, a new miracle baby giraffe was in the world and all the time, interest and love people put into pregnant giraffe April and her soon-to-be baby all paid off in the end. Although baby animals aren’t born everyday in zoos and no birth really matched the curiousity and worldwide attention as April it still does happen and it is just as exciting when it does!

This brings us to today’s amazing story which features a Zoo in Valencia, Spain called Biopark which is one of the biggest and most popular zoos in the region. The zoo contains over a whopping 4,000 animals and specializes in African wildlife and fauna. However, the zoo is most well known for its intricate and incredibly designed habitats. They use a technique called zoo immersion where people are literally immersed into the habitats with the wildlife without actually disturbing the incredible creatures. Instead of the usual ugly and potentially inhumane cages, they use mostly natural barriers like rivers, lakes, ponds and streams to seperate tourists from the animals.

At first when people get to Biopark they sometimes feel a bit uneasy because it feels like these wild animals could easily jump out of these immersive habitats, since mostly everyone is used to the classic cage design. However, these immersive designs have proven time and time again to be just as safe or even safer then a standard zoo cage habitat. This brings us to the main part of today’s story, which is somewhat of a zebra love story/fairy tale. La Nina a mare and a colt name Zambe were introduced into the immersive and well designed zebra habitat. The two immediately became fond of one another spending most of their days and nights together and soon enough, as it usually happens in nature La Nina was impregnanted.

This beautiful zebra couple were going to have a beautiful baby zebra and start a family! After 13 long months of pregnancy mama was finally ready to give birth. Employees of the zoo knew the day was coming as they all watched to make sure everything went smooth without any complications. Soon guests at the zoo had heard the whispers that the zebra birth was about to happen and they too flocked to watch this mama give birth to her baby. The birth was a quickie, almost as soon as the baby popped it’s little head out the rest of it’s body followed suit. Everything seemed to be running on schedule, no complications and the beauty and miracle of new life was on display for all to see.

When zebras are born in the wild, they immediately get their land legs usually within the first 10-15 minutes after they are born due to the threat of predators. So just as they do in the wild this baby also found his legs and was up and trotting around exploring the habitat within 10-20 minutes. This baby zebra was a bit overzealous and let curiousity get the best of him as he trotted extremely close to the water in the habitat. The clumsy young baby stumbled and fell head first into the watering hole.

At first the people watching didn’t think much of it and you could even hear laughter as people really didn’t understand how dangerous a situation this actually was. Her zebra mom attempted to stop the baby before it tumbled into the water but because she was so exhausted from being pregnant and giving birth she couldn’t hold the baby back from the water. While visitors had a good chuckle, the zoo staff immediately knew this was a bad situation that could go from an amazing moment to a devastating tragedy ending with the baby drowning!

The zoo staff dove into the water and began swamming towards the baby who was taking on water and if intervention didn’t happen soon this baby would soon drown. Luckily the staff got to the baby in time, however the mama zebra’s mom instincts kicked into full gear even though she was completely exhausted. When she saw these predators (aka zoo staff) approaching and picking up her baby she immediately went into ferocious fight mode. She wasn’t going to let any predators let alone humans touch her baby without a very serious fight……

Watch the video below to see the full story:

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Mama Fox Watches These Humans Trying To Save Her Baby Stuck In A Drain. Then The Unthinkable Occurs.

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It is always amazing to watch the behavior of wildlife when humans need to intercede in an emergency.  For the mother of a tiny baby fox cub, who has fallen down a drainpipe in Bexhill, England, it was waiting and watching from a distance, as if she “knew” that the rescuers were there to help find her baby.

As all mother’s of young children know, you really have to keep your eyes on them constantly, because all it takes is a few seconds for them to be lost or in trouble. This mother fox, was definitely concerned about her little one, as she watched the “East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service” looking down the drainpipe to catch site of the baby whom they could hear, but not see.

The cub had gone so far down the drainpipe, that the rescuers had to lower a cell phone camera, in order to find the frightened little animal.  They discovered that the cub was too deeply down the pipe for them to reach him.  They waited patiently, watching the cub attempt to climb out by himself, and get close enough for them to grab and rescue.  It took three attempts, before Trevor Weeks could get a hold of the cub’s tail, and gently lift him out of the drain.

Wait until you see this tiny baby at the moment of rescue; the poor little thing is filthy and appears shocked, as he allows his human rescuer to comfort him. They clean him up and place him in an open carrier.  Mom, who has been watching from a distance, reappears and what happens next is both adorable and heartwarming.  Enjoy the footage below.

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Person Suddenly Collapses Onto The Grass. What This Elephant Does Seconds Later WOW!

Elephants are amazing animals who are among the most intelligent creatures on Earth. They are highly complex and extremely social mammals who live in tight knit family groups both in the wild and captivity. We all know that an elephant never forgets, thanks in part to their incredible memories, but they’re also capable of so much more beyond what you’ve ever even imagined!

They play, laugh, cry, are self-aware, express grief and compassion, and experience all the emotions from joy to pain and tragedy in ways similar to humans.In fact, elephants often develop intensely strong bonds with their caretakers and other people who treat them right, just like how dogs become best friends and loyal to their owners.

The unspoken bond that can form between elephant and man is on full display in this wonderful video clip. It features an elephant named Thongsri who lives with her caretaker over in Thailand. There’s no question of whether or not she cares deeply for her handler because when she noticed that he was being ‘attacked’ by another man she immediately rushed right on over to defend him.

It doesn’t matter whether or not her caretaker and the other man were play fighting, all that Thongsri saw was someone potentially hurting her friend. In that moment all she wanted to do was scare off the attacker, stand by her friend’s side, and make sure that he was okay.

As soon as he saw Thongsri coming at him the other man ran off, who wouldn’t have? Seeing a massive elephant flaring her ears aggressively and standing guard over her handler while he’s crawling around on the ground is a wild sight to see!

No one in their right mind would continue to try and harm him, they’d likely get trampled in half a second if they did! It all goes to show just how amazing, sensitive, and special elephants truly are.

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This Toddler Locked Himself In The Car. While In Serious Danger He Can’t Stop Laughing At Firefighters Trying To Save Him!

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One of the most joyful sights that a parent can hope to see is the happy, healthy, laughing, smiling face of their child.  That was exactly how Kristy Green’s 14 month old son Brandon Emery looked while the pair were out shopping for groceries in Bude, England.  However there was one slight problem to the otherwise cheerful scene, Brandon had managed to lock himself inside the car and his mother had no way to reach him!

It all started when Kristy left the store and headed out to her car in the parking lot to offload the goods she had just purchased.  Brandon was in a mischievous, energetic mood and kept trying to stand up in the cart, so she decided to place him in the backseat to ensure he wouldn’t fall over and get hurt.  After putting her son in the car she popped the trunk, placed her keys down, transferred all the groceries, and closed the trunk. 

As countless people before her have done, she accidentally left her car keys in the now closed trunk and had to open it back up to retrieve them.  When she looked up to check on Brandon, she noticed he had climbed his way into the front seat and was playing around with the steering wheel pretending to drive.  Right as she came around to get in the car Brandon smiled widely up at her, then reached over and pressed the lock button, effectively locking his mother out and himself in!

What started out as a careless mistake had snowballed into her young son being trapped inside the car, a nightmare situation for any parent.  Thankfully, two women nearby had seen what happened and they came over to help. When Brandon refused to open the doors one of the women called emergency services and firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to help free Brandon.

After making sure Brandon was safe the firefighters began to try and open the car up without causing any damage or upsetting him.  As you can see in the video and pictures, he was super happy with all the attention he was getting and looked cute as a button sitting in the driver’s seat with his tiny hands on the steering wheel.  Whereas most children would be upset or scared in such a situation, little Brandon was happy as a clam in his mother’s car!

Things were looking good but right when the firefighters were in the middle of trying to pry open the car door, Brandon suddenly picked up a coin and stuck it in his mouth.  Everything changed in that instant and after asking Kristy for the go ahead, the firefighters smashed a rear window. One of the men climbed inside, unlocked the doors, and they got to Brandon before any harm came to him. 

While everyone was worried about the toddler the whole time, it appears that he was the only one unfazed by all the commotion.  In fact, he was still smiling from ear to ear when they reached him! At the very least, his mother now has an awesome story to tell with a happy ending.

Watch The Video Below For The Full Story:

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Abandoned Pit Bull Was Found Nursing A Newborn Kitten On The Road. Moments Later My Heart Melted

This is by far the most heart warming story of the week.  A Stray Pit Bull was discovered on the side of a street taking care of a helpless 2 day old kitten.  The two were found on March 17 and were quickly brought to Mercy Animal Clinic in Garland, Texas!

The two were examined by Vet Dr. Rick Hamlin and figured out that the kitten was nursing from the Pit Bull.  The two were named Pittie and Kitty and share a strong bond between each other.  Nature is just incredible.

Upon examination Kitty’s eyes were still closed so they could pin point how old the cute feline was.  Pittie had a hanging mammary gland and they could tell she was giving milk to the little kitty.  Both animals are well taken care of and in perfect health

These two are now looking for a forever home to be adopted.  The clinic will only adopt them to a family that will take them together.

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Cop Approaches Truck Stopped On The Highway. What He Found In The Truck Is Scary!

If you saw a truck completely stopped in the middle of a busy interstate freeway, and then it quickly accelerated forward only to stop again, you’d think the driver was drunk or impaired on something. If you saw a commotion going on inside the truck with two people flailing around you’d think they were fighting. That is what Iowa State Trooper Tracey Bohlen assumed when he pulled up behind a truck on I-35 at the East Mixmaster interchange in Des Moines. With his gun drawn and no time to figure out the situation or spare he quickly ran up to the passenger side door!

Inside he found Patrick Roark having a heart attack and his 15 year old son panicking. The officer immediately pulled him out of the truck and onto the highway so he could begin performing CPR. Within a minute Patrick was breathing again on his own and had a pulse.

Jane McCurdy, a nurse, happened to be passing by and stopped to help. She took the boy under her care and drove him to the hospital then waited with him until his family arrived from out of state. She even ran to the pharmacy for them and helped the family settle into their hotel later that evening. Another man who had stopped at the scene volunteered to drive the truck to the hospital for the family.

What could have easily been a tragedy turned into strangers doing all they could to help out others in need. Their teamwork and quick actions really made all the difference in the world for the Roark family. Mr. Roark was still awaiting test results but doctors confirmed he did suffer a seizure and some sort of heart episode.

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