Video – THIS Huge Husky Wakes Up This Boy With The Most Unexpected Surprise!

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Waking up in the morning can be very difficult if you’re not a morning person. It’s not only people who have a hard time with it, lots of animals also struggle with getting out of their warm, soft, comfortable beds. If you happen to dread rising and shining in the am, then you’ll understand exactly how this boy and his dog feel.

In the short clip a mother is trying her best to encourage her young son to scoot out of bed so he can get ready for school. She cheerfully tells him that it’s time to wake up but his sleeping companion, a beautiful large Husky, is hearing none of it.

The big sleepy puppy grumpily moans and whimpers in protest, and defiantly moves to get even more comfortable by sprawling out across the boy’s body. Every time mom tries to pull back the blankets the dog quickly grabs them with his teeth and yanks them back into place. He’s definitely NOT a morning dog!

This Husky has a mind of his own and isn’t afraid to sass back at mom. It makes you wonder if this is a daily occurrence because he readily responds and doesn’t shy away in the least. All the while the kid just giggles and laughs at his silly friend’s mini tantrum.

If being absolutely adorable could get this pair out of waking up, they would definitely have succeeded!

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This Boy Picks Up A Huge Strange Looking Stingray But Seconds Later The Unthinkable Occurs!

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This incredible footage shows the moment that an unlikely surrogate helped a pregnant stingray deliver her 12 little babies. The birthing assistant just so happened to be an Australian boy who has a passion for all things nature. Miller Wilson, who is 12 years young, recently went with his family to visit his favorite spot for hunting and trapping sting rays, along the banks of a mangrove creek.

His natural ability at catching the fish is evident and after a short walk along the water’s edge he returned to his kayak and saw a stingray laying on the bank. He picked it up and immediately noticed that it was fatter than normal. Miller then adorably asked “You OK?” as he gently stoked it and went on to comment that “I don’t know if she’s either pregnant and she’s come up here to have babies or whether she’s just beached herself…we’ll have to see.”

He turned it over to check it out and that’s when he noticed a little baby stingray coming out of its underside! The stingray was definitely pregnant and in the midst of giving birth. Miller helped it along and gently pulled the babies out one by one as he exclaimed “Look at that, aren’t they just adorable? Wow! Look how cute that is!”

By the end of it all the stingray mama had 12 newborns to take care of and Wilson says that two days later he saw the family swimming near the same spot.

An event like this taking place in the wild has rarely ever been witnessed by humans, let alone in this type of fashion. Thankfully Miller knew how to properly handle the fish and what he was doing, and he made it clear that none of the stingrays in the video were harmed or injured.

He also warned that other people should not try this because the barbs that stingrays have on their tails are very dangerous and can injure or kill a person. Check it out and witness one of nature’s miracles taking place, with the help of an awesome 12 year old boy who loves and appreciates all of it.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know what you think of this incredible footage!

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THIS Dad Found His Young Son With Some Disturbing Photos. His Explanation Sent Chills Up My Spine!

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Eleven year old James Leininger found out at an early age that he used to be James Huston, a World War II fighter pilot who died near the coast of Japan. The boy displayed a deep fascination for World War II fighter planes when he was a toddler by drawing numerous pictures of them, and flying them in simulators with skill.

He is recorded stating, “I can beat the Japanese as easy as pie.” James proved over and over again that he was genuinely familiar with the air crafts and their duties. The boy began having frequent night terrors to go along with his violent drawings of bombings. He would cry that “airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out,” and act out the scene on his back with his legs kicking in the air.

When Andrea and Bruce Leininger, his parents, asked James who the little man was, James replied that it was him. He miraculously recalled what kind of plane he was in, and that it was shot down by the Japanese after taking off from a boat called Natoma. He even identified himself as James 3, the third James.

James Leininger hopes that by sharing his experience the world will be able to realize how precious life is. The family published a book with his stories, Soul Survivor, to help people understand how fast life can be taken from you, and to open their eyes to reincarnation. Whether you believe in a soul living many lives or not, it inspiring and thought provoking.

James’ tale begs the question, are you appreciating your life as if today could be your last?

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Boy Starts His White Belt Test In Taekwondo But His First Move Makes Everyone Burst Out Laughing!

Cuteness overload. This little boy is so dedicated to his testing in Taekwondo! The instructor gently guides him to success by allowing the little martial artist as many attempts as necessary to break a perforated board in order to obtain the rank of a white belt and subsequent pride.

The boy practices his kick a few times before the board is placed before him, and with heartfelt hiya’s he repeatedly tries his moves to accomplish the classic snap with his feet.

When the board doesn’t budge, the boy hops on top and jumps up and down. Trying not to laugh too much, his teacher encourages him to re-establish his proper stance and perform the kick correctly. The master reminds the boy that if he doesn’t break the board, he will not receive the impending belt.

After several more attempts, the very kind mentor points out the exact line where the boy can place his foot to get the board to fold. The audience in the room is dazzled as they giggle and awe at the boy’s performance.

He refuses to give up and remains focused on the task at hand until he has achieved his goal. With one final wind up and oomph of determination, he manages the perfect strike and at last, the board buckles under the force of his foot. The room is filled with cheers and after being presented his well earned belt, the boy skips away with dignity and delight.

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This Teenage Boy Is Crippled With Chronic Back Pain Until The Chiropractor Does THIS

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Imagine what your life would be like without the ability to use your spine. Your vertebrae contain the cord which provides function to all of your body through your nerves. If just one place in your spine is out of alignment even slightly, the result can be loss of operation of numerous body parts.

For example, an injury to the lower spine can cause difficulty using the legs, damage to the mid-back will effect function of any or all of the organs and upper spine trauma creates trouble in the shoulders and arms. After seventeen year old Muntathar was bed ridden with back pain for three months from pulling out a tree root, he finally found a doctor who wasn’t afraid to help him heal.

The young man could not stand up straight, walk with or feel any sensation in his right leg. It was difficult for him to eat, sleep and he was so hopeless that he wanted to die. Mun traveled from the United States to Gonstead Chiropractic in Australia to under go seven days of miracle work.

X-rays that were taken of Mun’s body revealed that his sacroiliac joint was not functioning properly, which likely is the reason he could not use his leg. This is where Dr. Ian began his manipulations and even just light touches to Mun’s body were extremely painful.

While laying on the doctor’s table in a twisted position, the skilled hero applied quick and firm pressure to move the bones in Mun’s lower back. Only a few minutes later, the patient could feel sensation and even begin to bare weight on his leg.

Subsequent adjustments to Mun’s neck and entire spine, slowly allowed him more movement and a straight back. With time, he even returned to his normal height! Sometimes when we are just about to give up, the magical cure sweeps in at just the right time.

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THIS Cat Was Separated From His Human For Days. Now Watch Unexpected Reaction When He Gets up!

There seems to be an overwhelming consensus which posits the belief that cats are not affectionate towards humans. This false notion is absolutely absurd and nothing could be further from the truth. Cats are incredibly loving, warm, caring, and affectionate all the time towards their human companions, other animals, and each other.

If you need proof of feline affection then look no further than this video. In it a sweet cat named Dorian can be seen snuggling up to his best friend, a little boy named Cadyn. The cat’s owner filmed the overwhelming and adorable display of affection and explained that Cadyn is his nephew and had been gone for a few days when he went to stay at his mom’s house.

The kitty missed his best friend a lot and couldn’t wait for him to return. When Cadyn finally arrived home he was already asleep, but that didn’t stop Dorian from trying to hang out with him. The cat just cannot get enough of the kid and shows his love by trying to get as close as he possibly can to the sleeping boy. If that isn’t love then what is!?

Cats are truly full of positive energy, life, happiness, and more. They often extend these vibes and feelings toward their human counterparts. A lot of the ways in which they show their affection are simply misunderstood and not recognized by people. In a way, the signs and behaviors that cats use to communicate their love and affection are often lost in translation.

A cat holding it’s tail straight up with a curl at the end is showing happiness. If a cat blinks his eyes slowly at you that means he is likely comfortable, relaxed, and loves you. There are many more signals that indicate different feline feelings, and then there are the behaviors similar to the ones on display in this video. These overt and clear moments of affection between a boy and his cat can only mean one thing ~ love!

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